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Standing at the side, Maid Tian couldn't wait to remind Gu Huajing.

Yang Peipei understood Miss's weakness, every time, she would make small things trivial, and from time to time, she would use Bai Lingtian as bait.

If the young miss, if she was truly soft-hearted, could it be that they would have to return to Bai Family?

Gu Huajing felt Maid Tian's anxiety and glanced at her.

With just a glance, Maid Tian's heart became much calmer.

The Miss's eyes were clear, without the slightest hint of confusion or desire.

A smile suddenly appeared on Gu Huajing's face. When Yang Peipei saw this, she thought that she had agreed and followed suit.

"Since that's the case, it's better for sister-in-law to hurry back with me. Mom and Old Granny are really missing you."

"Go back? "Where to?"

Gu Huajing tilted her head adorably. "Return to that small yard where even the servants don't exist?" I don't want to. "

"…" Yang Peipei choked on her words to the point that she almost rolled her eyes.

After talking with her for so long, she still hadn't moved this slut at all? Or could it be that she wanted to take the opportunity to raise her price?

That's right, that's right. This was such a rare opportunity, of course, Gu Huajing, this slut, would not let it go.

Yang Peipei gritted her teeth and the smile on her face deepened.

"Of course it wouldn't be the original courtyard. Sister-in-law, don't worry. I've already tidied up the courtyard for you. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the one that Second Brother often lives in."

"Bai Lingtian lives here?"

Yang Peipei's heart was moved. She always felt that when Gu Huajing said "Bai Lingtian", she did not feel the same as before.

But she didn't think too much and quickly nodded, "It's Second Brother's. It was being repaired all along, and now it's done. Of course you'll live in it."

The innocence on Gu Huajing's face deepened. "Where should I live now?"

"Eh …?"

Yang Peipei was slightly dazed. What did this mean?

"Sister-in-law, that is … that is Second Brother's courtyard. Don't you always want to move in?"

"Oh, not now."

Gu Huajing replied lightly, causing Yang Peipei's face to instantly turn pale.

So she had been playing with him? She never planned to return to the Bai Family from the beginning?

How was this possible!

Yang Peipei thought that Gu Huajing was still picking up on Qiao, but her face couldn't help but darken.

"Sister-in-law, it's enough as long as you mess up. If you really pissed off the old lady, it would be difficult for you to go back. Don't forget, Second Brother is going to return to the capital soon. When that happens, there will be no turning back!"

Yang Peipei's attitude suddenly became unyielding. She didn't believe Gu Huajing would be indifferent to Bai Lingtian.

She really didn't care about face at all. Did she really think that she wanted to bring her back?

Unexpectedly, Gu Huajing wasn't worried in the slightest. Instead, she laughed out loud.

"Bai Family Eldest Young Lady, look over here. This is our Gu Family. Even the reception hall is no worse than the Bai Family's main hall. Why should I follow you back?"

"Gu Huajing!" Could it be that you are really determined to separate yourself from Bai Family?! If you insist on not realizing your mistake, then don't think that we can help you speak up for Bai Lingtian! "

Gu Huajing propped her chin up with her palm, her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed. She had the charm of a lover. "Please don't. I don't dare to listen to the kind words that come out of your mouth."

"You …!"

Yang Peipei's face alternated between green and white, her body on the verge of collapse. If not for the support from the little girl behind her, she could have immediately fallen backwards!

When did Gu Huajing become so indifferent when she heard Bai Lingtian's name?

Why had the three years of trial and error suddenly lost its effect?

Yang Peipei could not come up with an answer no matter how much she thought about it. Her heart was finally anxious. If she could not bring Gu Huajing back today and could not resolve this crisis, the old lady would tear her apart no matter what!

Yang Peipei's face softened as she thought about it. "Sister-in-law, don't tell me you're still angry at the old lady?" "Why do you have to go through all this trouble …"

Yang Peipei did not believe that Gu Huajing would suddenly turn into a different person. She could only suppress the anger in her heart and patiently advise her.

But no matter what she said, Gu Huajing would not stop or refute her. After she finished speaking, she lightly interrupted herself.

Just by this, she didn't have any intentions of returning.

Yang Peipei panicked. Could it be … could it be that they were all mistaken?

This time, Gu Huajing did not intentionally give Qiao Qiao a lesson, and did not pretend to teach Bai Family a lesson. Did she really want to leave the Bai Family?

"Sister-in-law, you must think this through. The old lady also said that it was only a misunderstanding. If you want to return with me, you can let bygones be bygones. Second Brother is coming back …"

Gu Huajing waved her hand lazily. "You've already said that ten times, and you don't have anything else to say?"

Yang Peipei was so depressed that she wanted to vomit blood.

Gu Huajing had been calm throughout the whole incident, but now she looked like a clown instead!

However, at this point, Yang Peipei was at her wit's end.

However, she didn't dare to return just like that. The old lady was still waiting for her to bring Gu Huajing back and have her punish her …

Just as he was about to say something, footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

Yang Peipei turned her head to take a look, and her face immediately turned deathly pale.

Gu Huaxuan walked over with big and imposing steps. His tall body was already feeling the pressure from far away.

At this moment, Gu Huaxuan's aura was even more shocking. He had an angry expression on his face as he walked straight towards them.

"Bai Family has eaten dog guts! You still dare to come to my Gu Residence? This is simply going too far! "

The moment Gu Huaxuan stepped into the lobby, Yang Peipei, who was trembling all over, hid behind the girl.

She was puzzled, the Gu family was merely a family of civil servants, how could they be more frightening than those old masters and young masters of Bai Family?

Gu Huaxuan first looked over Gu Huajing and confirmed that she was safe and sound before he glared at Yang Peipei.

"Who let you in? All the random people should just leave them at home, get the hell in here! "

attendant, the concierge, came in and kneeled down, "Second Master, I was stopped. Eldest Young Lady told me to ask Fourth Miss. Fourth Miss said that she had nothing to do, so …"

Gu Huajing nodded obediently at Gu Huaxuan. "Second Brother, I've been bored recently …"

Gu Huajing's charming appearance made Gu Huaxuan's mood turn for the better. Only then did his fiendish look ease up a little.

His tone was gentle. "You're so bored. Next time, I'll bring you something to relieve your boredom. People like you who don't care are not qualified to be entertained."

Gu Huajing nodded obediently. The conversation between the two siblings seemed to have no one else, causing Yang Peipei to almost faint.

Was he just playing around? All this afternoon, she had been diligently and tirelessly using both the soft and the soft methods. In Gu Huajing's eyes, she was nothing more than a diversion!

Yang Peipei couldn't hold it in any longer, and her face was as red as a pig's liver as she dashed out in a sorry state.

Gu Huajing, who was standing behind her, did not say anything. She returned to her own yard as if nothing had happened.

Very quickly, Gu Huajing received news that Gu Yuanpei understood his eldest son's daughter-in-law, Qin Wanhui, for her complicated business, so he called for Yang Jiayao to help him manage some of it.


The tray in the girl's hands was overturned, and the hot tea and broken porcelain scattered on the ground. The girl quickly knelt down and apologized repeatedly.

"All of you, get out!"

Qin Wanhui's face was filled with anger as she kicked the girl on the ground. The brocade handkerchief in her hand was almost torn to shreds.

Why did this happen? Wasn't it said that Gu Huajing had a deep affection for Bai Lingtian, and even wanted to marry into the Gu family regardless of its reputation?

Now that Bai Family had come to beg her to return, how could she remain unmoved?!

If she were to go back by herself, how could she be punished!

It seemed that her father-in-law was considerate towards her, but he gave her some useful jobs in his hands, and just like that, he gave them to her. That was all the hard work she had accumulated over the years! It would be gone if he just said it!

It was all Gu Huajing's fault, she was his bane!

Qin Wanhui slammed her palm on the table in anger. The dark expression on her face was intimidating.

The door suddenly opened and Gu Hualei appeared in the doorway.

Before Qin Wanhui could change her expression to grievance, she saw the coldness on Gu Hualei's face.

She was shocked and her voice couldn't help but tremble. "Uncle …"

Gu Hualei glanced at her indifferently. The emotions in his eyes made Qin Wanhui have a bad premonition. She immediately wanted to explain.

"Great sir, I have always been in charge of these matters. I have never made any mistakes, so why do you say that it's gone?" "Sister-in-law's brother is still young, how could he have the energy to handle such trivial matters …"

"Is that all you want to say?"

Gu Hualei interrupted Qin Wanhui with a cold tone.

Qin Wanhui was stunned. Wasn't that the most important thing? The advantage of being a big spender was now gone!

Gu Hualei's eyes slowly dimmed when he saw Qin Wanhui's expression.

"In your eyes, are there only benefits from power? Even though Jingjing suffered such treatment, you actually still asked her if she wanted to meet someone from Bai Family. What are your intentions? "

"Great lord, you've wronged me …"

Qin Wanhui immediately complained, "Fourth Sister has her own way of thinking. If someone from the Bai Family comes looking for me, they want to see her. Isn't it natural for me to send someone to ask about her?"

"Of course? Do you think I don't know what you're planning?! "

It was rare for Gu Hualei to lose control of his emotions like this. The anger all over his body made Qin Wanhui panic.

"If you do something that will make things difficult for Jingjing again, I won't forgive you!" Do your best! "

Gu Hualei didn't bother to say anything else, flicked his sleeves, turned around and left.

Behind him, Qin Wanhui slowly slid to the ground, tears streaming down her face.

Her nails dug a deep dent into her palm. At this moment, her hatred towards Gu Huajing intensified ….

Gu Huajing was listening to the reports from the girls in the Fanghua Garden.

In the current Fanghua Garden, these little girl were all extremely intelligent. They quickly found out what kind of existence Gu Huajing was in the Gu family.

Therefore, they tried their best to curry favor with her. Gu Huajing easily found out what had happened in the Gu family.

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