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Gu Huajing glanced at Maid Tian. Maid Tian walked up and gave the little girl a piece of silver.

When there were no outsiders in the room, the worry on Maid Tian's face finally appeared.

"Miss … Eldest Young Master and Eldest Young Lady became like this … Isn't that a bit bad? "

"Then, maid, if I believed Yang Peipei's flowery words and returned to the Bai Family, would that be alright?"

"Of course not!"

Maid Tian denied it without a second thought. The little bit of guilt she had toward the mansion immediately vanished.

If today, Miss really gets coaxed back into the Bai Family by Yang Peipei's sweet words because of Eldest Young Lady, she … she'll go and fight Eldest Young Lady to the death!

Gu Huajing waved the fan in her hand, her eyes unperturbed.

She had only stayed in the Bai Family for a few days, but her life had almost been taken away by danger.

Qin Wanhui knew all of this.

But she knew, he even brought the person from the Bai Family in front of her, with malicious intent.

Gu Huajing knew that she was not a Virgin Mary. On the contrary, she had died once.

Since others didn't even care about her life or death, why should she care about their feelings?

Yang Peipei went back to the Bai Clan in a flustered and exasperated manner. She was extremely perturbed in her heart.

She didn't say anything to Gu Huajing. How would the old lady explain it?

However, Old Madame Bai didn't plan to give her time to think of something. After finding out that Yang Peipei had returned, she immediately sent someone to invite her over.

Old Madame Bai had changed from her previous impatience and sat down at the head of the table with a domineering look on her face, with her noble hair tied up in a bun.

Seeing that Yang Peipei was the only one who entered, she frowned.

"Where's Gu Huajing? Do you really need me to invite her in personally?! "

Yang Peipei's face alternated between green and white as she walked over and kneeled down. "Madam, Gu Huajing, she …" "She's not willing to come back …"

"What did you say?!"

Old Madame Bai's voice changed as she widened her eyes slightly. With a swing of her hand, she threw the cane in her hand over.

"Useless thing! What do you mean she won't come back? How dare this shameless bitch act so arrogantly? Does she think that our Bai Family loves her?! "

The crutch smashed into Yang Peipei's arm, causing her to cringe in pain, but she didn't dare to dodge.

"Granddaughter-in-law is useless. Gu Huajing seems to have been brainwashed by the Gu family. Even when I used Second Brother as a cover, she was unmoved. Granddaughter-in-law is really …"

Yang Peipei lay on the ground, gritting her teeth while cursing Gu Huajing in her heart. She had been a joke all afternoon. Gu Huajing was too hateful!

Old Madame Bai also wished she could grind Gu Huajing's bones and scatter her ashes. But right now, the Gu family and Bai Family were irreconcilable, and rumors of their Bai Family being harsh on their wives were spreading everywhere.

Bai Family's status was indeed inferior to the Gu family, not to mention that there were still many children at home who had yet to get married. Bai Family's reputation could not be tarnished by the hands of a shameless woman!

"It seems like this slut has also learned to be smart. If I don't give her a taste of my sweetness, she won't let go."

Old Madame Bai's eyes narrowed as a trace of gloominess flashed through them.

"Ruyan, this time you go, this bitch's appetite is too big. Send me some news about Tian."

Liang Ruyan slowly stood up. Although she felt that it was a waste, she still did not dare to disobey her mother-in-law.

"But there's never been any news related to Tian …"

Old Madame Bai glared at her. "Do you need me to teach you that?" Couldn't he just create a fool to fool around with? That slut saw that it's Tian's news, will she continue to persist?! "

Liang Ruyan had no choice but to agree, sighing darkly in her heart. "If Gu Huajing is still unwilling …"

"It's her!" How could she not? Didn't she want Tian to have feelings for her? Dream on! You wish! That kind of slut, isn't even qualified to be Tian's concubine! "

Old Madame Bai could not keep her mouth shut. She only wanted to vent the anger that had accumulated in her heart for the past few days.

When Gu Huajing returned obediently, she would definitely make her beg for death!

The dispute between the Gu family and Bai Family was currently the most watched rumor in the capital.

Furthermore, the rarity of one side falling was also the key to making Bai Family suffer.

The three sons of the Gu family were not easy to deal with. Compared to the descendants of the martial general family, they were full of both courage and courage.

It would only take a few minutes to discredit the Gu family.

Bai Family was in an extremely dire situation. Old Master Bai once again issued an ultimatum to the back of the mansion, this matter must be settled quickly, otherwise, when Bai Lingtian returns, all of his achievements would be destroyed.

In the end, Liang Ruyan felt sorry for her son. Thus, she quickly followed Old Madame Bai's instructions and went to the Gu household once again.

This time, no one dared to report to her. She was stopped at the door.

"Madame Bai, it's not that we're overstepping our boundaries, it's just that now your Bai Family is bullying our Fourth Miss. If I help you with the report, our Old Master will definitely break my legs."

The servant at the door bit off more than he could chew to stop Liang Ruyan, telling her to return as soon as possible.

However, Liang Ruyan was still worried about her son. She also knew that her Bai Family had gone overboard, but for Bai Lingtian, she still bitterly prayed to see Gu Huajing.

While the commotion was going on at the door, Gu Huajing had already received the news.

She knew that Bai Family would not let things rest that easily, so she had arranged for someone to listen in early on.

Gu Huajing was waiting for Liang Ruyan.

During the Bai Family, Maid Tian had told her that if it wasn't for Liang Ruyan, she might not have been able to last that long.

On the surface, Liang Ruyan did not dare to disobey her mother-in-law, so she ignored Gu Huajing. However, behind her back, she did lend a hand a few times.

"Miss, are you really going to see Madame Bai?"

Maid Tian hesitated as she helped Gu Huajing change her clothes.

"Didn't the old master say that you can just wait patiently?"

Gu Huajing let Maid Tian give her a hairpin as she smiled.

"Father said so, but the longer this matter drags on, the more uneasy I will become. Since Madame Bai is a sensible person, it's better to resolve this matter as soon as possible."

Maid Tian stopped talking. She thought the Lady was worried that things might get out of hand.

Gu Huajing walked out of the room facing the sun. She was just impatient.

How long was this going to drag on? Couldn't they just repay her dowry and not owe each other anything? She still wanted to be carefree and happy!

When attendant went to the front hall again, he saw Gu Huajing through the door and felt as if he had seen a ghost. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

"Fourth … Fourth Miss? Why did you come? Which blind person passed you the message again? "

Gu Huajing glanced at them and the little girl, Qingmei, beside her, immediately stepped forward and gave them a few coins to kick them out.

In the front hall, Liang Ruyan had already stood up, her eyes were similarly filled with surprise.

It had only been a few days, how could Gu Huajing change so much?

"Please take a seat Madame Bai."

Gu Huajing walked into the hall. Although her tone was not overly carefree and arrogant, it was still enough to shock Liang Ruyan.

"Huajing …"

"Madame Bai, please call me Fourth Lady Gu. It's more pleasing to the ear."

Liang Ruyan's face turned slightly red as she changed the way she addressed Gu Huajing.

"Fourth Lady Gu, thank you for being willing to meet me. I came here today on behalf of our Bai Family, to apologize to you."

From Liang Ruyan's tone, Gu Huajing could hear her sincerity, but …

"Madame Bai, you don't need to do this, because I don't know and I don't want to forgive you, so why don't we talk about what happened next?"

"What's next …?"

"Didn't you come here today to resolve the conflict between the two families? Am I wrong? "

Liang Ruyan's hands, which had been tucked into her sleeves, suddenly tightened. She didn't expect Gu Huajing to be so straightforward. Moreover, she didn't know why, but she realized that she couldn't see through Gu Huajing anymore.

Was this calm and collected girl who was not at all inferior to him, really the timid Gu Huajing from before?

"Fourth Lady Gu is extremely intelligent. This time, I've come because of this matter …"

Liang Ruyan spoke with great difficulty. The letters that she had prepared were suddenly somewhat unable to be taken out.

However, she was too embarrassed to take it. The maid that came with her was extremely interesting.

"Madam, have you forgotten that this is a letter from the Second Young Master to the Young Mistress?"

A green-clad maid stepped forward and respectfully handed over the letter.

Liang Ruyan had to take it, and Gu Huajing sighed at the uneasiness in her eyes.

It looks like this Madame Bai really doesn't have any ill intentions, but what's the difference between indulging in evil and committing it yourself?

Gu Huajing didn't want to drag it on for too long. She let Qing Mei take the letter and tore it open quickly.

[My Wife: Your Husband is outside the city now. He must be thinking of my Wife …]

Gu Huajing's eyes only glanced over a row of words before her expression turned extremely strange.

The little girl beside Liang Ruyan immediately pursed her lips. The madame was still the best. Look at that, she had only read one letter before something went wrong with her.

There was indeed something wrong with Gu Huajing. Did these women think that she was retarded?

How on earth did they have the courage to take out such a clumsy letter?!

The corner of Gu Huajing's mouth twitched slightly. She let out a soft sigh and tore the remaining letters she hadn't read yet, casually throwing them at her feet.

"Madame Bai, why don't we talk about proper business?"

Liang Ruyan didn't say anything, but the girl couldn't hold it in any longer. She immediately jumped up and pointed at the debris on the ground with a shaking hand.

"How can you do that! This is a letter my Young Master wrote to you, how can you tear it up! "

Gu Huajing stopped talking and looked at the girl with a faint smile.

The little girl had been by Old Madame Bai's side for a long time, so her impression of Gu Huajing could not be changed.

"The madame showed you the letter out of compassion. You don't know what's good for you …"

Gu Huajing suddenly looked at Liang Ruyan. "Does Madame Bai think that I should keep you all dry and let you all wait at the door?"

Her cold tone made Liang Ruyan quiver. She did not want to meet someone with so much difficulty without making any progress. Bai Lingtian's return date was very close!

"Who allowed you to talk so much? Why don't you take your own palm and leave?! "

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