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The girl was stunned. She opened her eyes wide in disbelief. However, when she saw the rarely seen angry look on Liang Ruyan's face, she could only slap herself twice in anger.

"The rules of Bai Family are truly unconventional. Maid Tian, go teach her how to slap someone's face."

Maid Tian's body shuddered and her eyes immediately lit up.

They had been humiliated many times during the Bai Family, so how could she let go of such an opportunity?

So Maid Tian rolled up her sleeves and went over without a trace of politeness to give two resounding slaps to the face, causing Liang Ruyan to frown. Perhaps that little girl wouldn't be able to say anything for a while.

After the others left, Liang Ruyan raised her head to look at Gu Huajing. She still had a calm expression on her face, as if nothing had happened.

"Does Madame Bai have anything else to say? If not, I think we can talk about the proper matters. "

"Fourth Lady Gu, please speak."

Liang Ruyan silently swallowed her saliva. She had a feeling that her imposing manner had been overshadowed.

Only then did Gu Huajing open her mouth at a leisurely pace. "Madam, you've come today with such a ridiculous letter. You're here to resolve this matter, aren't you?"

"Fourth Lady Gu is smart. I had originally wanted to apologize about the Bai Family, but now it seems that I was too preoccupied with it."

"So Madame Bai should also understand this. Bai Family, I will definitely not go back. As for how to resolve this matter …"

Gu Huajing narrowed her eyes slightly. With a bright smile on her face, she said, "I have a suggestion …"

Liang Ruyan returned to the Bai Family somewhat tiredly. The moment she entered the door, she was called over by Old Madame Bai.

She sighed. It would have been good if she had let them know earlier, otherwise they would have thought that Gu Huajing was still the person who would risk her life to stay in Bai Family. She could have made less of a joke.

"How is it? What did that damned girl say? This time, the Gu Clan is being such a rascal.

Old Madame Bai had a confident look on her face, causing Liang Ruyan's head to hurt.

She gave it some thought before telling everyone in the room to leave, leaving the madame alone.

"What exactly do you mean? Had she read the letters with remorse? Humph! "Too late!"

"Mother, she didn't even look at those letters and tore them apart."

"What did you say?!"

Old Madame Bai's eyes widened in disbelief, her sockets nearly popping out. "How is this possible?!" You didn't tell her Tian wrote those to her? "

"I told her. She only tore it up after I told her."

"This is impossible, how is this possible …"

Old Madame Bai couldn't accept it. She leaned back in her chair with a bewildered expression on her face. The blood vessels on her forehead were clearly visible.

"Mother, I'm afraid that there is only one way to resolve this matter …"

"..." "What is it?"

"He Li."


Old Madame Bai sat up straight, her eyes bloodshot as she glared at Liang Ruyan.

"She still wants to leave? Why?! If she wanted to marry him, she would marry him. If she wanted to leave, she would leave? What does she take our Bai Family to be?! "

"But mother, do you have the heart to make Tian suffer all these years for nothing? So, you are willing to sacrifice everything that he has earned? "

"…" Old Madame Bai's lips quivered, her face was pale, and her cloudy eyes were filled with rage.

Of course she couldn't bear to part with it! But to let that bitch of the Gu family get away with such an act, she couldn't tolerate it any longer!

Mother, Gu Huajing said that as long as He Li leaves, she will make the Gu family no longer target our family. From then on, we will go back on the road back to the bridge.

Old Madame Bai's face suddenly turned purple as she rolled her eyes and fell backwards.

Liang Ruyan quickly called for people to come in while she stood silently by the side.

Regardless of whether the old lady was willing or not, it seemed that this was the only way.

She remembered Gu Huajing's indifferent expression when she told her all of this, as if she didn't care about what kind of situation she would be in after they parted ways.

All these years, he didn't realize that Gu Huajing had such a stunning side to her. She had missed it. This kind of girl was actually very compatible with Bai Lingtian, who had a cold personality …

Gu Huajing was counting the days in the mansion. On the third day that Liang Ruyan came to look for her, Gu Yuanpei called her over.

"Jingjing, someone from Bai Family has arrived. They took the initiative to ask for your opinion on this matter."

Without waiting for Gu Huajing to speak, Gu Huaran, who usually didn't open his mouth easily, was like an immortal, and he was the first to frown.

"And the reason for the separation? It is their mistake that Bai Family delayed you for three years, so it must be said that Bai Lingtian did not touch you before.

"That's right, that's right. Also, we have to return all of Jingjing's dowry, not a single cent is to be taken advantage of by their family."

"Also, Jingjing's most beautiful years have worn down in the Bai Family. Since Bai Family has brought up and left, this loss … "We have to do our best to figure it out."

Gu Huajing was flabbergasted. Her three good brothers had told her everything she could think of!

Therefore, she could only open her mouth and obediently lower her head, "Your daughter will be left up to father."

Gu Yuanpei nodded. He looked at Gu Huajing with guilt filling his heart, "Don't worry, Father definitely won't let the Bai Family get away with this. Even if it means leaving, I'll make them pay the price for their Bai Family as well!"

Gu Huajing's good behavior immediately became unbearable.

She raised her head slightly, her expression one of disappointment and frustration.

"Father, if this matter is settled, daughter hopes that father can put aside the grudge between father and Bai Family."

"How can this be? Their Bai Family has gone too far, if not for your good luck, I'm afraid, I would have had to … "

Gu Yuanpei's voice trembled, but he couldn't say anything else.

"Father, it was your own fault that your daughter suffered such a disaster. If it wasn't for your daughter refusing to listen to your advice, how could you have ended up like this?"

Gu Huajing laughed at herself, but her eyes were clear.

"Your daughter only wants to have no relationship with your Bai Family anymore. If that's the case, then I'm already satisfied. Moreover, if my Bai Family is forced to such an extent that it implicates father and brothers, then how can your daughter continue to live without permission …"

"Little sister, these words are too strange …"

Gu Hualei frowned and said, "We actually let you suffer in Bai Family for so many years, it's because of Brother's dereliction of duty. If your own sister can't get justice for him, then Brother won't have the face to see you again."

This was really something that caused warmth to surge out from Gu Huajing's heart.

She was just a strand of a lonely soul who had coincidentally been able to continue her life. However, the kinship she felt was now even more moving than it had been in her previous life.

It was because of this that she couldn't drag down the Gu family for no reason.

Gu Huajing's lips curved up in a faint smile, sweet and warm, as she once again reiterated her wish.

"Your daughter has already thought it through. She is no longer willing to have anything to do with Bai Family, and I do not wish for father and brothers to waste their energy for the sake of my former insensible past. I beg father to grant my promise."

Gu Yuanpei's eyes were burning with passion. As expected of his good daughter, Bai Lingtian did not cherish his good fortune!

His beloved Jingjing would definitely have a better marriage relationship in the future!

"Alright, I'll listen to you!"

Only then did Gu Huajing heave a sigh of relief. In that case, all she had to do was wait patiently.

Gu Huajing didn't have to wait long before her three brothers didn't disappoint her at all.

The He Li book they brought back clearly stated Gu Huajing's innocence. The citizens who were paying attention could understand why the Gu family was in such an uproar this time, because they were in the right.

However, He Li's book did not mention what had happened to Gu Huajing during Bai Family. This was also the reason why Bai Family had agreed.

But not being explicit didn't mean that others didn't know about it.

Back then, when Bai Family had bitten back at Gu Huajing for disobeying the law, the Gu family members had exaggerated and sent it out. Now that they did not write it, anyone with a discerning eye could see that it was just a decoration.

Since it was He Li, Gu Huajing's dowry had to be returned in full. The Gu family, however, didn't let Qin Wanhui manage it, but sent Yang Jiayao to deal with it.

After hearing this news, Qin Wanhui was so angry that she threw a set of pink tea sets at Gu Huajing. Although she disdained to be in the front and back of Gu Huajing, she was the housekeeper's daughter-in-law who always negotiated with others.

"Eldest Young Lady, don't be angry yet. If I were to tell you about this, it's because of hard work and hard work. Don't tell me that Second Branch can get any benefits from this dowry?"

Even though maid tried to comfort Qin Wanhui with nice words, she still couldn't swallow her anger.

"Yang Jiayaoyi would act good and pretend to be good, and she and Gu Huajing would get along well and gain the old man's favor. How ridiculous!"

Qin Wanhui gritted her teeth in anger. She wished that Gu Huajing had never come back!

It was also clean of her body in Bai Family, how did she have the face to come back? The Gu family had a daughter who had a relationship with Sister Ping. In the future, would Sister Ping still be married off!

"Guan maid, tell me, what should I do in the future? Do I have to carry a burden with me for the rest of my life? "

Guan maid looked around and smiled, "Eldest Young Lady is wrong. Now that the Gu family doesn't have a wife, eldest sister-in-law, and Fourth Lady Gu is at the prime of her life, how can she only be a burden?"

"But …" "She has already left, how could she possibly be able to get married?"

"Of course. Why would the daughter of the Gu family be worried about marrying him?" "But since she's already left, it's not her turn to pick anyone else …"

A light flashed in Qin Wanhui's eyes. That's right, why didn't she think about it further?

Gu Huajing's appearance was one of the best even in the capital. How come she didn't expect her to marry again? As long as they got married, it would have nothing to do with them.

She had to think carefully. Who knows, maybe Gu Huajing's marriage could even help her!

What Gu Huajing didn't know at this moment was that someone was already scheming against her marriage.

She was focusing all her attention on the money, the huge amount of money that could almost crush her to death.

"maid …" Is this really my dowry? "

Gu Huajing's throat moved slightly. She was not impatient. After all, she had a lifetime of experience. However, the list of things on the dowry in her hand made her feel a sense of beauty.

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