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Qin Wanhui looked indecisive. "Fourth sister, those who have come today are all the noble ladies. I'm afraid I can't afford to offend them. Why don't Eldest sister accompany you to meet them?"

As she was speaking, Qin Wanhui's little girl rushed over and whispered something into her ear. Qin Wanhui's expression became even more anxious.

"Th-what should we do? Something seems to have happened outside …"

The corner of Gu Huajing's mouth curved into a smile. "Sis, please go quickly. We're just meeting an elder, what's so difficult about that?"

"In that case, sister-in-law will be back soon."

Just as Gu Huajing nodded, Qin Wanhui immediately turned around and left. Looking at her, Gu Huajing lightly shook her head. Couldn't she be more sincere?

Turning around, Gu Huajing keenly felt that the girl in yellow clothes from earlier seemed to have … Something wrong?

The aura on his body suddenly became that of a person, low-key but sharp.

Gu Huajing remained calm and collected. Was this really arranged by Qin Wanhui? What kind of obstacles did she find for herself?

However, things had already gotten to this point. Gu Huajing had no choice but to follow the little girl and quickly arrived in front of a large building.

"Fourth Lady Gu, please. My wife is inside."

The yellow-clothed girl lowered her head and retreated. The maid behind Gu Huajing was also stopped. She was actually interested in who was inside?

Walking into the building alone, Gu Huajing blocked her view with a flash of the screen.

"You're Gu Huajing?"

A low voice came from behind the screen. Gu Huajing frowned. "I am. May I know who Madam is …?"

"You don't need to know who I am. I just want to see what kind of woman will make His Highness interested in me."

Your Highness? What Your Highness?

Even though Gu Huajing's heart was clear as a mirror, she was still confused.

However, no one answered her question.

Gu Huajing steadied her breath and walked around the screen. There was no one behind her, and a small door was slightly ajar. It seemed like she had already left, leaving only a faint fragrance behind.

"Miss, Miss, are you alright?"

Qing Mei rushed in and saw Gu Huajing was doing well. She heaved a sigh of relief.

"I was scared to death. Those people disappeared in an instant. I thought … I thought something happened to Miss …"

"No problem, go out."

Gu Huajing calmed down. She had a strange feeling that the person who had just arrived wasn't related to Qin Wanhui.

She even mentioned "Your Highness". Gu Huajing was even more uncertain about using such a term. Was she referring to the people in the palace? However … But what did it have to do with her?

After a while, Qin Wanhui's expression was warm as she went to the pavilion to accompany a smiling woman.

"Did you see that? Did I say anything wrong? My fourth sister is really excellent. Let's not talk about her looks, have you heard about her dowry? It's not exaggerated to see it stretch for five kilometers! "

The woman's eyes lit up when she heard that. She thought back to Gu Huajing's appearance just now. She had the bearing of a virgin. She was indeed worthy of being the Gu family's daughter.

"Then, is that a deal? That son of mine is also one of the best in a hundred. If you really talk about it, you, Fourth Miss, must have left him before. "

Qin Wanhui nodded in agreement, "Of course not, but this matter should not be rushed. I need to discuss it with my family."

"What else is there to discuss? If someone is willing to accept a girl we've left behind, what kind of great fortune would that be?"

The woman glanced at Qin Wanhui. "I wasn't the one who said that. If you didn't pull the strings, I wouldn't have liked it either. Regardless of what kind of person they are, in the end, He Li is still He Li. It would be great if we could have someone to fall in love with."

Qin Wanhui had no choice but to laugh with him. Suddenly, she seemed to recall something. "Madam, did you just call my fourth sister out to do something alone?"

"Alone? When did I call her alone? "

Qin Wanhui was stunned when she heard this. Not her? Who could it be? She had dealt with the matters from before and came back in a hurry to ask about the situation, but it wasn't her?

"Madam Sun, I'll be taking my leave first."

Qin Wanhui hurriedly stood up and walked out of the pavilion with quick steps. Her eyes quickly swept across the figure that was chattering away.

There was no sign of Gu Huajing anywhere. Where had she gone? Someone else had just seen Gu Huajing alone? Right under her nose?

Qin Wanhui frowned and asked the little girl to go out and find out. However, she found out that Gu Huajing had already gone back to the Flowerflower Courtyard to rest.

Gu Huajing lazily leaned back in her chair after the party was over.

"Miss, aren't you going to rest?"

Gu Huajing waved her hand. "Rest now. We need to change clothes when we get here later. It's too troublesome."

Qing Mei blinked her round eyes. Waiting for someone to come? Who?

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, a little girl came in from outside and reported, "Miss, Eldest Young Lady is here."

Gu Huajing's brows slightly raised. He had finally arrived. Qin Wanhui's unusual invitation to the Flower Viewing Banquet definitely wasn't simply to let him see the peach blossoms.

But whatever it was, she was waiting.

After getting up and tidying up a bit, Gu Huajing slowly walked out.

In the small parlour behind the curtain, Qin Wanhui was already waiting.

Her eyes skimmed over the ornaments of the Flowery Garden, and her heart began to burn uncontrollably.

She was just a woman that was disregarded by her husband, but she lived in the Gu family with a peace of mind and enjoyed a better treatment than any of them! How shameless!

When he was first in charge of the house, Old Master Gu had specially instructed him that nothing could be changed. He had to maintain the appearance of Gu Huajing before she left the pavilion.

It was simply unreasonable. Gu Huajing had clearly already married. Such a fine garden like Fanghua Garden, could it be that she would have to keep it forever for her?

But unexpectedly, he really did stay. Even when Sister Ping had grown up, Master Gu did not loosen his grip on Sister Ping and let her stay in the house.

Qin Wanhui gritted her teeth. This time, when Gu Huajing marries again, she will have to make good plans. Not only must she get back on good terms with Gu Hualei, she will also have to think of a way to make Gu Huajing unable to come back!

"Eldest sister-in-law, why are you here at this time?"

Gu Huajing pretended not to notice the viciousness on Qin Wanhui's face as she greeted her without changing her expression.

Qin Wanhui immediately tidied up her expression and wanted to pull Gu Huajing's hand.

Gu Huajing went to grab a teacup in time to avoid Qin Wanhui's attention.

"Eldest sister-in-law, please take a seat. Have a taste of my tea."

"What little sister has here is naturally extremely good …"

Qin Wanhui's hands had missed their target. Embarrassed, she turned to her teacup and took a sip. The clear aroma of the tea immediately filled her mouth.

It was indeed a good tea. However, she had clearly left behind this batch of extremely small white strands. Why would Gu Huajing appear here when Gu Hualei loved to drink these?

"As long as elder sister-in-law likes it, then it's alright. Big brother sent someone to deliver it. I can tell it's of high quality and wouldn't casually be served."

Just as Gu Huajing finished speaking, the smile on Qin Wanhui's face froze. However, when she thought of her purpose here, she forced herself not to reveal it.

"Fourth sister, did you hear any rumors or slanders during the Flower Lover Banquet today?" Fourth Sister doesn't have to worry about that. How would those women know about the suffering that Fourth Sister has gone through? "

"What does sister-in-law mean? I didn't hear anything. "

Qin Wanhui's smile deepened. In the end, it was just Gu Huajing asking for face. She didn't believe that she didn't hear the discussions.

"Actually... It was good if he didn't hear it, but if his sister-in-law said so, wouldn't He Li's girl lose all face and live on? It's not like it's Fourth Sister's fault. Why do they all have to say it like they want to force Fourth Sister to death?! "

Qin Wanhui shared a common hatred. "Fourth Sister, please don't take this to heart. Although this woman has been separated from me for a long time, she is not the only one. I think she is blessed."

Gu Huajing lowered her head and listened with calm and collected emotions. However, Maid Tian, who was standing behind her, appeared to have an interesting expression on her face.

Eldest Young Lady's every word was stabbing at Miss's weak spot. This was simply too much!

However, Qin Wanhui obviously didn't think so. Did she think that what she said wasn't the truth? Since the peace was gone, there should be these feelings.

Furthermore, only when Gu Huajing realized her true situation would she be able to continue speaking.

Seeing that Gu Huajing did not say anything, Qin Wanhui felt slightly satisfied. How good would it be to be honest like this earlier?

"Aiya, Fourth Sister, look at my mouth. Don't tell me it makes you sad?" "It's elder sister-in-law's fault. Actually, elder sister-in-law came here today to speak heartfelt words with her younger sister."

Qin Wanhui felt that she had taken control of the situation, so she relaxed a little and took another sip of her tea.

"Today, the Madam of Suun Family came to find me. She has a sharp eye, and it is good to see her little sister at a glance. Hearing those rumors, she felt quite a bit of affection for me, always asking me about her."

Gu Huajing remained silent. She only raised her head to look at Qin Wanhui. When Qin Wanhui saw her, she seemed to be encouraged. The smile on her face grew wider.

"Thus, little sister is fortunate. Madam Sun mentioned that her youngest son is not yet married. When Eldest Sis heard this, she immediately thought it over for little sister."

"This Little Master from Suun Family is ranked very high in the capital, and his Suun Family is not low either. Since Madam Sun dotes on this brat, sister-in-law would like to see him, isn't this also fate?"

Qin Wanhui looked expectantly at Gu Huajing as she finished speaking, trying to discern some reaction from her face.

Gu Huajing indeed reacted, but she wasn't enthusiastic. She frowned and turned to look at her little girl.

"Qingmei, did you say last time that there was one with the surname 'Sun' among those people who made me up as a doggerel?"

"Miss, it is indeed the young master of Suun Family. However, after the Bai Family had returned to your dowry, he wrote a poem, saying that Bai Family is stupid, and can't even hold a girl in your hands."

"Shut up! Where is the place where a servant can speak?! "

Qin Wanhui frowned, flustered and exasperated. She wanted to smash Qing Mei with the teacup in her hand. Gu Huajing's eyes flashed, and Maid Tian stepped forward to receive the teacup.

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