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"Calm down, Eldest Young Lady. Why are you angry with that little girl?"

Maid Tian put away the teacup with a flattering smile. Miss really likes these. If I were to smash one of them, I might not even have the space to match it.

Qin Wanhui had nothing left to throw at Qin Lie. Anger burned in her heart as she turned to look coldly at Gu Huajing.

"What do you mean, fourth sister?" I had the heart to worry about your future, yet you let a little girl who doesn't know the rules offend me? Do you even have a sister-in-law like me in your eyes?! "

"Eldest sister-in-law, don't worry. Little sister hasn't said anything yet. It's just that this matter concerns little sister's future. It's always better to be careful."

"What is there to be careful about? Could it be that I will harm you?! "

Qin Wanhui's face still did not look good. This stinking girl did not know what was good for her. If someone wanted her, she would have snickered!

"If Qingmei's words were true about the character and character of Suun Family and Little Master, I would be worried. If I were to marry her again, my life would also be miserable …"

Sun Little Master was doted on since he was young, so it's common for him to be a bit naughty. But I've asked around and found out that Little Master's room doesn't have any concubines.

Gu Huajing really wanted to sigh, she just took the opportunity to pay attention to him, and now she even found out if there was a female servant in the living room, saying that she had not planned this for a long time and Gu Huajing didn't believe it.

But that was good too. How could she persuade her father to leave the Gu family?

"Well, you've troubled me too much, eldest sister-in-law. It's just that my sister has just left. Isn't it too early to say all these?"

"It's not early, it's not early anymore. Now that's why I'm showing off my status as a younger sister. Look at that girl from Dazhi, who else would want her?" If you miss this village, you won't have this store. "

Qin Wanhui thought there was hope, and her tone became more and more persuasive.

She wished that she could marry Gu Huajing tomorrow. That way, the Gu family could once again return to her control.

Qin Wanhui felt that it was all Gu Huajing's fault for what she was doing now. As long as she wasn't around anymore, she would definitely win back Gu Hualei's respect and be able to continue suppressing the Second and Third Branch!

"This... Sister-in-law, why don't you go speak to your father? "A girl's marriage is mostly her parents' words …"

"Aiya, fourth sister, Daddy dotes on you so much. As long as you agree, Daddy has no objections." Suun Family is truly not bad, Big Sis will not lie to you! "

Qin Wanhui didn't get Gu Huajing's affirmation no matter how hard she tried. Her face was a little ugly, but she still couldn't force her to agree.

"You better think carefully, with your status in the Suun Family, it's not difficult for you to get married, and it's hard for Madam Sun to fancy you. If you take Qiao Qiao and lose this marriage, even I can't help you."

Qin Wanhui said a few harsh words and finally left.

Gu Huajing stood up, loosened her shoulders, and walked into the house to rest.

The whole night, Maid Tian wanted to say something, but she hesitated. Gu Huajing really couldn't pretend that she couldn't see.

"maid, if you have something to say, just say it. You've already given me three servings of fruits …"

Maid Tian quickly put down the plate of fruit in her hand with a serious expression on her face.

"Miss, you must not listen to Eldest Young Lady. That Suun Family and Suun Family is not an easy thing to deal with! Especially Young Master Sun. Just now, I heard from Qingmei and HongXiu that he does not have a concubine room in his house.

"So maid is worried that I won't lose the opportunity to get out of Bai Family's swamp and jump into Suun Family's fiery pit?"

Gu Huajing straightened her back with a well-behaved look on her face. "Does maid think I'm that stupid?"

Gu Huajing didn't expect Maid Tian to not say a word.

She really wanted to look up at the sky and sigh. In Maid Tian's heart, she was really that stupid …

"maid …" "Don't worry about it. I don't even like that Sun Little Master, but I can't directly refute her 'good intentions'. However, this matter will be resolved very soon."

"Miss, you mean …?"

Gu Huajing smiled indifferently. A faint smile appeared on her jade white face.

Suun Family felt that if he were to climb higher, they wouldn't have too much patience. If they didn't have patience, elder sister-in-law would probably be anxious.

With elder sister-in-law's personality … In a few days, he would definitely tell the others the good news that she thought he had given her.

That was the time he had been waiting for …

This matter was exactly what Gu Huajing thought it would be. However, two days later, Yang Jiayao came to find Gu Huajing in a hurry.

"Fourth sister, listen to sister-in-law's words. A woman cannot be sloppy when she marries. Don't think that your future is bleak just because you and her have parted ways. It wouldn't be hard …"

Yang Jiayao tried to persuade her, but when she saw Gu Huajing's calm expression, she suddenly stopped.

"Thank you for your concern, sister-in-law. It's just that I haven't really given up yet."

Gu Huajing served fresh fruit tea in a hospitable manner, enthusiastically asking Yang Jiayao to give it a try.

"This is a fresh fruit. It's sweet and juicy. Taste it, sister-in-law."

"You … which one did not have any interest in? That Suun Family? "

"Sister-in-law, which Suun Family are you talking about? What do you mean by nothing? "

Gu Huajing's face was full of doubt. Yang Jiayao's worry instantly subsided.

She picked up a fruit with her slender fingers and nibbled it between her lips. She squinted her eyes in satisfaction, as if she was not the one in a hurry.

Gu Huajing's eyes were filled with admiration. Such an intelligent girl was only compatible with her brother. Who was the one who had taken charge of her elder brother's marriage? He didn't have any discernment ability at all.

Seeing through Gu Huajing's thoughts, Yang Jiayao didn't mention the Suun Family at all, and instead told Gu Huajing some interesting stories about the capital.

She knew that every time she said these things, Gu Huajing would be fascinated by them.

Gu Huajing was indeed very interested in these unfamiliar customs and feelings.

She had previously been trapped in the Bai Family, and escaped with great difficulty.

Gu Huajing knew that her father was worried that she would be criticized and hurt if she went out, but Gu Huajing wanted to be free to see the world that she didn't know about.

"Fourth sister, if you have the chance in the future, you must visit these places." Fourth sister, if you have the opportunity in the future, you must visit these places. What kind of beautiful painting would that be … "

Yang Jiayao's face was filled with yearning, but she only smiled. "Perhaps the more famous a woman is, the more she can only rely on her imagination to experience these beautiful scenes. However, Fourth Sister, you are different."

"I can see that my fourth sister has great ambitions. How can I trap you in such a big place like this?" "I was anxious. After hearing her words, I thought my sister was lost. I was still thinking about how I could persuade you …"

Gu Huajing had a faint smile on her face as she placed a peeled nut in front of Yang Jiayao onto a porcelain plate.

"I am deeply grateful that my sister-in-law is planning such a favor for my younger sister. Although I do not feel that He Li is too frightening, in the eyes of the world, he is still a lower person. However, so what?" My ambition is not here. Since I have already understood everything, I will naturally not fall into it again. "

Gu Huajing blinked at Yang Jiayao as she said this. "Father and brothers are too protective of me, so I still need sister-in-law to help me out."

Yang Jiayao's cherry red lips raised into a smile as she intimately tapped Gu Huajing's forehead with her knuckles, "Naughty."

Gu Huajing had a charming smile on her face. It was good to have someone who understood her. She finally had a positive impression of the girl in the backyard.

However, even Yang Jiayao knew about this. Perhaps, it was not far from her expectations …

Two days later, Gu Yuanpei called Gu Huajing to the brothel, and when she arrived, all three of her brothers were there.

Gu Huajing pulled herself together and walked in with a calm expression.

"Father, why did you call our daughter here?"

Gu Yuanpei's face did not look too good. As he thought about what he heard in his ears, his eyes darkened.

"You're the same Suun Family as me, what exactly is going on?"

Gu Yuanpei rarely spoke to Gu Huajing in this tone, but this matter involved Gu Huajing's marriage. Moreover, it still made him unhappy.

Gu Huajing's beautiful almond eyes blinked innocently, and her tone naturally revealed surprise. "Suun Family? Your daughter doesn't know anyone from Suun Family, why would father ask such a question? "

Gu Yuanpei's tensed mind immediately relaxed and he subconsciously wanted to let out a breath of relief.

At this moment, Qin Wanhui suddenly spoke up, "Fourth Sister, don't forget, didn't you tell me after the floral feast? Young Master Suun Family, the Little Master that Madam Sun dotes on the most. "

Gu Huajing suddenly realized, "I do have some impression of the one that sister-in-law mentioned, but, Young Master Suun Family, what about him?"

Gu Huajing's innocent gaze made Qin Wanhui hold her breath.

It's not like that!

Logically speaking, shouldn't Gu Huajing be shy and half-hearted? Why did she act as if she had never heard of this matter?

Qin Wanhui was anxious. She frowned and wanted to remind her again, but Gu Yuanpei, who was sitting at the head seat, noticed something was wrong.

"Jingjing, the marriage between you and Bai Family is already a thing of the past, do you have any thoughts?"

"Your daughter has never had any thoughts. Your daughter only wants to be calm. With father and brother protecting her, your daughter wishes to live a peaceful life."

Gu Huajing spoke with sincerity. This was her wish from the bottom of her heart, so she looked straight into Gu Yuanpei's eyes without any intention of dodging.

Having immersed himself in government affairs for so many years, Gu Yuanpei was already familiar with how to distinguish between truth from falsehood.

He immediately understood that those words that entered his ears that said Gu Huajing had already made plans for her marriage and that she had gotten along well with Madam Suun Family during the Flower Viewing Banquet were not to be trusted.

Gu Yuanpei nodded slightly. He knew that there was something else, but he didn't say anything.

You are still young, and you are in your prime. My Gu family's daughter has always been a hot topic. Don't worry, Daddy will definitely find you an excellent marriage opportunity.

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