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Bai Family is a family of martial generals! Although the grade of General Ning Yuan of the Bai Family was not as high as the Gu family's, their innermost arrogance did not lose out in the slightest to that of the refined civil servants.

More importantly, Bai Lingtian did not like the capricious Gu Huajing at all. Of course, this part, which Maid Tian did not explicitly mention, Gu Huajing understood it for herself.

Gu Huajing didn't get the favor of her lover and spent a lot of time and effort. In order to not make herself look delicate, she even started to practice martial arts to strengthen her body, hoping that Bai Lingtian would be moved by her.

The results were not satisfactory.

Gu Huajing had her father reject all the family members who came to negotiate, yet she was waiting for the news of Bai Family watching the marriage for Bai Lingtian.

little girl became anxious and angry. For the sake of her lover, she had been possessed by the Gu family, allowing them to use their power to force her. In the end, she had successfully made herself Bai Lingtian's wife.

Maid Tian was rather vague on this point. She hadn't gone into detail on how the Gu family had bullied them, but Gu Huajing knew, most likely … That was the reason why she let Bai Family have such an attitude towards her.

However, even though Gu Huajing had married into the family, Bai Lingtian was also a stubborn person. On the night of their wedding, he asked for permission to stay at the border. It had been three years since he left without even taking a step into his bridal chamber.

Gu Huajing's heart sunk even more. Maid Tian said that Bai Family Mistress doted on Bai Lingtian the most, and in the end, Bai Lingtian left home for three years because he hated her. No wonder the Old Granny had a grudge against him.

"But how could our Gu family not be satisfied with our Bai Family? After you get married, everything that the Gu Family does is based on Bai Family. I hope that Bai Family will be better for you, but what did they do!? "

Maid Tian became indignant. "The Bai Family is just relying on your ease to bully them, and you don't want the Gu family to know about your situation, so you can be disrespectful to them. They're going too far!"

"maid, wait a moment …"

Gu Huajing's ears twitched as she suddenly heard the main point. The confusion on her face was not faked. "Why can't I let the Gu family know?"

What she wanted to ask was, hadn't Gu Huajing been spoiled and raised? Then why was the Gu family so miserable right now without doing anything?

Maid Tian was even more surprised than Gu Huajing. "Wasn't it Miss who didn't let me?" "If the Gu family finds out, or something happens, when Young Master returns from the border guards, he'll be even more displeased."

Gu Huajing: "…"

That's why it's a horror story.

How could a rank 1 official's precious daughter, who was willing to compromise so completely for a man, be of any help?

How many ghosts did Bai Lingtian have? Or had he drugged the original owner, Gu Huajing, so she would degrade him like that?

On the other side, Maid Tian was still complaining incessantly, "I've begged you so many times, but you're not allowed to bite me to death. Seeing those people underestimating you, I can't wait to cry!"

Gu Huajing also wanted to cry.

From the looks of it, her becoming Gu Huajing was already a fact.

She didn't know why, but when Gu Huajing had died in her previous life, she had clearly been very calm. However, there wasn't any resentment in her heart. How could she have obtained another life? Or was it a completely different person?

But no matter how many more chances he gave her, she would still seriously live on …

"maid, don't cry. It was only after this round that I finally understand. The things from before …" "I was wrong …"

Upon hearing Gu Huajing's words, Maid Tian's tears immediately stopped flowing. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at Gu Huajing in disbelief.

"In the past, I always thought that everything would change eventually. However, this time, I almost died in bed, but I figured it out. There are some things that I might not be able to force myself to do …"

Gu Huajing tried her best to express her determination with ambiguous words. She didn't care about Gu Huajing's wish because she had already been killed by herself. From now on, she only had one goal.

For a moment, Maid Tian didn't dare to believe Gu Huajing's words. She was afraid that Gu Huajing was just acting on a whim and that she would regain her composure if she waited for a while longer.

After waiting for two days, Maid Tian found that the sky was finally brightening!

Lord Buddha's blessing, Miss had actually truly thought it through!

"Miss, is what you said true? Do you really, really understand? You really agreed to let this old servant go to the Gu family to report? "

Maid Tian had asked the same question more than ten times already. It was obvious how shocked she was.

Gu Huajing sighed inwardly, but had no choice but to pretend to be enlightened.

"maid, you have been by my side for so long. Do you really not see that? As I lay on the bed, I thought, "Tian Tian shouldn't yell so ineffectively, but that's not important. If a person dies, then everything will be gone. If I keep on wasting time like this, I'll save him. What about next time?"

"Miss …"

Seeing that Maid Tian was about to start wiping away her tears in gratification, Gu Huajing poked the porridge in front of her with her chopsticks helplessly.

She was a patient, a patient who needed nutrition to recover quickly! Can you not give me some thin porridge dishes so perfunctorily?

Didn't they say that Bai Family was the residence of some general? Isn't this too stingy?

"maid …" Is there nothing else to eat? "

It was not that Gu Huajing was being unreasonable, she was willing to eat as long as she could fill her stomach. It was just that the problem was that she wanted to recuperate her body as soon as possible, even staying in a sickbed could not do it. She was afraid that Bai Family would take the opportunity to cause her to do something, if her body was too weak, she could only allow herself to be slaughtered.

Maid Tian's face was full of shame. She didn't even have time to wipe the tears that were hanging on her face.

"Bai Family is too harsh on us, and we even eat and rest in order to nurture our lives. Miss, do not worry, since Miss has the intention, this old servant will inform the Gu family as soon as possible. At that time, let them see what kind of life we have!"

The problem was that Gu Huajing couldn't take it anymore …

"maid, I'm sick with a medicinal herb right now, right?"

"Miss, you mean …?"

"I wonder if there's any Astragalus and Red Ginseng?"

"This... Astragalus membranaceus is present, red ginseng... "It doesn't seem to be that many."

"No worries, you said before that there was a small stove in our small courtyard, right?"

Speaking of which, Maid Tian wanted to complain again. There was a small stove, but the problem was that there were no ingredients! What could he do with just a stove?

The Bai Family had told others that they treated the young miss so well, that they made a small stove on their own with all the seasonings in it, as if they were holding the young miss in their hands.

Don't be impatient yet, maid, I really want to break away from the Bai Family. No matter what, my body needs to be raised for a bit, so you should soak these two medicinal ingredients in cold water for a while, and then boil them in a claypot. After boiling them in a gentle flame, you can then fry them in cold water to get a thick sauce.

Maid Tian stared blankly at Gu Huajing, as if she didn't know why she was saying all this.

Gu Huajing also knew that her words were a bit strange, but she didn't have any other moves.

In her previous life, if she were to ask Maid Tian what other means of livelihood she knew of, the only thing she could think of would be the medicinal food accompanying her. No matter what Maid Tian thought of it, the key was to recover first.

Gu Huajing looked at Maid Tian's somewhat lifeless face and remained expressionless. However, her mind was working fast. How could she get over this situation? If Maid Tian doubted him, could she pretend to have a headache?

While they were in a stalemate, Gu Huajing saw Maid Tian move. She stood up without a word, as if she had really gone out to do what she had said.

"…" This... Don't you even ask?

This time, it was Gu Huajing's turn to be dumbstruck. She even found it hard to believe her luck.

In these two days, Bai Family had not a single person coming over. Gu Huajing's white fingers held the blue and white porcelain spoon and stirred the medicinal porridge in the bowl, patiently waiting for the heat to dissipate.

Maid Tian was really capable. She really did it just because she said so.

Although the taste was slightly lacking, Gu Huajing was already very satisfied with being able to do this.

After recuperating for a few days, Gu Huajing's body had had a pleasant change due to the most basic of energy replenishing porridge. She was now able to walk a few steps underground and was quite thankful that no one from Bai Family bothered her.

Just as she was rejoicing in her happiness, Maid Tian suddenly walked in from outside with an unusual expression on her face.

"Miss, Bai Family Eldest Young Lady is here, outside."

Just as she finished speaking, a fragrant wind blew into the room with a hint of disdain in its voice.

"Yo, looks like you have a good face. Didn't you say you were dying from sickness?" "Which servant is making such a fuss to pass a message to the madame?"

Gu Huajing raised her eyes slowly with the spoon still in her hand.

The woman who walked in was wearing a light red dress with beautiful patterns embroidered on the cuffs and collars. The jade pendant hanging from her waist was extremely eye-catching.

The woman was not bad looking and dressed well, but there were too many things stuck on her head. She had a jade hairpin and golden feet. There was also a pearl flower pressed against her hair, which made her look particularly golden in this gloomy room.

Maid Tian said Eldest Young Lady just now?

"Eldest sister-in-law …"

Gu Huajing greeted her courteously while counting her seniority. She did not expect to step on her tail.

"Oh wow, I don't dare. How could I dare to be Fourth Lady Gu's sister-in-law? Don't get involved in this ruckus. Even the madame won't like me if I don't get what I want."

Bai Family Eldest Young Lady "tsk-tsked" as she frowned, "Speaking of Fourth Lady Gu's methods, even though she used a dirty method to enter the Bai Family, she's still restless. She even lied about her illness to gain attention, it's truly admirable."

"Where did sister-in-law say that? There's a doctor's diagnosis, how is that me lying?"

"I told you not to get involved. Who knows where that doctor came from? We don't dare to underestimate you. What methods can you use to coerce others?" What's more, we must bribe a doctor to fake it. "

Gu Huajing sighed inwardly. She had hardened her heart to splash dirty water on him, so she didn't want to pester him any further.

"Eldest Sis, if you insist on thinking that I have nothing to say, do you have anything else to say?"

Bai Family Eldest Young Lady laughed contemptuously, "I came here to take a look due to the Old Madam's will. She has been busy recently with Buddha blessings for Second Brother, so she did not have the time to care about your matters. Therefore, everything that happened before was left to me to handle, Fourth Lady Gu is the one who asked, what do you have to say?"


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