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Gu Huajing did not know how precious the house on the east side of the city was. In fact, she had been immersed in joy ever since she was allowed to move out.

According to her, the dowry she had wouldn't be spent even if she were to spend a few more lifetimes. After going out, she wouldn't care about the look in his eyes. As long as she enjoyed herself properly, it would be fine.

Such a simple and unadorned wish must have been fulfilled without a hitch.

Gu Huajing happily told Maid Tian to prepare, but Maid Tian acted as if she was facing a great enemy.

"Miss, this residence is not as simple as you think."

Maid Tian simply moved an embroidery block to sit down and slowly said to Gu Huajing.

"You are a daughter of a family. The daughter that you moved out of is like water that has been poured out. Others will think that you have nothing to do with the Gu family. What should we do in the future?"

"What does maid mean by 'what should I say'?"

"Young mistress, without the name of the Gu family, you will no longer have your identity amongst the female servants in the capital. How will you continue to be among them in the future? How can those noble families think highly of you? "

"What do I want from them?"

Maid Tian choked on her words, her face turning red. "Miss! Of course it's due to your future marriage, you couldn't possibly want to become an ancient buddha with the Azure Light after going through Bai Family?! "

"…" The corner of Gu Huajing's mouth twitched. She really didn't think that way.

However, seeing how agitated Maid Tian was, Gu Huajing could not say it too casually.

She put on a coquettish smile and put her hand affectionately on Maid Tian's arm. "maid, what are you talking about? I just understand now, Bai Family is pretty famous, but what about the result? Therefore, fate is preordained. It should be mine, no matter what. "

"Miss …"

Maid Tian was obviously not fooled. She wanted to say something, but Gu Huajing pushed her out the door.

"maid should hurry up and arrange for the little girls to clean up. Oh right, let's see if any of these little girls are willing to follow us. Don't force them, I will get Second Sister-in-Law to buy some for them."

Gu Huajing laughed until her dimples were faintly discernible. She was cute and charming.

It was a must to move out. What was the title of a lady from a famous family? Can you eat it?

Besides, she really didn't plan to get married. It was too easy for men in this era. She didn't need to follow a girl to the end. It wasn't as if she couldn't live without a man, so why ask for trouble?

Gu Huajing thought clearly, the beautiful future has been vivid in her mind, she will be free and unrestrained, a person happily through a lifetime.

However, she didn't expect that there were some things that couldn't be done just because one wanted to …

Even though Gu Huajing had said not to push the matter too far, but in the end, only Qing Mei was willing to follow him. Gu Huajing still felt a deep sense of reality …

That was true. She was a girl that he had left behind. To others, she might not even be able to protect herself. What kind of future prospects would he have if he followed her?

Gu Huajing looked at Qing Mei amiably. "Have you made up your mind?" "Why are you willing to follow me?"

Qing Mei smiled brightly. "This servant doesn't have such high aspirations. Miss treated this servant very well, so this servant is willing."

Gu Huajing laughed. A contented person like Chang Le might be the one who was most at ease in life.

"Congratulations, you made the right choice."

Gu Huajing couldn't help but clap her hands to cover her wounded pride. It turned out that there was only one girl …

Fortunately, Yang Jiayao had contacted the granny broker.

"Sister-in-law will definitely help younger sister choose some honest and loyal ones. younger sister, don't worry."

It was only then that Gu Huajing's problem of manpower was solved.

It was all over in a few days' time.

Gu Huajing went to the Hengjun Hall, where her father and brothers were waiting.

"So fast?" "Little sister, why are you doing this …"

Gu Huaxuan was reluctant to part with her. He went to the Fanghua Garden when he had free time and chatted with Gu Huajing quite freely. He even liked her more than when she married into the Bai Family.

He even thought that if his sister-in-law didn't like him, their second house could take care of Jingjing. He had even told Yang Jiayao …

"It's just the east side of the city, it's very close by. If Second Sister-in-Law Second Brother misses me, I can immediately come back to see you."

Gu Huajing smiled happily as she lightened her worries about leaving. Gu Huaran walked over and handed her a stack of papers.

"I've carefully selected these people. They are all very skilled and loyal. If you still need them, you can ask me."

The impression Gu Huaran gave Gu Huajing was almost otherworldly, smooth as jade, modest as a fairy, in stark contrast to the fiery temper of Gu Huaxuan.

Yet, with such a cold personality, he came to his own Flowerflower Garden and asked Jingjing about her preferences. He said that he wanted to give her a group of guards that not only had good skills but also had looks that made her satisfied …

Jingjing almost couldn't hold back her laughter. The way this Brother Third Brother spoke in all seriousness really made one's heart beat faster.

"Thank you, Third Brother. When Third Brother marries Third Sister-in-Law, I will definitely give him a big gift."

Gu Huaran's eyebrows twitched. He touched Gu Huajing's hair and stood back up.

Gu Hualei walked over slowly with an embarrassed expression. He knew why Gu Huajing wanted to move out. If it wasn't for Qin Wanhui …

"Big brother, it's better if you don't scowl. Really."

Gu Huajing nodded seriously, as if to make Gu Hualei believe her words.

"Jingjing... "Big brother has let you down …"

"Don't say that, big brother. I wanted to go out and live on my own, and I'm free and free. Daddy can't even scold me if he wants to, how good is that?"

"You damned girl, when did I ever scold you?"

Gu Yuanpei shook his beard and scolded Gu Huajing with a smile. The smile on his face masked the reluctance in his eyes.

Gu Huajing tilted her head and smiled sincerely. "Daughter, aren't you just planning for a rainy day? Besides, if you're further away, Daddy will think of me and love me even more. It'll be worth it."

"You're the smart one!"

Gu Yuanpei smiled and shook his head. He waved his hand and Gu Huajing walked over obediently.

"In the future, when you're alone outside, be careful. If anything happens, quickly get someone to come back and inform them."

"You must come back during the New Year's Day. Don't listen to those rumors …"

"If the servants' service is not good, don't be too soft-hearted. Treat them as if they were masters …"

Suddenly, Gu Yuanpei could not stop talking. He kept going on and on, afraid that Gu Huajing would be bullied, afraid that she would get cold and hot, afraid that she would get hurt due to fatigue …

Gu Huajing listened quietly. Every time her father said something, she would obediently nod her head. Her eyes sparkled as the corners of her lips couldn't help but curve into a beautiful arc …

Stepping out of the Gu family's residence, Gu Huajing felt a sense of disappointment and frustration in her heart.

This was her family. She was willing to give her all for her own good. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful.

But because of this, she had to go out on her own.

Gu Huajing didn't want to disrupt the Gu family's original order because of her. She didn't want them to have a chance to find out that she wasn't the same Gu Huajing as before …

"Miss, stop looking and rest for now. I'll call for you when we get there."

Maid Tian, with a pained heart, pulled down the curtain on Gu Huajing's window, paving a cushion for her to lie down on.

"The young masters sent off the manor, outsiders can tell by looking at you. You are still a daughter of the Gu family that the Gu family cares about. The lord and the young master truly care about you."

Gu Huajing pressed her arms against her eyes. How could she not know?

In order to prevent others from thinking that he had been kicked out of the Gu family, his father had made such a ruckus. There was even a group of Gu family followers following behind the convoy, afraid that someone would not know that he was the Gu family's precious treasure.

Gu Huajing could only try her best to live on in peace, and could only be considered as repaying them for their kindness.

Gu Huajing thought that the house on the east side of the city was just like the little courtyard they used to live in at Bai Family.

But when Gu Huajing got off the carriage, she had the urge to return to the carriage. Could she have found the wrong place?

"Miss, here it is. Master really loves you. This mansion was given to you by the Gu family's ancestors, and Master gave it to you."

Maid Tian raised her head to look at the signboard on the door and lamented. Gu Huajing sighed as she looked at the white wall that extended from the door.

Will this cause... Too exaggerated?

She lived alone. Wasn't it too much of a waste for her to live in such a huge mansion?

Before Gu Huajing could say anything, the Gu family servants had already started moving the boxes into the courtyard.

Maid Tian held onto Gu Huajing as they walked past the shadow wall. Suddenly, their horizons widened. Corridors, pavilions, pavilions, lairs, ponds, streams …

The deeper they went, the more shocked Gu Huajing became.

Compared to the Gu Residence, this was only a small area. There was nothing lacking in the exquisite and extravagant style.

"This mansion has been around for some time. When this old servant was still at the Gu family, old master had to spend a lot of money every year to repair it. This is the glory of the Gu family's ancestors."

Maid Tian's words made Gu Huajing feel even more uneasy. Could she really stay in such an expensive place?

If she had known that the mansion on the east side of the city was like this, she would have acted so coquettishly and shamelessly.

Now, elder sister-in-law should hate her again …

Gu Huajing's heart was filled with helplessness. However, this was all due to her father's good intentions. Since she had agreed, she wouldn't let her father down just because she had to take Qin Wanhui into consideration.

There were too many horse carriages in the cage to be tidied up in a short period of time. Gu Huajing let Qing Mei and her girls lock them up in the storeroom before returning to their homes slowly.

"Fourth Miss, we will head back to report after the meeting."

The leader of the group, Yuanshan, respectfully bowed. Gu Huajing told him to wait first and took out a piece of paper from his sleeve.

"Daddy's not looking too good these days. It's hard for me to sleep at night. This is a diet left for me by a doctor I've seen before. It has the effects of soothing the lungs and soothing the qi and calming the spirit. Please take it back, little brother Yuanshan."

Gu Huajing had prepared the recipe for the lotus seed lily's meat, but she hadn't found a chance to bring it out during the Gu family's time.

Yuan Shan was Gu Yuanpei's trusted attendant, so Gu Huajing wanted him to bring him back.

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