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Madame Bai also stood up slowly. She was relieved.

Liang Ruyan knew that Yang Peipei invited people from the government this day. When Gu Huajing came in and questioned them, she would ask them to listen behind the screen so they could be witnesses.

If Gu Huajing still refused to admit it, then according to her personality, she might really die from a "illness" in the Bai Family. But if she admitted it, and prepared a case at the official level, then it would be perfectly justifiable for their Bai Family to divorce. The Gu family would only want to stir up more trouble after that, and Gu Huajing's confession would not be enough for them to do so.

Liang Ruyan was indeed soft. She had also carefully observed Gu Huajing and felt that she was quite satisfied, apart from using some methods to make people unhappy.

However, the madame did not like it. She felt resentment towards her from the bottom of her heart, so she could only follow along and ignore it.

He had originally thought that if he could divorce Gu Huajing today, she could at least preserve her life.

However, Liang Ruyan was still afraid to fight. Judging from the madame's tone, she was planning on forcing Gu Huajing to confess before leaving any more people behind …

Gu Huajing, who had been carried back to the courtyard, had her eyes closed tightly. Her lips were pale and her face was like a corpse. However, after her servants left, she suddenly opened her eyes.

Above her head was still that lotus root colored bedsheet. The light and gentle color, however, made Gu Huajing's eyes hurt.

Her back was already slightly wet and her teeth were chattering. She had been too careless!

Gu Huajing knew that her personality wasn't suitable for her to twist and turn in the backyard. She had once mocked herself that she could only live the first song of a TV show.

There was no one in the room. Maid Tian greeted them from the outside while Gu Huajing sat up and walked to the table to take a sip. The cold tea in the room was bitter.

The Bai Family was probably hoping for him to die. Would they be willing to not let him die from illness before? Would it only be satisfied with driving him out of the Bai Family? Aren't they afraid that he would take revenge on Bai Family after going back and crying with the Gu family?!

Even he could imagine that the people who had been living in the backyard all these years couldn't imagine it. They definitely would not allow this to happen.

Then, his love for Bai Lingtian was not enough for him to remain silent. The best way to do so was to make sure that he couldn't open his mouth …

Gu Huajing's hands were actually trembling a little. Thinking that she might be able to escape this calamity, she panicked.

"Creak …"

Gu Huajing raised her head abruptly, and only after realizing it was Maid Tian, did she relax.

"Miss, I was scared to death. I thought you were not doing well again. Are you …?"

Gu Huajing shook her head slightly. Her way of thinking should be different from Maid Tian's. Maid Tian had probably been used to obeying orders all her life, so it was normal for her to follow orders subconsciously.

Gu Huajing pulled open a chair and sat down, allowing Maid Tian to sit beside her.

"maid, is there any news from the Gu family?"

"Miss, don't worry. Although the Bai Family has many defenses, this old servant still found some loopholes. If nothing unexpected happens, the Gu family will be able to receive the news in the next two days."

Gu Huajing heaved a sigh of relief. There were still two days left. She only needed two more days …

Gu Huajing had been boasting for so long about the miracle of being able to live a new life. Only now did she realize that having an extra life did not mean that she could sleep peacefully!

It would be too unfair if he did not increase his vigilance and, in just a few minutes, returned to being a cannon fodder!

In Bai Family, there was only Maid Tian and her. If Bai Family were to be used against them, what chance did the little girl and her wife have of winning against them together? Nothing!

Gu Huajing felt that Bai Family should at least be somewhat famous, right? There were people in the family who were officials, so even if they hated him, they couldn't have killed him without a reputation, otherwise they wouldn't have endured for three years.

Therefore, as long as she feigned illness, neither admitted nor defended herself, she could just wait for the Gu family's people to come.

"maid, just say that my old illness has returned and I won't be able to get up without taking care of myself. If the people from there say the same thing, then we don't need to go to them and talk. We can just wait for the Gu family to come."

"This old servant understands …"

Maid Tian was quite reliable. She immediately started frying the medicine again, filling the small yard with the smell of the medicine.

She then begged the Bai Family servants guarding outside the courtyard to help her invite a doctor over. Her posture was humble and painful, completely similar to when Gu Huajing was sick.

Seeing that, the servants of the Bai Family could not tell whether it was true or false, but since the old mistress was displeased, they naturally did not take it to heart.

"It seems like it really hasn't recovered yet."

Yang Peipei leaned against the beauty bed made of Pear Blossom Tree. Her fingers, dyed with the flower juice, gently pinched a fruit and placed it in her mouth. She looked relaxed and elegant.

"This is too depressing. Originally, I wanted to end this matter today. Tsk tsk, it seems that this matter will drag on for another two days."

"Peipei, this time old lady is determined to get rid of the Gu family, but mother doesn't seem to agree …"

The Bai Family Great Young Master Bai Lingfeng was a little hesitant. He could be considered filial, he did not want to make his mother unhappy because of the matter with the Second Branch.

"My lord!" "Why are you so muddle-headed!"

Yang Peipei pinched a fruit and elegantly stuffed it into Bai Lingfeng's mouth, "Mother, how is it that I feel uneasy? It's just that she's unwilling. After all, the Gu family is much stronger than the concubines. It's a pity that Second Brother is not happy with Second Brother's lack of help. "

"Mother won't think like that …"

"Why not? Think about it, when Second Brother was still in the capital, what good thing would his family think of you first? "In the hearts of the madame and mother, Second Brother is always at the forefront. It is normal for them to subconsciously plan for Second Brother."

"..." "Not really …"

"Great Lord!" Yang Peipei raised her voice, "Even if you are not thinking for yourself, you still have to think for me and the kids in my house. You are the lord of my house, so you have to act the way I do. Second Brother, if you have the Gu family's help, is there any place for us in this house?"

Bai Lingfeng was silent. He knew that the madame and his mother favored Second Brother, but he was not jealous. However, hearing Peipei's words, it seemed that... Without the Gu family, it was not a bad thing.

"But Gu Huajing is really not good, she's simply a piece of trash!" That body didn't look that weak before, and no matter what, it did train in the martial arts before, and what didn't damage the demeanor of the Bai Family, why isn't it weak now? "

Yang Peipei bit the tip of her nails in frustration. Recalling the look of disappointment in the madame's eyes, she felt sick to her stomach.

However, Bai Lingfeng was unconcerned, "You didn't say that you wouldn't let the doctors see it, but if it wasn't for luck, we would have been saved already, right? In such a dangerous situation, it's normal for there to be a recurrence of the illness. "

"Who would have thought that her life would be so tough. Qian maid said that she was already prepared to see a corpse. I didn't expect her to still be breathing."

Yang Peipei's eyes were full of regret. If Gu Huajing had died in that courtyard just like that, it would have been fine. Before this, the mansion had been in an uproar.

However, it would not be easy to kill her now. The madame had said that if she wanted to kill her opponent without leaving a trace of trouble behind, Gu Huajing would have to admit what she had done.

"She's only got to open her mouth and speak a few words. I'll let her roam around for two more days. As long as she doesn't have to get up, then I'll have to hurry up and do it so that she won't have too many nightmares."

Yang Peipei did not wish for any unforeseen events to occur. She had long since disliked Gu Huajing.

Her family, the Yang Family, was too inferior to the Gu Family. Logically speaking, if Gu Huajing was willing to marry into their family, she would have to marry into their family. Yang Peipei was truly worried for a while.

However, she was not worried at all. Gu Huajing was completely ignorant of the meaning of forcing Bai Lingtian to leave the capital for three years. She did not even need to personally make a move to make the madame and her mother hate her.

In two more days, this matter would come to an end. And thanks to Gu Huajing, the Bai Family Room had gained a solid foothold in these three years. She still had to thank Gu Huajing!

If he gave her a pill that didn't cause her any pain, he would thank her.

Gu Huajing had never felt such a pain in her life. The feeling of her life in someone else's hands was unbearable.

"Miss, it's time to drink the medicine."

"…" Gu Huajing felt that being forced to drink medicine every day by Maid Tian could be considered as one of the reasons that was hard to endure. Besides, the taste of the medicine was indeed not tasty.

"My body is already fully recovered. I don't need to drink any more medicine."

"Young mistress, how can such a dangerous illness be cured so easily? "It would be bad if I left the root of my illness behind."

"…" Gu Huajing's head began to ache as she looked at the bowl of pitch black medicine. She was not afraid to drink the medicine, but the medicine that Bai Family had given her was not right. She really did not want to drink it.

However, every time, Maid Tian wouldn't force her, she would hold onto a medicinal bowl and reason with her!

When she talked about the medicine getting cold, Maid Tian automatically took it down to warm it up before bringing it back to her and continued speaking.

How could Gu Huajing bear to see maid come and go like this?

Gu Huajing reached out to Maid Tian and put down the medicine bowl in her hand, ready to chat with her.

"maid, look at my face, it's already much better. We still have to hide our Bai Family and wait for the Gu family's reinforcements. We can't let anyone see through our weakness."

"Then is Miss's illness incurable?"

"Heal, can we treat it after we get back to the Gu family?" Furthermore, I have been drinking medicine all day and my appetite is gone. The food that Bai Family prepare is already not good, so if I don't eat anything now, it will actually be even worse. "

"…" Maid Tian pondered for about half a minute and was about to cry.

Gu Huajing widened her eyes in shock. What was there to cry for?!

"maid, maid, I'll drink, I'll drink …"

Gu Huajing was about to grit her teeth and swallow the medicine in one gulp when Maid Tian took the medicine bowl away.

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