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"What Miss said is right, in Bai Family, no matter how much medicine you drink, it's useless. It's just that this old servant did not expect that Miss would indeed lose a lot of weight …"


When Gu Huajing heard this, she subconsciously touched her face. She wasn't skinny at all. She was quite satisfied.

Gu Huajing was quite satisfied with her new appearance.

There was a mirror in the room. This was the first time Gu Huajing had seen her like this. How much hatred did she have towards him before? She was so beautiful that she wanted to torture him to death.

Even though she was already married, she didn't have the slightest vicissitudes of life like a married woman. Even if she was sickly, she was still younger than an ordinary person.

That oval face, those almond eyes, those cherry lips, those green eyebrows …

Gu Huajing felt that it wouldn't be wrong to describe her with any beautiful words. She was truly as beautiful as jade, extremely charming.

Such a good leather bag that would be sought after anywhere, coupled with the Gu family's solid and reliable background, what kind of crazy habit did Gu Huajing have to keep wanting to see her in contempt, Bai Lingtian?

What a waste of such a good reincarnation!

While Gu Huajing was waiting for news from the Gu family, she had already started making plans for the future.

She didn't have any lofty ambitions, so she wanted to live a peaceful life. Once this marriage was over and she received her dowry, her ultimate goal in life would be almost complete.

She admired the handsome men and beautiful women of the ancient era. She invited ten of her own guards, who were martial arts masters, to observe the lives of the ancient people if they had nothing better to do. She would walk around wherever she could go …

She really couldn't wait to think about it!

Just as he was about to drool, a ruckus could be heard from outside.

Could it be the Gu family?

Gu Huajing became excited, feeling that she was one step closer to her goal.

However, Maid Tian's voice sounded strange, as if she was trying to stop something.

Gu Huajing lay down again without a word, but just as she covered the quilt, the door was violently pushed open.

"Fourth Lady Gu? Fourth Lady Gu! The old lady has someone to invite. "

Her clear voice was not restrained at all, and Gu Huajing could even picture in her mind a woman with a mean face with her eyes closed.

"Aiyo, what time is it? Why is Fourth Lady Gu still sleeping?" Quick, why aren't there people helping you change your clothes and get up? "

"It's from the Qian Family. My family's young miss is still sick, and isn't willing to hire a good doctor. She's only half asleep after drinking the medicine every day. What do you want to do?!"

"What for? Old madam has an invitation, what do you think I should do? Weren't you looking much better before? Lying here and being pitiful is not going to work. The old lady's heart is like a mirror. She knows it very well. "

"Who's pitiful?! How good was my young lady's body that she needed to be pitied after she had suffered so much?! You all have gone too far! "

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's that again. Can't you say something else if I say Maid Tian?"

After the harsh voice teased Maid Tian with a smile that was not a smile, it immediately changed its tone, "What are you waiting for?!" Hurry and help him up! "

Gu Huajing had her eyes closed, her mind working at lightning speed.

From the looks of it, she had to go today?

The people from Bai Family were not that human. Was he really so sick, so how could he be so impatient?

Gu Huajing didn't want to suffer in the hands of the servants, so she slowly opened her eyes before they touched her.

Her pretty eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and her eyes were misty. The mistiness disappeared, and it was a coldness that the servants had never seen before. It actually made the little girls stop, not daring to move forward.

"Ah, Fourth Lady Gu is awake!" "Speaking of coincidences, the madame invited you over and you woke up. You're really considerate towards us servants."

This was the first time Gu Huajing had seen Qian maid. The last time she had fainted, she had not seen it. Looking at it now, the word "mutual generation" was indeed not a randomly made up term.

Maid Tian was let go and rushed in front of Gu Huajing. "Miss, Miss, how are you?"

Gu Huajing's heart was at ease. As expected, Maid Tian was very reliable in certain areas and showed no flaws in her performance.

Pursing her lips and pointing at the tea on the table, Maid Tian's pupils contracted out of sight of the others. She immediately understood what Gu Huajing meant.

"All of you, allow me. Miss is thirsty."

Maid Tian poured a glass of water and passed it over, carefully serving Gu Huajing as she drank it. She then explained softly, "The madame asked Qian Wen's wife to come over and ask you to come speak. Are you feeling better?" Do you still have a headache? Can you walk? "

"Hey, wouldn't it be fine if this person wakes up? Where did all these random people come from?"

Qian maid rolled her eyes impatiently and then looked at Gu Huajing with an insincere smile, "Fourth Lady Gu, since you're awake, why don't we leave now?" "Don't make the madame anxious. Our second young master is usually the most filial of all. What do you think?"

Gu Huajing didn't say a word as she calmly looked at her, causing the hair on the back of Qian Liu's neck to stand on end. It was only then that she saw Gu Huajing gently nod her head.

"…" Qian maid breathed a sigh of relief. She had a strange feeling that something was wrong with Gu Huajing today. However, she didn't pursue the matter any further. Once the matter was settled, everyone would know what would happen to Gu Huajing.

Maid Tian began to change Gu Huajing's clothes. Qian maid tried to urge her on a few times, but when she caught sight of Gu Huajing's eyes, she stopped herself for some reason.

It was really strange. In the past, she had said a lot of things even more outrageous in front of Gu Huajing. She had never said things like this before. She always felt that something was different, but where was it?

No matter how slow Maid Tian's movements were, Gu Huajing had already finished dressing herself. She still had to lean weakly against Maid Tian's body.

Qian maid was relieved when she heard that. She looked extremely weak, like she was about to collapse at any moment. What kind of threat could she pose? Perhaps it was because he didn't sleep well last night that he felt strange.

"Fourth Lady Gu, please …"

Qian maid completed her mission and walked to the front to lead the way. Gu Huajing walked very slowly behind her. Even if she urged her on again and again, she couldn't be faster by even a little bit.

Gu Huajing didn't know what was the use of stalling for time, but she still had some hope, right? Wasn't Bai Family trying to kill him in the name of the law?

She had to do her best to survive!

"Madam, Fourth Lady Gu is here. She's waiting outside."

"Quick!" Let her in! In case that useless being fainted again! "

This time, Old Madame Bai did not intend to pinch her, as it would be more proper to settle this matter as soon as possible.

It was the first time that Gu Huajing had stepped into the main courtyard of the Bai Family residence. Inside, there were blue bamboo, pink flowers, and clean blue stone bricks that shone brilliantly, extending all the way to the corridor beneath the main house.

The light in the room couldn't compare to the light outside. Gu Huajing closed her eyes to get used to it, then raised her head to look at the few girls wearing brocade clothes and clothes.

"This is really hard to invite! Those who don't know, they might think that the person staying in our residence is a princess from somewhere! "

Old Madame Bai didn't even look at Gu Huajing. She tilted her head and complained to Yang Peipei with a smile that wasn't a smile.

"Please calm your anger, madame. After all, she is not a member of our family. It is normal for rules to not be respected. Otherwise, why would she do such a disgraceful thing?"


Old Madame Bai snorted coldly and swept her sharp gaze over, wanting to intimidate Gu Huajing. However, she found that her eyes were half-closed and she was swaying unsteadily on Maid Tian's body.

Seeing that something was wrong, Liang Ruyan ordered someone to bring Gu Huajing an embroidery block and sat down. Then, she walked up to the madame and lowered her voice.

"Mom, what should we do if she fainted again?"

Old Madame Bai was about to flare up, but after hearing this, she didn't argue with her. Instead, she gave Yang Peipei a look. It was time to start.

There was a screen embroidered with a view of the four seasons on one side of the main house, and there seemed to be shadows moving behind it.

Gu Huajing narrowed her eyes. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw them, but she didn't do anything. The enemy didn't move, and I didn't move. She just stood there looking like she wanted to die, trying to see what these people were up to!

"I've invited Fourth Lady Gu to come today for no other reason, previously, I let someone break into your private meeting with attendant of the residence, and was shameless and disgraceful. No matter what, you still have the title of our Bai Family's daughter-in-law in name, now that you have committed this crime, what do you have to say about it?!"

Yang Peipei stood out righteously, her tone full of contempt, as if Gu Huajing had violated a rule of heaven.

Gu Huajing still looked dejected, as if she hadn't heard him.

"I advise you not to risk your life to deny it. That attendant has already admitted it and also brought out many of your personal belongings. He said it was given to him by the two of you when you were very close to each other, and now that there's evidence and evidence, what else do you have to say for yourself?"

"…" Gu Huajing! Do you think that everything will be fine if you refuse to confess in silence?! Are you worthy of our Bai Family? But he was worthy of Second Brother, who was defending the country on the border! You just cannot stand to be lonely and do such a despicable thing, forget it, my Bai Family will release you today! "

"…" Gu Huajing still did not speak. Yang Peipei was not the only one at a loss. Even Old Madame Bai frowned.

What they needed was for Gu Huajing to admit it herself. Otherwise, why would they spend so much effort to invite people from the government? Bai Family being an official in the imperial court, the most important thing was to not let others lower their tongues.

"Pah!" Old Madame Bai slapped the armrest, "Are you planning to bite you to death and refuse to speak?!" Don't forget, we have evidence. Even if you don't say anything, that is the truth! "

"Old madam, please calm your anger. Don't ruin your body."

Yang Peipei quickly turned around to comfort him. Her eyes darted around a few times, and a smile even appeared on her face.

Slowly walking to Gu Huajing's side, Yang Peipei frowned, looking completely worried for her. "Good little sister, why do you have to go through so much trouble?" "Look, she's made the madame unhappy again …"

Gu Huajing really wanted to clap her hands and applaud inside. Did these people even have any moral integrity? A while ago he had been criticizing her coldly, but a while later he was able to "call her a good sister" again?

As expected, he was not suitable for such a complicated environment. It was too horrifying.

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