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Yang Peipei continued to coax her, "Actually, it's not that I don't know the difficulties my sister has gone through, it's just that …" Look at how angry Mother and Old Madam are right now. If you can't let them vent their anger, then your life in the Bai Family won't be too good in the future either. "

Yang Peipei sighed softly with pity on her face. Gu Huajing felt the breath was sticky on her neck, making her goosebumps rise.

"Sister-in-law would advise you. First, you should submit and admit your wrongs, then we can slowly correct the rules. Mother and the madame are not unreasonable people, they just can't make the right decision in a short time, right?"

Gu Huajing resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She didn't want to ruin her pretty face.

But did these people think that only he could see their faces? His brain was so stupid that he couldn't even hear a single word of it?

If she admitted her wrongs first, would there still be a future? Who was he trying to fool?

However, Gu Huajing could not remain still either. She slightly raised her head, and her eyes flickered with confusion as she looked at Yang Peipei.

Yang Peipei was delighted in her heart. There's a way!

This Fourth Young Miss of the Gu family was really a scarecrow. How could she believe all that he had said? How could Bai Lingtian have his eyes on such a person? It was simply a pipe dream!

"Does little sister not believe me? Second Brother, you might not know this, but Second Brother, you will be back very soon, he even sent back his letter, but mother and old lady are angry so you didn't know about it. Look, what's going on if he comes back before settling this matter with Second Brother? "

Yang Peipei knew that Bai Lingtian had always been trying to trick Gu Huajing. Whenever Bai Lingtian was mentioned, Gu Huajing would become so stupid that no one would dare to look at her.

Her voice was low and full of allure as she waited for Gu Huajing to take the bait. "Why don't you admit your wrongs first. We're all family. What's the matter about going over?"

Sure enough, Gu Huajing's eyes flashed. She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

Yang Peipei's eyes dimmed. Was Gu Huajing trying to be shameless? You still want to be stubborn in the face of death?

"Eldest Young Lady, my young mistress' throat can no longer speak …"

Maid Tian spoke up at the right time, a look of unbearable grief on her face.

Yang Peipei was upset as well. Was it useless even after she said that? What use was there if he couldn't get Gu Huajing to admit it herself?

"Heh heh, you can't speak anymore? "What a coincidence, why can't you say anything at this time?"

Old Madame Bai obviously didn't believe him as she mocked him coldly. She held a teacup in her hand and looked like she wanted to smash it on Gu Huajing's head.

Maid Tian quickly kneeled down. "This old servant doesn't dare speak carelessly. Miss's health isn't good. When she's very ill, she didn't even take a sip of hot tea. The long cold air invaded her body and hurt her throat. Perhaps …" Perhaps it will be better after a period of recuperation. "

"…" Old Madame Bai couldn't wait any longer and wanted to give her more time? Would they still have to endure having this unlucky star stay at their Bai Family? Dream on!

"If you can't speak, then you can't speak! The headquarters, right? His hand still hadn't broken, right?! "Someone, write her a confession letter!"

Old Madame Bai couldn't wait any longer. As long as Gu Huajing was still in the mansion, she would be upset for a day! Make Tian come back early!

Gu Huajing's expression did not change, but her heart was in turmoil. 'Let's see, it's time to use the stronger ones!' If the entire Bai Clan wanted to force their master and servants, it would be too easy!

But was she waiting to be forced to death?

Gu Huajing stood up and walked out of the room. Her sudden movement without any delay caused everyone in the room to be drowsy for a moment.

Only after her foot had stepped out of the doorway did Old Madame Bai furiously smash a teacup behind her. Stop her! "

The servants guarding the door swarmed over. Gu Huajing didn't even have the chance to struggle as she was directly dragged back and pressed to the ground.

"Look, look!" This was the rule of the Gu family?! This was the Gu family's body style?! Even if this kind of woman did not do anything dirty like that, our Bai Family must not be allowed to stay! "

"Madam, please take care of yourself. Don't worry, this person won't be able to escape."

Old Madame Bai was now Yang Peipei's backer, so she couldn't care less about Gu Huajing.

"Quick!" Quickly hold her down! "He pressed the palm print!"

Old Madame Bai was so angry that she kept rubbing her chest, almost to the point of spitting fire from her mouth.

Liang Ruyan walked over slowly to give her some comfort. "Mother, those people from the government are really willing to give a confession to her. This way … I'm afraid it's not going to be easy for them? "

"What's so hard about it?"

Yang Peipei helped the madame by saying, "Mother is overthinking things. Which officials are the people to be assigned? I have a daughter-in-law, you can tell them what you should say. What shouldn't be said …" Not a word. "

"…" Only then did Old Madame Bai let out a breath. "Peipei is the best. Ruyan, you can't be too strict at times. How come you haven't improved after all these years?" it would be better if Peipei knew how to work! "

Liang Ruyan could only silently retreat, secretly throwing a pitiful look at Gu Huajing at a place where the two of them couldn't see.

She didn't know if it was intentional for them to be pressed down on the cold ground, but her palm was pressed down on a piece of broken porcelain. The sharp piece of porcelain cut into her palm, leaving streaks of blood on the stone floor.

Gu Huajing was unwilling to accept this, but her hands firmly held her down while Maid Tian was tied to the side, unable to move. Gu Huajing's heart gradually turned cold. This was the first time she had completely experienced the feeling of being alone and without help.

Gu Huajing's chest exploded with intense humiliation and fury. Her face was almost touching the ground as she gritted her teeth forcefully. She tasted the sweet taste of blood in her mouth. Don't give her the chance to grab onto something! Otherwise, she would definitely repay these people for what they did to her today!

The statement was quickly written. Gu Huajing didn't need to look to know how terrible it was.

This woman of the dynasty did not have any human rights. She could be convicted so easily, yet she could die so easily. Why?

"Finished? Then let her draw. "

Old Madame Bai took the confession letter and casually read it in her hand before throwing it in the direction of Gu Huajing.

The piece of paper floated slowly in the air for a while before landing on the ground in front of Gu Huajing.

Immediately, someone brought out fresh red ink. Gu Huajing clenched her fists tightly, but to no avail …

How did she end up like this? Did she transmigrate in this life just to have a taste of this humiliation?

Gu Huajing wasn't convinced, but no matter how unconvinced she was, she still couldn't break free from the grip on her body.

Someone grabbed her hand. It was a cold, dry hand. It made her feel extremely uncomfortable, but one by one, they opened up her fingers and grabbed onto the tip of her finger.


The sudden loud noise startled everyone in the room, even the comfortable smiles on Old Madame Bai and Yang Peipei's faces disappeared.

"What's going on?"

Yang Peipei frowned as she looked outside and saw a servant woman stumbling in from outside. She ignored the rules and fell to the ground.

"Ta, the old lady, not good!" They are here! "

"..." "Who is it?!" This was the first time Old Madame Bai had seen her servants so flustered. She couldn't help but frown. "The ones who can't speak clearly, who's here?"

"Me! "Gu Huaxuan!"

"…!" Gu Huajing's discouraged little heart was revived by the loud voice. She turned her head with all her might just in time to see someone striding in from outside.

Didn't Maid Tian tell her that the Gu family was a civil servant? How could there be such a tall and sturdy civil servant here?

Gu Huajing was still in the mood to get distracted, almost forgetting how miserable she was right now.

This person was tall and strong, with thick shoulders. He wore a long, dark colored robe that gave off a sense of desolation and murder. Was this really someone from the Gu family?

Gu Huajing guessed in her heart. With a wave of her hand, the attendants that followed behind her immediately opened up the people who were suppressing Gu Huajing's Bai Family.

Her body felt light, and she had already been carefully lifted up by someone.

"Jingjing …"

Gu Huaxuan shook his voice. He was so careful that he didn't dare to touch her. Gu Huajing could hear the extreme pain in his voice.

Gu Huajing had heard from Maid Tian that she had three brothers. She just didn't know which one of them was this Gu Huaxuan.

The blank look in Gu Huajing's eyes completely ignited Gu Huaxuan's anger, it was really good that his clever and astute little sister was tormented into such a state, was Bai Family trying to court death?!

"Smash it!" "If you dare to touch my daughter, let me tell you, we'll see what happens in the future!"

As soon as Gu Huaxuan finished his words, the Gu family's servants immediately took their orders and raised their hands. The room was instantly filled with cries of alarm.

"Reverse, reverse!" Was there still any law of heaven?! How dare you attack us at the back of our Bai Family?! "

Old Madame Bai slapped the armrest angrily, her face turned purple as she pointed at Gu Huaxuan and yelled at him.

Gu Huaxuan snorted, "Royal law? The madame treats my sister like this, are you going to lecture me about the law? It's not impossible, but our Gu family has decided to give you our royal law! "

Old Madame Bai was intimidated by Gu Huaxuan's imposing manner. She was so angry that she held it tightly in her heart. She immediately rolled her eyes and fell down.

Seeing this, Yang Peipei also fell head first onto the little girl's wife. Since the madame couldn't do anything about it, she naturally didn't have the guts to do so.

"Second Young Master, these two are constables of the Jing Zhao Prefecture. What do you think?"

Gu Huaxuan casually swept a glance and smiled, "Two sirs, did you two see a good show today? "It's just that no one can frame my Gu family's daughter. If you don't know how to say it, then you don't need to say anything in the future."

"I know, I know!" "This one will definitely tell you the truth. Please rest assured, Second Young Master Gu."

The two officials trembled in front of Gu Huaxuan like a sieve. This Second Master of the Gu family was the most unreasonable. They couldn't risk their lives just for the sweet promised by Bai Family.

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