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Gu Huaxuan was able to distinguish his anxiousness, and planned to take Gu Huajing and leave just like that. He definitely wouldn't let his sister off after torturing her like that!

"Jingjing, how are you? You... Say something to Second Brother? "

Gu Huaxuan's heart ached. Ever since he was young, the three of them had always loved and doted on this little sister, so they didn't want to make her suffer even the slightest bit of grievance. But just now, he saw Gu Huajing being pressed down on the ground by those bitches.

Gu Huaxuan couldn't suppress his anger that he wanted to smash the entire Bai Clan, but the most important thing right now was Jingjing. They could slowly settle the score with Bai Family later!

"..." "Second Brother …"

Gu Huajing figured out Gu Huaxuan's identity and tried to think of a way to yell so she could act naturally.

However, just as she opened her mouth, for some reason, tears immediately began to flow down her face.

Gu Huajing clearly knew that she did not want to cry. Her temper was not that weak, but she could not stop herself. She could only allow the tears to flow down her face.

"Second Brother …"

Gu Huajing had never cried after experiencing so much neglect in this world, but seeing someone that could be said to be a complete stranger caused her to be so overwhelmed with tears that she almost couldn't control herself.

Gu Huajing felt that this was probably the result of her master's remaining consciousness in this body.

"Don't cry, don't cry. Don't worry, your elder brother will make the decision for you. Don't be afraid, ah."

Gu Huaxuan was flustered and didn't know how to stop her. He was so anxious that he couldn't help but raise his head and glare coldly at the women with Bai Family. "My Gu family will remember this grudge!"

After all, their Bai Family did not treat Gu Huajing very well, but this was after all, Bai Family's backyard, so she could only calm her mind and ask her servants to hurry and invite the old masters back.

"Let's go back first. I've already sent some people to inform Father, Big Bro and Third Bro. If we're late, they might just rush over."

Gu Huaxuan did not plan to meet with the Bai Family man, his goal was to get back Jingjing, and now that he had achieved his goal, they would have plenty of time to settle the rest of the debt!

On the way back to the Gu household, Gu Huaxuan kept comforting Gu Huajing in a low voice. He told her not to be afraid and that it was all over and that no one would bully her in the future.

As he said this, Gu Huaxuan's eyes scanned Gu Huajing's body back and forth, which made Gu Huajing's hair stand on end. She thought to herself, could it be that Gu Huaxuan has discovered that this sister of his is different from before?

Gu Huaxuan also thought like that, "Bai Family is simply too much! When you married, you were plump and plump, and now you look like a skinny, skinny boy! Their hearts were like tigers and wolves! "No, I have to go back and vent my anger!"

"…" Gu Huajing quickly stopped the furious Second Brother. Was he really a civil servant? Could it be that Maid Tian remembered incorrectly?

"Second Brother, I don't want to talk about what happened before. It's just that I'm not very sensible. Now that I'm in such a situation, I can only blame myself …"

Gu Huajing lowered her head. What she said was the truth. If Gu Huajing didn't play tricks to marry into Bai Family, how could there be so many problems?

Oh, but that was none of her business. Gu Huajing was sure that she would live a good life.

"How can I blame you for this?!" Our Gu family has lost much to his Bai Family?! To be willing to marry you to him is the fortune of Bai Family! You actually didn't know how to repay someone's kindness and treated him so harshly. Don't worry, we will definitely vent our anger on you. "

This was simply unreasonable!

Gu Huajing was somewhat dumbfounded. She had heard Maid Tian say that the three older brothers of the Gu family loved her dearly, but she had never thought that they would protect her so shamelessly. In the end, it was Gu Huajing's fault.

After getting off the horse carriage, Gu Huajing understood what Maid Tian had once said. Compared to the Gu family, Bai Family residences only meant that much.

The Gu Clan's residence didn't look very conspicuous at first glance. It had ordinary white walls, green tiles, and ordinary signboard doors. At a glance, it looked extremely ordinary.

Gu Huajing couldn't help but gape at the pair of white stone beasts that were crouching at the door.

Is this white jade? Wasn't this stone used as a guardrail in the palace? The so-called "jade vermilion fence".

The guardian beast at the Bai Family entrance was an ordinary stone, but the Gu family could actually use a stone beast of this standard?

The gatekeeper had told them that Master Gu had already returned to the manor and had ordered his men to prepare a carriage and horses. He said that he would like to pay a visit to the Bai Clan personally.

"They've all retreated. Go, tell dad that we're back."

Gu Huaxuan told attendant to go inside first, while he carefully guarded Gu Huajing as they slowly walked inside.

On both sides of the bluestone path, there were many flowers. This season was also in bloom, and a faint fragrance was wafting in the air.

The corner of the pavilion was revealed from behind a tree. No matter how one looked at it, it was an excellent picture of a beautiful garden.

They were indeed a family of civil servants, and had a much deeper background than Bai Family.

Although Gu Huajing hadn't done much research, she still had a normal aesthetic ability and understood why the Bai Family wasn't worth being compared with the Gu family in Maid Tian's words.

They were about halfway there when they turned a moon gate and saw someone striding towards them from the veranda.

"My Jingjing …!"

Before anyone could say anything, Gu Huajing saw a middle-aged man walk towards her with a sad expression on his face.

"My son! "You've suffered!"

Gu Huajing was stunned for a moment. Usually, these were her mother's lines. However, Gu Ruoyun had passed away shortly after giving birth to her, and Old Master Gu had never remarried. Thus, he doted on his little daughter.

Gu Yuanpei looked elegant and handsome. Although he had four children under his knees, they were well cared for. He looked to be only 30 years old and was still in the prime of his life.

However, the love and sorrow in his eyes was too deep, causing anyone who looked at him to feel unwell.

Gu Huajing bowed down and called out for her father, causing tears to flow from the corners of Gu Yuanpei's eyes.

"How can you be so haggard?! Is Bai Family bullying our Gu family that there's no one left?! Let's go, I won't be able to take this lying down until my Bai Family is completely smashed! "

Gu Yuanpei's eyes looked like they were about to spew fire from his daughter's eyes, and angrily wanted to go to Bai Family to seek justice.

"Father, you should go in a few days, I've already smashed everything that could be done. Moreover, Jingjing looks so weak, the most important thing now is to get a doctor."

Gu Yuanpei was stopped by Gu Huaxuan's words, and looked at Gu Huajing with sorrow in his heart, "Jingjing, where are you in pain? We have a doctor in our house, hurry up and let me take a look. "

As Gu Yuanpei said this, he suddenly saw the dried blood on Gu Huajing's hands. Her eyes were red with anger, but she didn't dare to scare Gu Huajing.

"Fanghua Garden has always been empty. It's been cleaned every day. Hurry and rest first."

"Father, your daughter is fine as well …"

Gu Huajing thought that she should first explain the matter of Bai Family to the Gu family. How could she go and rest without saying anything?

In the end, Maid Tian supported her with tears and determination in her eyes. "Master, this old servant will accompany Miss to rest first. In a while, this old servant will come and beg for forgiveness in front of you!"

Gu Huajing had no choice but to follow the crowd's instructions and go to the Fanghua Garden.

When she saw the Flowerflower Garden, she couldn't help but slightly open her mouth. Wasn't this courtyard a little too extravagant?

Gu Huajing's eyes were filled with surprise. Compared to the courtyard she lived in at Bai Family, this flower garden was as dazzling as a pearl.

Inside, there were lotus ponds, pavilions, pavilions, mountain rocks, exotic plants, green bamboo, snow plums. No wonder it was called Fanghua Garden, wasn't it the same as everywhere else?

Gu Huajing's eyes looked left and right, and for a moment, she didn't have a look of admiration in her eyes.

However, Maid Tian thought that her surprise was out of the question, so she also laughed, "To say that Master really loves Miss, this place has not changed at all from the time you left the pavilion three years ago. I'm afraid Master won't bear to part with it."

"..." "Right." Gu Huajing could only reply in confusion.

Many maidservants had been waiting in the yard for a long time. When they saw her, they would lower their heads and bow to her from afar before quickly rushing over to help Gu Huajing bathe and change her clothes.

When they were at the Bai Family, Maid Tian was the only one attending to them from the inside and outside of the small courtyard.

Furthermore, all of them were very pretty. They were so cute that Gu Huajing felt a bit uncomfortable with her hands and feet.

"Miss, please rest first. This old servant will be back soon."

Maid Tian was still anxious to redress the grievances of the little miss, but seeing that there was no room for her to interfere here, she saluted and slowly retreated out of the room.

Gu Huajing stepped into the huge tub in the bathroom and told the servant girl to wait outside the curtain.

The bathroom was filled with a light, elegant incense, and the bathtub was filled with some tranquil spices. Gu Huajing sat in the hot water, and the fear she had endured in the Bai Family was slowly released from every single one of her pores.

The feeling of being pressed down on the ground and unable to move was something she did not want to experience a second time in her life. The taste of being pressed down on the ground was too painful and she did not have any room to struggle.

Gu Huajing raised her head to look at the gauze curtain floating above her head. Her wish was so shallow. She wouldn't be so conceited just because she had so many memories. She just wanted to live happily.

She should have escaped the Bai Family by now, right? Will my father and brother help her out of this suffering? A woman who had married once did not seem to be well off in this age, but she did not mind.

As long as he had enough money and had someone to back him up, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to live his life, right?

However … She should have had a dowry, right? Could they come back …?

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