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"Master! This is Miss' life in Bai Family! After being treated so harshly and coldly, even the servants of Bai Family have come to bully her. In order to prevent you from worrying, Miss can only swallow her teeth that were knocked out. "

"I was so sick that I could only lie on the bed. I didn't even want to invite a doctor to take a look at my Bai Family, and even said that Miss was pretending. This old servant and this old servant can't wait to cut our own blood to treat Miss's illness."

"In order to force Miss to death, they even fabricated some unwarranted crimes, pressing all sorts of unsightly crimes onto Miss's head. Just because they want to force Miss to death, they want her to be insulted, Master! This old servant is guilty! This old servant cannot protect Miss, it's my fault! "

Maid Tian knelt down on the ground. With a "bang bang bang", her forehead violently hit the ground. In just a few moments, she had become purple and green all over.

Gu Yuanpei's face was livid. With Maid Tian's words, his face turned colder. When Maid Tian could only lie on the ground and cry, he was so angry that he could only tremble.

The Gu family's eldest young master, Gu Hualei, also had a grave expression on his face, but he still kept his rationality.

"This is not your fault. Back then, Jingjing was not allowed to bring in the servants that we served at Bai Family, so we should have stopped her in time.

Gu Yuanpei looked up when he heard that, "But why didn't you send the message earlier?! Three years! We were kept in secret for three years?! Is that even fair?! "

Maid Tian crawled on the ground and sobbed, "Bai Family used Bai Lingtian to threaten Miss, and said that as long as she dares to complain to her family, she can forget about being someone from Bai Family. This old servant couldn't stand it, and wanted to secretly spread the news, but Miss and Miss threatened them with death, saying that as long as the Gu family knew, she would immediately die in front of me, so I didn't dare …"

"What a silly girl!"

When Gu Huaxuan heard this, he was shocked, "Dad, then is Jingjing going to be okay?!"

Maid Tian quickly shook her head, "Second Young Master, don't worry, Buddha bless Miss, Miss has already awakened from her stupor. Miss has a pure heart, and was only distracted a while ago, but the people from Bai Family want to kill her, Miss has already seen clearly the venomous faces of those people."

Only then did Gu Huaxuan heave a sigh of relief, but his brows furrowed even more, "Father, Bai Family is really too much! I should have destroyed their mansion! "

"Second Brother, don't be impatient. We will definitely take revenge for Jingjing, but there's no need to beat us up. We can't let our tongues fall. There are other ways to vent our anger."

The Gu family's eldest young master, Gu Hualei, calmed down a bit of Gu Huaxuan's anxiety with his deep and steady voice.

The third young master of the Gu family, Gu Huaran, was sitting beside Gu Huaxuan, looking as if he was far away from the secular world. However, his fingers were unconsciously digging at the armrest, and anyone familiar with him would know that Gu Huaran's actions indicated that his mood had accumulated to a dangerous level.

"Father, the most important thing for me to do is for Jingjing's reputation to be ruined by Bai Family. Maid Tian just said that Bai Family wanted to frame Jingjing for being unfaithful, and even invited a bailiff from the Jingwei Mansion to act as a witness, but she wanted to force Jingjing to draw a bet for them. I have already decided on this matter, those people know what to say, if not … might as well make the matter bigger? "

Gu Huaxuan had always liked to be straightforward. It was because of his personality that made him suffer in the government.

Hearing this, Gu Huaran also nodded his head, muttering to himself, "Bai Lingtian is indeed coming back soon, it is said that he is doing well at the border guards, and when he returns to the capital he will become an official in the future, it will not be easy for him to make a move then, we have to take advantage of the time when the persimmon is soft, Jingjing's suffering in Bai Family, they will definitely pay for it."

"Of course! Tomorrow, I will go to Bai Family and read that old fool. How can he not know that my daughter is suffering in the rear quarters? I have to kill him! "

Gu Huajing took a comfortable bath in the Fanghua Garden. After changing into a clean and fitting dress, she felt as if she had come to life.

Behind her, the little girl was carefully wiping her hair. By her side, there was a deliciously prepared pastry and fragrant tea. There was also the little girl gently rubbing her temples.

It's heaven! This was the day she dreamed of!

Just as he was relaxing with infinite emotions, a little girl came over to report to him. It was Eldest Young Lady from the Gu family.

Gu family's Eldest Young Lady? Wasn't that her elder sister-in-law?

Gu Huajing seemed to have heard Maid Tian mention this sister-in-law before. Although Maid Tian had only spoken a few sentences, she thought that the relationship between her and her sister-in-law shouldn't be that close. Otherwise, Maid Tian wouldn't have ignored it so obviously.

Gu Huajing hurriedly got up and tidied her dress before following the little girl to the reception hall. She saw a woman standing in the middle of the room.


Seeing Gu Huajing, the woman hurried over, but she didn't have an expression that was too intimate. She only sighed. "Little sister, you've suffered too much. How come your little face is no longer as thin as it used to be?"

The woman in front of him was dressed elegantly with a bun on her head and a silver phoenix carving hairpin on her head. On her wrist hung a pair of bracelets wrapped in twine, elegant and elegant.

However, although her greetings were earnest, there was still a little meaning to it, and for some reason, there was a sense of alienation.

"..." It caused sister-in-law to worry. "

Gu Huajing smiled. When she thought about her current situation, she couldn't help but smile more amicably.

Qin Wanhui's expression seemed to freeze for a moment, then it turned into an expression of heartache.

"After knowing that my sister has returned, I don't know if these servants will do their best to serve her. If you need anything, you can tell me. After all, my sister is an important guest. If I'm slow, you'll have to ask me."

"…" Only then did Gu Huajing confirm that this sister-in-law wasn't really close to her.

"Eldest sister-in-law, don't worry. I won't be polite with you."

Qin Wanhui's expression froze again. She spoke politely for a while before leaving.

Currently, the one in charge of the Gu family was his sister-in-law, right? Since father had not continued his marriage, elder sister-in-law should have been the head of the house. Such an important person did not seem very happy to see her, directly saying that she was just a guest.

Gu Huajing felt that if she was unable to figure this out, she could just directly find a beam to hang on to.

After sending out all the servants in the room, Gu Huajing crossed her legs silently.

In fact, no matter what she said, she was already married. Regardless of how much trouble she had with Bai Family later on, she was someone who had already been married once, even if she was still a virgin.

If a married daughter was divorced or divorced, shouldn't she be staying with her parents?

Therefore, Qin Wanhui's attitude was reasonable. Wasn't her current identity a guest?

Gu Huajing had some backbone left. She didn't plan on staying in the Gu family. After all, she wasn't a real relative of the Gu family, so it would be better if she stayed some distance away from them.

However, the most important thing for her to do now was to draw a clear line with Bai Family, and also money. If she wanted to establish her own sect, she would first need to have money.

Why isn't Maid Tian back yet? She wanted to ask if she could get her dowry back. Was it still hers when she came back?

After Maid Tian had explained everything, she returned to Gu Huajing's side.

"maid, what's wrong with your forehead? Could it be that daddy scolded you? "

Gu Huajing was shocked when she saw Maid Tian. Her forehead turned purple, and she looked as if she was in pain. "I'll go talk to Daddy. If it wasn't for maid, I'd be long gone. How can I punish you?"

"Aiyo, my young miss, the old master did not punish this old servant, it's just that this old servant is too useless, I wasn't able to protect you with Bai Family."

Maid Tian's eyes reddened as she spoke.

"maid, what are you talking about? If it wasn't for you, would I still be alive to understand this?"

"Miss, please don't say that."

Tears began to gather in Maid Tian's eyes. Lady, I really want to understand. Even if she were to die now, I would feel at ease with her.

Gu Huajing was in no hurry to ask about the dowry, so she decided to let everyone calm down first.

The doctor checked her pulse, said she had to be well, and treated her wound.

Gu Huajing broke out in a cold sweat as Gu Huajing picked out the broken pieces of porcelain embedded in the wound on Gu Huajing's palm. Maid Tian coaxed her like she was a child, but Gu Huajing felt that Maid Tian's body was shaking even more than she was.

Next... It was Gu Huajing's most peaceful sleep since she was born into this world.

The soft and warm bed, the calm and tranquil incense, gave one a sense of security.

As Gu Huajing woke up from her sweet and dark sleep, she was brimming with energy.

Gu Huajing hadn't tidied up anything when she recalled the chaos at home. Now, she got up and found a little girl holding a new dress waiting for her.

After dressing her, the little girl combed her hair into a light and elegant bun, then carried a box of new jewelry to her and asked her to choose from.

The jewelry box was not small, and there were a lot of ornaments inside. Gu Huajing took a good look at her jewelry box and pointed at two of them.

"Miss, right now we are not at the Bai Family, there is no need to look others in the eyes.

Maid Tian shook her head at the two men Gu Huajing had chosen, then went over to get an idea for her.

He was going to meet his parents in a while. It was not good to be too pure.

Maid Tian had chosen a gold-threaded Eight Treasures pearl hairpin and a gold-threaded silk rubies with two lily-white steps, they were both bright and rich.

Gu Huajing did not object. Maid Tian was much more reliable than herself.

After using a few things, Gu Huajing went to Xuanshuang Hall.

The Gu household didn't have any elders overseeing it, and Eldest Young Lady Qin Wanhui was in charge of all the trifling matters. But if there was any major incident, Master Gu had to make a decision, and this became an important place for the Gu household.

When Gu Huajing arrived, the people inside were already waiting for her.

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