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"Greetings to father from my unfilial daughter."

"Get up, get up …"

With reddened eyes, Gu Yuanpei repeated himself to make Gu Huajing stand up and let him have a good look.

His daughter, who had been in his arms for so many years, was bullied right in front of his eyes. Gu Yuanpei blamed himself for not being able to close his eyes for the whole night.

I thought that Gu Huajing's days would gradually get better if I didn't interfere. Who knows what kind of arrogance they have to these ingrate on Bai Family? What right did they have to look down on Jingjing?!

Gu Huajing stood up as instructed. Her body swayed unsteadily, scaring Gu Yuanpei.

"Jingjing, are you alright? Has the doctor seen it? How could this be … "How could this be …"

"Master, the doctor has come. Miss's body... "It has been a long time since I've recovered. I'm afraid I won't be able to recover it in a short period of time …"

Maid Tian reported honestly that what she said was the truth, and that was what the doctor had said.

Actually, Gu Huajing was very satisfied with her body. It would be good if she could recuperate and recuperate.

Her figure was well-proportioned and her body was slim and graceful. The rare thing was that after she recovered from her illness, Gu Huajing discovered that her body was not the type to be weak in the wind. It was very healthy and rare.

But no matter if it was Maid Tian or anyone else from the Gu family, they always acted as if they were skeletons. Just how plump was she before she was married off to the Bai Family?

When Gu Yuanpei heard Maid Tian's words, a trace of grief appeared on his face. However, he was afraid that Gu Huajing would feel hurt and he forcefully stopped himself.

Gu Huajing then went to pay her respects to her three brothers and two sister-in-law.

Eldest brother Gu Hualei, elder sister-in-law Qin Wanhui, Second Brother Gu Huaxuan, and second sister-in-law Yang Jiayao. Second sister-in-law also had a baby doll in her hands, and Third Brother Gu Huaran.

"Little sister, don't be so polite. We are family, don't be separated."

Seeing Gu Huajing hurriedly stand up with a smile, Yang Jiayao walked two steps forward with the doll in her arms, smiling as she spoke.

"When I married in, my sister was already out of the pavilion. I only heard of my sister's reputation for being intelligent, intelligent, and clever. I only saw it today and it was exactly the same as what second master said. She's a jade-like person."

"…" Gu Huajing could only smile shyly. Didn't they say that the ancients were all very reserved? How can you boast that people are not vague at all?

"Alright, let's all sit down. What little girl Jiayao said is right. We're all family. In the future, we'll have to get along with each other."

As Master Gu spoke, Gu Huajing's eyes swept across her sister-in-law's face and caught a glimpse of stiffness.

"Jingjing, at this point, what thoughts do you have in your mind?"

Other than letting Gu Huajing see her family members, Gu Yuanpei also wanted to hear her opinion.

After all, he had already been brought back from the Bai Family, so he had to start planning as soon as possible.

"Father has already written a submission, but I have to ask you about your plans no matter what. If your actions were to happen on the spur of the moment, we can stop teaching Bai Family a lesson, but if you really want to get rid of your relationship with Bai Family, then … We have our own ways of dealing with this. "

Gu Huajing hadn't thought that the Gu family would be so populous that she could decide as she wished?

No wonder she was so stubborn about Gu Huajing.

Gu Huajing stood up and insisted on kneeling down before Gu Yuanpei.

"Father, your daughter is unfilial. At her age, she actually wants Father to worry about me …" For the past three years, her daughter had always lived in regret. If she had listened to her father and brothers' opinions back then, she wouldn't have been like this … "

Gu Huajing bringing herself into the group really made her look down on and despise the actions of Gu Huajing from before.

"Your daughter originally thought that she would choose her own path, so she braced herself and decided to continue on. However, she didn't expect that … Bai Family does not have a place for their daughter's safety … "

"Now that I have understood, my daughter's life was given to me by father and mother. My daughter has the blood of the Gu family flowing in her body, what right do I have to allow someone from the Bai Family to degrade her like that?!"

Gu Huajing suddenly raised her head, a fierce light shooting out of her eyes.

"If daughter wants to leave, even if I have to live my entire life from now on, I will live it up. I will not be unworthy of the Gu family's reputation!"


Gu Yuanpei smacked the yellow rosewood on his palm. The strength of the slap caused the cup and saucer to shake.

"This is my Gu family's daughter! In the past, when you were young, you didn't understand that this was human nature, and your father was at fault as well. I thought that Bai Family would slowly see through you, but I was too naive, and caused you to suffer so much … "

Gu Huajing quickly shook her head. It was all Bai Lingtian's fault. Although she had never seen that person before, he must be a scourge, right? Otherwise, how could the original owner be so infatuated with him as if he had lost his mind?

Seeing this, Yang Jiayao handed the child in her hands to the wet nurse at the side and slowly walked over to help Gu Huajing up.

"What little sister is saying, you're the daughter of our Gu family, and you still say such unlucky words like 'lonely old man's life'?" Don't worry, our big brother is the best, and our second master, third master, is also loyal to his friends, so he definitely would not mistreat his little sister. "

"Hahaha, what Hua Xuan's wife said is correct. Hualei, if father is not here anymore, will you still protect a girl like me?"

Gu Hualei, who was called out by Gu Yuanpei, quickly stood up, "Dad doesn't believe in our son? If my son can't protect Jingjing, how will he have the face to listen to Jingjing call him 'big brother' all those years ago? "

"Good!" Since that's the case, then there's no need for us to hold back. The Bai Family is heartless, so don't blame us for being unjust.

Gu Yuanpei left the mansion aggressively. His big brother, Gu Hualei, and Third Brother, Gu Huaran, also left the mansion, while Gu Huaxuan stayed in the manor.

"Bai Family will definitely not let this go easily. Even they would not dare to do anything as I am keeping this place under control."

Gu Huaxuan assured Gu Huajing confidently that Gu Huajing was upset.

Second Brother really made people feel safe. How did he become a martial general in the family of civil servants?

In contrast, Qin Wanhui's expression was less cordial. To be more accurate, she seemed to be trying her best to restrain something from the start. Now that all the men had left, she stood up and walked in front of Gu Huajing.

"Sister, sister-in-law still has some matters to attend to, so I will be leaving you for now. When you're done, can you come and chat with your sister?"

"Eldest Sister-in-Law, go busy yourself. The Gu Family's affairs must be very complicated, I'm used to it myself."

"Yes, elder sister-in-law is busy with matters of the concubine family, so she doesn't have to accompany us. But I have been rather free recently, how about I chat with my younger sister for a while?"

Yang Jiayao answered with a smile. She put her arm intimately around Gu Huajing's arm, tilted her head, and said with a smile in her eyes, "I was just thinking of getting closer to my sister."

"..." In that case, I'll have to trouble Sister Second Brother. "

Qin Wanhui's smile became even more unnatural. She reluctantly left in a hurry after saying a few words.

After passing through a few fake mountains, the smile on Qin Wanhui's face from before vanished completely.

The silk handkerchief in her hand was torn out of shape, but she still couldn't release the depressed breath in her chest.

That woman Yang Jiayao was used to acting good, what did she mean by "the family's boss is the best, he definitely won't mistreat Gu Huajing"?

She didn't need to be in this family, so she was able to make such sarcastic remarks!

When the Gu family separated in the future, the family's adopted sister-in-law would most likely want their eldest home to take care of them. It wouldn't have much to do with the second house, so of course she could say such beautiful words!

Damn it!

Qin Wanhui took a few deep breaths and tried her best to calm her heart down.

When Gu Huajing had gotten married, she had advised herself not to make a ruckus with her lord, but wasn't the Gu family too excessive? He just wanted to marry his daughter and bring the entire family to her.

Did they not consider the fact that they still had three sons in their family, and that they would have grandchildren in the future?!

It wasn't that Qin Wanhui didn't hate him, but so what if she did? The Gu family, from Gu Yuanpei to his three sons, were extremely pampered by Gu Huajing, their only daughter. She had only married into the Gu family not too long ago, so what could they do if they were angry?

But look, didn't Gu Huajing end up in such a miserable state?

Qin Wanhui comforted herself. No matter how much wealth she had, it wouldn't be comparable to having a stable and reliable husband.

But Gu Huajing was already married, how could she come back?! Did she even have the face to do so? How could he bring it up and leave it on his own? The Gu family had all agreed!

Qin Wanhui felt her head throbbing with pain. The Fanghua Garden had been empty for so long, and her eldest daughter, Sister Ping, had been messing around with her for a long time. She had to think of a way to persuade him …

"Sister, the scenery here is really beautiful. I can't help but wonder why Sister Ping always said that she likes this place. Even I feel relaxed and happy when I look at it."

Yang Jiayao and Gu Huajing were sitting on the veranda. The breeze blew gently beside them, causing the muslin around them to flutter in the air like mist. Cigarettes curled up in the incense burner with a light fragrance.

The Sister Ping that Yang Jiayao spoke of, Gu Huajing only heard Maid Tian occasionally say that she was born before she was married.

The Gu family was in a state of prosperity and decline. In Gu Huajing's generation, she was the only girl, and gold was priceless.

After Qin Wanhui was married into the family, her first child was a little girl. Everyone in the Gu family was happy, so they naturally pampered her.

"If second sister likes it, how about you move here when I'm free?"

"What are you saying, sister?" You should be safe here. How can you say you want to move out? Could it be that little sister is feeling uneasy? "

Gu Huajing shook her head. "It's just a casual comment."

Yang Jiayao patted her chest with her slender hand. "Sister, please don't think like this. This is your home. If you separate from us, how sad will the master and the three men be?"

Chatting with Yang Jiayao was a pleasant and pleasant affair. Her speech was neither fast nor slow, and her tone was gentle. Moreover, every word she said left room for no reason, giving off the feeling of a cool breeze blowing by.

Besides, the topics Yang Jiayao brought up were mostly interesting. It was just a trifling matter of the Gu family. They were leisurely and relaxed, and could even deepen Gu Huajing's impression of the Gu family.

One afternoon, Gu Huajing and Yang Jiayao were chatting over tea. When she came to, the sun had already set.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law has prepared a feast, how about we go together? I'm sure that my father-in-law and San Ye will be returning soon as well. I wonder what kind of news they will bring."

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