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Semiloore's glanced at herself in the mirror and a smile crawled to her face. Oxford's uniform was truly beautiful.

The blue high waist skirt was fitted on her slim waist and the white shirt was surprisingly sparkling. Semiloore quickly draped her jacket on the uniform. Tamiloore walked inside her room almost immediately.

Semiloore's eyes widened at Tamiloore.

"Your's is so beautiful" Semiloore exclaimed as she circled the latter.

"Stop circling me, you look hot too" Tamiloore gushed.

Semiloore laughed as Tamiloore raised her phone "Selfie!" Tamiloore called out while Semiloore scrunched up her nose in laughter as she stood Tamiloore who went on a spree of selfies.

"Use Snapchat" Semiloore said.

"Okay" Tamiloore replied.

Tamiloore closed her camera app and changed it to Snapchat. They snapped a few pictures before they stepped outside.

"See my babies" Mrs Ajayi squealed in delight.

"C'mon mom" Semiloore whined.

"Let's snap together" Tamiloore said.

Semiloore circled her hand around her mom's neck as Tamiloore clicked a picture. The bus horned and the two girls stepped outside.

They don't miss the look on everyone faces. Tamiloore stepped into the bus and greetted a few people before sitting down.

Mrs Ajayi pulled Semiloore's cheek while Semiloore hugged her.

"Bye mom" Semiloore said and walked inside the bus. The bus door closed and Mrs Ajayi waved at them.

"Is that your mom?" A girl asked.

"Yes" Tamiloore replied with a smile that sent all the boys staring.

"She's even pretty than both of you" the girl said.

Everyone coughed in expectant of Semiloore's bickering even the girl wanted to take back her statement.

"Yeah, we know, mom is really pretty" Semiloore replied with a smile.

"Yeah... Right" the girl stuttered surprised.

"Hey lousy" Semiloore called.

Peter frowned as he turned to Semiloore "Isn't it too early to get on my nerves?" Peter asked.

Semiloore shrugged and flashed him a smile that Peter couldn't help but gawk at her.

"Don't give me that smile" Peter said.

"But you like it" Semiloore replied with a teasing grin. Peter turned away before laughing softly.

Tamiloore walked into Semiloore's class with Theo behind him. Semiloore gawked at Theo before turning to Tamiloore.

"Hi, am Theo" Theo said before flashing his killer smile and stretching his hand towards her.

Semiloore smiled back and shook his hand.

"You are pretty " Theo said while a smile wore its way to Semiloore's lips.

"Thanks" Semiloore said.

"He wanted to meet you, so I brought him to meet you" Tamiloore said with a wink.

"Ohh" Semiloore said nodding her head.

"You are quite different from rumoured" Theo said with a small smile.

"I've only been here for a day and rumors are already flying" Semiloore said with a small laugh.

Theo smiled and slipoed his left hand into his pocket.

"Well, you two are one attractive two" Theo said with a wink.

"Yeah.. Right" Semiloore replied.

"Hey Nath" Theo said as he smiled and Semiloore turned to whosoever he's greeting before she paused.

The guy is wearing a small smile as he approached. His trousers hugged his slim waist and his shirt clung to his body showing off his flat stomach. He flashed a bright smile at Theo before hugging him.

His dimples sunk and when he opened his mouth, his voice sent shivers down her spine.

Semiloore couldn't here whatever he's was saying but she did know his lips were moving.

"Hi, am Tamiloore" Tamiloore greeted as dazed as Semiloore, except that Semiloore was still seriously gawking at him.

"Nathaniel, nice to meet you" Nathaniel replied with a smile.

"Same here" Tamiloore said as she glanced at Semiloore who was still gawking at him "Semiloore doesn't cause much trouble does she?" Tamiloore asked.

Nathaniel frowned "Sincerely she's annoying" Nathaniel replied.

That snapped Semiloore out of her truce and she frowned

"Annoying? Mister, how am I annoying?" Semiloore asked with an icy tone.

Nathaniel smiled at Theo "We have Biology and we'll be going to the lab, I have to go" Nathaniel said and turned to walk away.

Theo managed to hide a laugh as Semiloore turned red seeing how Nathaniel ignored her.

Tamiloore didn't bother to hide hers as she laughed and Semiloore glared at her. Semiloore grabbed her book and turned on her heel following the crowd to the lab.

Semiloore wore an angry expression as she sat down. Peter hitched away from her, careful not to annoy her.

"This is my seat please" a short girl said to Semiloore. Semiloore glanced at the girl and ignored her.

"I'm talking to you, Semiloore" the short girl said.

"Sorry, I can't hear you" Semiloore replied and everybody burst into laughter.

"Its my seat, stand up" the girl stated again firmly.

"Where's your name on the stool?" Semiloore asked incredulously.

"This is where I seat every class" the short girl replied.

"So no one can seat there?" Semiloore asked.

"Yes, its my seat" The short girl replied.

"Ohh, sorry I didn't see this seat belongs to a short girl on the stool" Semiloore said with a shrug.

The class roared with laughter and the short girl stomped her feet "How dare you discriminate against me?" The short girl asked with fury.

"Discriminate?" Semiloore asked.

"You called me a short girl"

Semiloore laughed eerily "Wait, aren't you short? Why are you fussing about it?" Semiloore asked as the class roared with laughter.

The girl folded her lips and walked to another empty seat and sat down.

"You are such a bully" the girl said as she sat down.

"I heard you shorty" Semiloore replied with a small laugh as she switched seat and sat beside Peter.

"There's your seat" Semiloore said.

The short girl glanced at Semiloore as if to be sure if the latter wasn't pranking her. The short girl then stood up after a while and sat down.

"Thank you" the short girl said.

Semiloore nodded her head;she had actually stood up because she noticed the girl was really short and used glasses and would not be able to see clearly from her seat.

"My name is Maria by the way"Maria said.

"You are cute" Semiloore replied and Maria blushed.

"Why did you stand up?" Maria asked.

"I noticed you wouldn't be able to see from where you were seated" Semiloore replied.

"Ohh, that's thoughtful of you" Maria said with an appreciative smile.

"Thanks" Maria said as Semiloore nodded.

The teacher soon enters and the class greeted.

"Good morning class, we'll be going into transport system this week and we'll be treating plants transport first, so pick your pens and write. Transport system is.... " the biology teacher started.

There was dead silence as only the teacher's voice and the flipping of notes can heard.

"You, what did I say last?" The teacher asked Maria who had been laughing silently at Semiloore's joke. Maria stood up shakily and faced the woman.

Maria almost laughed again as Semiloore whispered something to her, even Peter's hands flew to his mouth.

"You, what did I say last" Maria repeated.

The teacher frowned at her.

"That's what you said last ma" Maria said.

The class roared with laughter.

"That's not what I said last" the teacher replied.

Maria puts up an innocent face and replied "Ma, that's a question for someone intelligent, that is what you said last" Maria repeated.

The class erupted in laughter again and the teacher glared at Maria before asking her to sit down.

"This girl is something else" Joshua said as he continued scribbling on his note.

"She's messing with the teacher's head" Nathaniel deadpanned.

John laughed again "Don't get uptight, she's funny nevertheless" John said still laughing.

"She's annoying" Nathaniel replied.

Joshua glanced at him and shakes his head softly.

The class ended after 70 minutes being double period and the students troopped out.

Peter and Maria busted into laughter as soon as they stepped outside. Semiloore wore a smile that said "I didn't cause your laughter".

"Mrs Akanni's face wanted to explode" Peter said and everyone who heard laughed as Semiloore shook her head.

"Its not like that's not what she said last" Semiloore said shrugging her shoulders.

"She won't tolerate next time" someone said.

"Its not like there's going to be a next time" Semiloore replied as they turned the walkway and found Nathaniel and his friends walking in front of her.

"Who's he?" Semiloore asked.

"Who?" Maria asked.

"Him" Semiloore said pointing at Nathaniel.

Maria gave Semiloore a knowing look and the latter glared at her.

"Its a simple question, who's he, i didn't ask you to give me a smile that says "I know what you are thinking" Because you don't know what am thinking" Semiloore said with a snarl.

"Right, he's Oladele Nathaniel, Oxford's most sought after guy" Maria replied drawing and emphasizing the last part.

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