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Lines the werewolf/C1 Mayhem Lunatics
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C1 Mayhem Lunatics




Repeated a lady, small, dressed in strictly casual clothing, short blonde hair as she followed Dale, the social media star.

"What..." Answered Dale, giving the little lady a small glare. "I'm trying to host a live video here Silvia."

Not liking the 19 year old boy's attitude but tad used to it, Silvia lets silence stretch for a second, gives a short distressing sigh and adds. "You are but I'm your manager and we need to talk over some ideas."

"Later Silvia, after the live." Spoke out Dale, possibly the least offensive thing he has said all day. Perhaps trying to act out kindness in front of the 12 thousand fans watching him at this moment?

Agreeing with the 22 year old man but still following him, although walking behind so she doesn't get included in the live video. The kind little lady continues to follow him, heading towards a dance show.

This troop called 'mayhem lunatics' are hosting a live show, dancing their hears out. Although, if one was to take a glance at them for the first time, they would indirectly spot abnormal acts or craze at least.

Well that's the reason behind Dale's live video, tons of popular people, even celebrities are attending in the audience.

Dale wants to use such magnitude although his fanbase isn't exactly small in the most popular social media app. He has about 1.6 million followers, this event might lure in a few more thousands.

Dale is a fairly attractive man, although slim and tall, he has a thing for beauty products and mostly has a clean appearance, experimenting with fashion most of the time.

His hair... well it's hard to put it into word, sometimes they are red and sometimes they are grey, he tends to change colours often.

Taking a front row seat, paid specifically to get a better view for the livestream, Dale sits and well... there isn't a spot for Silvia.

And she instantly bashes against this stupidity. "You didn't get me a ticket?"

Trying to portray a good image, Dale answers. "I didn't know you would follow me here."

At this point, Silvia met with a strong urge to cause a public scandal but she can't really expose herself. No no, her powers have to be kept secret, especially from a massive crowd like this one.

Before a possible fight would break, a girl, taller than Silvia, dressed all in black, has gorgeous and thick black hair as well, offers. "Silvia, I want you to sit near me."

"I see Anna has thought about me more than you did." Walking towards the lady and sitting near her, Silvia reaches for this nice 24 year old woman's ear and whispers. "Did you really buy it for me?"

Direct, although well intended, Anna utters. "No, I bought it for my friend but he bailed. Don't take it the wrong way but I didn't want that faggot to embarass you either."

Tad giggling but not liking to talk behind someone else's back, Silvia whispers back. "Thank you." But accidentally kisses the lady's ear in the process.

Tad embarrassing but at least this elegant lady is clean and STDs most likely can't be transmitted through an ear.

And so the show started, 7 massively talented males captivate the stage and the young man in the middle rupturing the most attention.

Each of these men portray a shade of craze and it isn't an act, these men carry strong mental disorders each but managed to find a way to express theirselves.

The method, dancing of course.

The dancers spread a meter apart from each other, the 17 year old man in the middle capturing the most attention. His stage name is 'lines' and is known as the craziest of all 7.

As the 6 other men stand still, Lines grabs his left leg and forces it to move from its spot and shift a few inches further to the left.

Bending his knee, waving his arms around that it would make one think it's random but it's no doubt planned.

Afterwards, he grabs the right leg and pushes it forward.

Raising his head up, facing the quiet audience, a short bang blew through the speakers and Lines quickly moved his head to the left, complimenting the beat.

The same beat repeated and Lines moves his head to the right.

Suddenly, in a rockstar like matter but not quite it, the speakers yell out a name which indeed grabs the utmost attention. "Mayhem Lunatics!"

And so, a riff from an electric guitar broke out while the rest of the lunatics jumped from their previous spots and set their right foot forward.

While Lines drags his legs back to place acting out much like a zombie.

The Lunatics take a step forward, with that momentum Lines covers his face.

The crew takes a step back and so Lines grabs his hair, jumping high with the beat.

From that sign, Lines pulls out a handful of his own hair and drops them on the stage as if spreading salt.

To that, the audience felt a little distress but the electric guitar music stops and a heavy gravelling voice over stretches one little sentence. "Let me out..."

Surely captivating and so the electric guitar blesses their ears after and the zombie like self expression enhances.

Meanwhile at row 3, a fine blonde lady named Ela sits between her two friends.

Brooks, a fine looking black lady, tad short but we can't really call that a disadvantage, she is quite cute.

While the other friend is a boy she knows for a year now, named Billy.

These three don't usually get along but they have a couple of things in common. All three of them are 20 years old and bisexual, they don't tend to be so open about that second fact.

Billy leans towards Ela and whispers something in her ear which forced the lady to break out a laugh.

Tad jealous, Brooks pulls the lady from the man's whisper and tries to open a conversation. "Nice show ha? I like all the rock music."

Able to hear the lady even through the deafening rock music, Billy teases. "As if you would know anything about rock music. Last time I saw you near a guitar was when you were trying to get laid with that short rocker boy."

Understanding that this tease might have hidden a three sided dagger in it, Brooks can only try to avoid them. "I still like the music okay?"

And so the conversation met an end, the rock music got louder and Ela's tone was out shinned by the little fight amongst these two.

Meanwhile back on the front row, Anna and Silvia keep whispering stuff in each other's ears. Well more like scream it out, the electric guitar keeps getting louder and every now and then a man screams through the speakers.

One key characteristic that we can't overlook, lips landed on ears between these two ladies enough to not be considered an accident. No one can be that clumsy.

One shout in the ear that might tip the bucket, Anna has offered. "Do you want to join me for some ice cream after this? I think our heads can use a cool down after all this screaming."

Tad shy to join someone she doesn't know well but recalling the bullshit coming from the people she knows better, Anna returns the shout. "Sure but I'll pay, least I can do for all of this."

Dale, the social media star on the other hand, is yelling his heart out along with the group of dancers, although seated.

And his event approved behaviour is paying off rather well, there currently are 26 thousand people watching.

Not liking how the man's hair keeps hitting her face, an old lady who is heavily covered in makeup, smacks the boy behind the head and shouts. "Stop that!"

But all the loud music made it sound like a whisper.

Quite happy about this, Dale pushes the camera on the lady's face and shouts. "Did you see that people? I got smacked by an old lady right here in the Mayhem Lunatics show! You can't find this content anywhere else people!"

"Get this camera off my face you millenial bastard!" The old lady shouts back, takes a hold of her pointy umbrella and starts waking Dale on the head.


"That was quite a show ha." Anna expressed as the two ladies walked down a busy street, busy sidewalk even.

Impressed, feeling the soft evening june breeze, Silvia starts yelling. "I've seen a few videos but these but this is the first time I've seen them live. These maniacs really live up to their name."

"I can see that this is your first time... well I can hear it." And upon such expression, Silvia realized that she's being too loud and got tad embarrassed about it.

Grabbing the lady around the shoulder, Anna ensures. "Oh don't get shy now, you're with me."

Trying to open a topic to fight off embarrassment, Silvia asks. "I've seen you around a few times but like... what do you do?"

Tad staggered how such a topic suddenly opened, Anna tries to express herself. "Oh well... I uhhh."

"Silvia! Aye Silvia!" A male tone hollered, slipping through the crowd to reach the lady. "Why did you ditch me girl? You said something about ideas!"

Feed up with this man's bullshit and comfortable enough around Anna to act out, Silvia shouts. "Oh... you mean ideas that you get all the credit for? Hell, you never even announced me as your manager."

"Common... I was going to announce you next week, promise." Dale stretched the first and last word, poking the lady a tad bit too.

Revealing what the root of this is, as Anna stands quiet, Silvia speaks out. "I don't need promises Dale, I need money. A real job!"

The complaint not stopping there, Silvia announces. "Find another manager and be sure to pay my 3 months of work, the deal was 3,000$ each month."

Giving all of her attention towards Anna now and trying to ignore this man's existence, Silvia the short offers while tying her hand around the lady's shoulder. "Now let me treat you with some ice cream."

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