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C4 10 grand

"Do you like the fish." Anna asks, as she glances at the little lady.

They've reached a restaurant to have a good meal and clear their minds, last night wasn't exactly favourable.

Appreciating all of Anna's effort but still tad paranoid, Silvia answers. "I love it but... what if another full moon happens? I'll embarrass you."

Understanding that she can't evade the fact that people tend to mock or get scared by what's abnormally different, the elegant lady cuts the crap and directly answers. "Embarrass me then, I don't mind it. It's not like you can control what happens, be calm around me."

Anna is for sure something different, never did Silvia meet a person who's so accepting and straight forward badass. This lady has an attitude but it's as if the holy filtered everything bad out and purified a fearsome attitude.

That's not where this sweetness stops, she even assures. "I checked, a full moon isn't expected."

It's quite dark out right now, a little past 9pm so one would think a lady whom is affected by the moon so much, wouldn't go out at night for the sake of not getting exposed.

Well Anna did insist and who could reject such an elegant lady's offer? Her dress, dark blue and she even gave Silvia something elegant to wear.

The little lady is wearing a smaller pitch black dress, can't be the same of which Anna had last night considering that it got ripped into shreds but it's still quite elegant, shows a little bit of curves and reaches a hunch below the knees.

Silvia's short blonde hair compliments the dress especially after she had a good long bath, conditioned them and blew dried them for a good half hour.

Tonight she is fairly stunning and can notice it because of all the men taking a peek. At first she thought that they're looking because she looks ridiculous but quite the opposite.

Silvia felt tad more confident after a couple of men tried to flirt with her but got asked to fuck off by yours truly, Anna.

Having it hard to put into word but understanding that she has to start somewhere, the little lady questions. "I appreciate you, a lot! But why are you doing all this? My own parents disowned me and you're practically a stranger."

Silvia doesn't want to sound rough, but that's the pipe. Anna gave more care to this lady than her parents did for 19 years.

Wanting to explain herself but in no way intending to sound desperate and lose her edge, Anna fiddles with her knife a little bit before trying to explain. "See I've had my eye..."

Anna tried to explain but an unwanted guest interrupted the talk, took a seat and slightly yelled. "Silvia, you look stunning tonight!"

It's Dale, who else could be this desperate? And we can't underestimate the weight of that compliment considering he wanted the little lady to be in that hotel room last night, wanted her there more than Ela.

Quite sick of his bullshit, Silvia weighs in a demand. "Unless you brought me my money, don't waste your breath here."

To both of the lady's surprise, Dale pushes an envelope towards Silvia and cites. "I brought you the money but I also want to invite you to work for me again. Common you're my manager, did you really think I'd leave you without cash."

Grabbing the envelope, checking inside as well before answering. Silvia feels pressured to repeat, "Thank you for the money but I'm done working for you."

"Common don't be like that." Dale insists, even poking the lady on the waist and almost near the chest.

Quite direct and understanding when a lady is uncomfortable, Anna demands. "She said no, now leave us alone faggot."

Spotting that she won't agree and noticing that Anna is speaking out for her as well, the social media star decided to take heavier measures.

Pulling out a tablet, tapping his way through to seek a video, Dale turns the volume down and faces the screen towards the ladies. "If you don't work for me, this video will go viral."

One would think he saw the lady transform and took a video but nah this focuses more towards the embarrassing side.

"Silvia is that you?" Asked Anna, leaning in and trying to focus on the video.

"You perverted bastard!" The little lady shouts, charging against the tablet and punching its screen.

Understanding the severity since Silvia is fully naked in this video, the elegant lady chirps. "How did he even get a video like that?"

"He's a pervert! That's how!" Silvia shouts, rubbing her fist since that hurt a tad bit.

"That's okay, I have the video backed up." Dale points out after setting his blacked out tablet aside.

This video can for sure force Silvia to not show her face in public for a while. She's fully naked, alone and there's a lot of loud moaning included because on that day she had an urge for desire.

Taking the lead of this situation and pulling it with both arms, Anna slips a business card forward and warns. "Your threat here is a direct criminal act, the minimum fine is 10,000$ and I can make sure the media spreads this like wildfire."

Picking up the business card, reading the name 'Anna Clare Johnson' on it with content below stating that she's a lawyer. Dale couldn't help but break a cold sweat as he heard the lady's continued threat. "Your career lies on my hand."

Pushing the broken tablet towards the lawyer, Dale yapps. "I promise I don't have any back ups, the only copy is here."

Wanting to repeat a fact so this man understands it completely, Anna chirps. "It doesn't matter if this is the only copy or if there are 10 like it. You doing anything with that video apart from getting at it with some pillows, will throw you in jail and ruin everything you worked for."

Noticing that there is an option to escape this situation unscaved, the self shown pervert confirms. "Understood, I'll leave you two ladies alone then."

Few seconds after Dale left, Silvia grabs Anna's forearm and interjects. "Oh my god, thank you! He was ready to kiss your feet!"

Trying to joke around and lift the mood, Anna chatters. "Thank you for letting me watch the video, you were really going at it girl!"

Embarrassed about it although technically they both have seen each other naked, Silvia breathed. "Well I'm 19, I need it sometimes."

Sighing and gently slapping the little lady's hand, the elegant lady blurted. "Girl tell me about it, I haven't had sex in 6 years and the man I wanted to strip naked, bailed on me last night."

Staggered although her mood inevitably lifted by a hunch, Silvia compliments. "You? Don't get me wrong but you're so pretty that I thought you pull in 10 men a month."

"I can do more than that, but this ain't no airport." The nice lady joked while waving her palms downwards.

Not quite wanting to brag anymore, Anna focuses towards the little lady's win before Silvia could speak. "You got that cash, congratulations!"

But accidentally opened a topic she didn't want active, Silvia immediately pointed. "Now I can look after myself. I have to move out tomorrow, makes me wish I didn't spend all that time settling in your house."

Having it quite hard to disagree with her without sounding creepy, Anna contradicts. "Look there is no rush with that, I live alone."

Trying to keep a good mood and joke even, Silvia roars. "Yeah but you still need your privacy and such. As you saw I didn't have any and it almost ruined my life."

Getting an idea on how to convince the little lady, Anna the beauty cites. "Oh don't worry I don't fap that often. But my point is, 9 grand isn't so much money when you have to cover every expense alone. You can only survive like 5 months with it."

Continuing to pitch the idea, Anna yapps on. "Stay with me and save your money until you get a job and pile a few more grands up."

Recalling it from a few points of reference, Silvia understands more that this lady is lonely and just wants some company.

The little lady can understand this better than anyone else considering her life up until this point.

She understands and most certainly doesn't want to shame this big help of a lady about it, so indirectly starts to accept this kindness. "I want to respect your privacy okay so maybe you should set some rules I need to follow?"

Smirking, glad that the lady will stay, Anna leanes in to whisper something in her ear. "Just stay away from my ice cream fridge."

Before she could lean back, Silvia grabs the elegant lady's head with both hands and whispers. "I can't promise that."

And of course accidentally leaves behind another kiss on the ear, thank god STD doesn't spread this way.

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