Lines the werewolf/C6 The boyfriend
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Lines the werewolf/C6 The boyfriend
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C6 The boyfriend

Bang bang bang bang!

Anna heard her door rattling, most would consider it violent as it sounds like someone is trying to kick her door down.

Looking through the peephole, trying to determine if she should call the cops or not, Anna spots a familiar face.

Opening the door, she slightly yells. "The hell you're slapping my door for?"

"We have to talk, I promise I didn't want to ditch you." The man on the porch hurried through the sentence.

Spotting that Anna has synced into a smile, the man considers it as an advantage and walks in the house, demanding. "Get me a drink, I've been walking for like 30 minutes."

"A 31 year old man can't handle walking for half an hour?" Anna tried to keep a light mood although not appreciating how this man just walked in uninvited.

"I'm not used to it, you know offices don't really have a gym." The man spoke while Anna could spot white hair on the back of his head, muffled between dark hair.

Growing up this successful, Anna can't stand such an attitude that seeks excusement, the lady points out. "But gyms have a gym, they aren't so expensive either."

"About that drink." The man reminds, indirectly telling the girl to fetch it again.

"Okay Ronny just take a seat and I'll hear what excusement you're going to give this time." She utters once entering the living room, heading for the kitchen after which is located on a whole other room.

Walking closer towards the sofas, the man's sight is blessed by a little lady wearing pyjamas and slightly shouting. "Anna, who was banging on the door like that?"

Spotting the man, Silvia tries to be calm and questions. "Who are you?"

"Uhhh, Anna's boyfriend. She's in the kitchen getting me a drink." Upon uttering that sentence, he rushes towards the lady and asks her to sit down, even lightly drags her by the shoulder.

Not knowing how to quite handle this situation nicely now considering personal space being invaded and this man claiming to be someone of importance to Anna, the little lady utters. "Oh... she didn't tell me nothing about a boyfriend."

Sitting close to Silvia and while dragging his arms back, Ronny runs his hands through the little lady's breast.

We can call it an accident and we can call it nervousness but his wordplay after gives a bit of a hunch that such sexual invasion could have been on purpose. "I like making new friends, what's a blondie like you doing here?"

Becoming angrier by the second, still tad drowsy to notice what he's trying to do, Silvia chatters. "Well I... it's kind of a long story."

Grabbing the lady by the knee, touching skin since she isn't wearing anything but an oversized shirt, Ronny encourages. "I like stories, do tell." And then starts rubbing the lady's knee, as an act to push the shirt away to reveal more skin.

Noticing where this man is focused on, Silvia grabs his hand and pushes it away, stands up and sits at the edge of the sofa and replies. "Maybe another time."

Saving the day, Anna finally walks in with a couple of drinks. Pure lemon juice with ice in them, tall glasses carrying them. Perfect for such a case when thirst and heat has to be quenched.

"I'm listening." Anna uttered, setting the glass on a coaster near the man and handing the other glass to Silvia.

Agile to dig himself out of a possible disaster, Ronny thunders through a couple of seconds. "Uh right yes... See I couldn't come to the dance thing that night because my mom got sick and I had to rush her to a hospital, couldn't call because my phone broke."

Not quite believing this, Anna points out. "Why does your phone break anytime we have to go out? Every time we have to go out, a family member gets sick?"

An idea in mind and not quite wanting to explain himself, the 6 foot tall man requests. "You can call me unlucky if you want but can you get me some water as well? This juice is spoiled or something."

Grabbing the glass off his hand and standing up after, Anna deciphers. "It's not spoiled but it's lemon juice. It's supposed to taste sour."

Afterwards she walks towards the kitchen and they can hear the fossett making a bit of noise, chances are she is using the same glass to bring this man water.

Swiftly standing up, he grabs Silvia's juice, sets it on the table and grabs the lady's hands after, forcing her to stand up.

Slipping his arms underneath the shirt after, reaching for the buttocks and easily touching skin since the little lady isn't wearing anything but a large shirt, Ronny whispers something in her ear while trying to take a peek at more, rising the shirt up. "I'm sick of Anna, let me know you more."

"Let me go you retard!" Silvia shouts while pushing the man away but can't quite escape his grip, a grip that has slipped up to the lady's decent sized breast as well.

Dropping the glass in her kitchen, Anna runs out and hollers. "What the fuck is going on here?"

And so Ronny let's go of the 19 year old girl and shouts. "She grabbed my dick and wouldn't let me go!"

"Are you fucking kidding me? Get out of my house Ronny! Now!" Anna hollers, sensing a lie and rushing towards the man, pulling him away from the young girl. "This is considered molestation, I will help her sue you!"

Trying to buy himself out of trouble, Rinny swiftly speaks. "Alright now let's not get carried away, she touched me."

Pissed off beyond prepare, Silvia shouts. "Are you fucking kidding me? You said that you're sick of Anna and then slipped your hands under my ass! I never even touched you!"

"I know Silvia, this isn't his first time." Anna spoke a bit softer and once turning her attention towards Ronny, hollering. "I'm going to put you in jail, get out!"

Afterwards she rushes towards the man and pulls his shoulders, forcing Ronny to walk since he doesn't understand the term of getting kicked out.

Apparently sick of what this house has thrown ever since he got here, Ronny bashes Anna's hands away and with all his force, slaps the lady across the face, threatening. "If you do anything, both of you will get gang raped!"

Struck tad too hard, Anna falls flat on the floor. Conscious but her vision a tad blurry since her head hit the ground.

Not quite wanting to figure out what this man will do once turning around, Silvia leaps forward, her head shape shifting for the most hostile, K9 teeth replacing human ones.

Since the man is taller than the short Silvia, she had to cling on his body a little bit and afterwards lands a bite on this sexual attacker's neck.

Screaming in pain, Ronny's main motive now is to escape the pain, evade this situation so he jumps over Anna and makes a run for it towards the door.

There should be a handful of holes in his neck and around the shoulder as well, puking out blood and the pain is so sharp that it forced the big and tough man to scream like a child and run.

One considerable advantage is that since Ronny wasn't facing Silvia at those few seconds, he couldn't see her transformation and none the less any of her fur.

That will help out in the long run since she won't be exposed by a man who might use such a delicate situation to milk money out of it or sexual benefits.

Changing back to her human form and rushing towards the injured lady, Silvia repeats with a shout. "Oh my god are you okay?"

"I am, thanks for saving my ass over there." The slapped lady whispers while giving an attempt to stand up.

"Who is he? Why would you date a pervert?" The little lady asks while helping Anna stand up and leading her towards the soffa.

Shedding light towards a fact that escaped unnoticed, Anna utters. "He isn't my boyfriend, never was. We never even went on a date, he always had excusements and always had to borrow money from me."

"He said that you two were dating, that's why I let him get away with touching my knee at first. I thought he was trying to be nice to a guest." Silvia explained, tad embarrassed of her own mistakes as they gazed at the attacker's blood that has lightly dripped on the floor.

Noticing that the little lady has faced the most damage out of this considerable tragedy, Anna assures. "I'm sorry he molested you. He will go to jail I promise."

Grabbing Anna on the shoulder, the little lady expresses. "It's not your fault and you interrupted him just in time."

Trying to joke around, the little lady talks at a bit of a louder tone. "At least I didn't lose my virginity ha."

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