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C7 The grade A show

"Where the hell have you been? Why did you block me everywhere?" Ela asked as she grabbed Billy by the arm and strongly pulled the boy to the edge of an empty alleyway.

Ela was just heading at the store earlier and Billy was heading for a park, they've met accidentally and the young lady used the opportunity to get things straight!

With no intent whatsoever to debate, Jimmy nodges away from her grip and makes for the street again. He can't really find any type of respect for this lady, considering the different perspective towards her now.

But what Ela thundered next, forced the boy to stop on his spot. "I need your help."

At this moment, quite a few theories ran through his hands of what's going on but considering the recent event, it might not be so hard to figure it out.

Granting her a glimpse of attention, the young man turns around and declares. "I'm listening and it better be worth my time."

Concerned for the boy and nonetheless angry, Ela queries. "Since when did you stop making time for me Billy? What's going on with you? Is something happening between your parents again?"

Refusing to talk about it since it would touch corners of the brain that will eventually force a tear to break, Jimmy insists. "What do you need help with?"

"It's Dale. He won't answer my calls and is blocking me everywhere!" Ela revealed the prime burden, a couple of tears breaking out as she approached two steps closer.

Playing dumb just to test what the lady will say, Billy asks. "Who is Dale?"

Crossing a theory that she felt quite sure off, the lady asks. "Oh so Brooks didn't tell you?"

Continuing the role, especially now since she wants to blame everything on Brooks, the young man asks again. "Tell me what?"

Tad shy to directly talk about this with a boy, Ela starts beating around the bush a tad bit, her tone descending throughout the sentence. "I just need you to find him! See him and I met one night and... you know we went to a hotel room."

Having the conversation indirectly built up to let out some steam, Billy scolds. "So you had sex with a man you met for the first time? How am I supposed to help you now? Do you realize how irresponsible that is? God you're making me sound like a parent!"

Not quite enjoying how his tone is rising, Ela repeats her request. "I don't need your lectures okay, I need your help. Find Dale for me so I can talk with him!"

Not wanting to hold this conversation anymore but realizing that this lady won't go away unless she can talk to Dale, Billy decided to try and find a quick solution.

Pulling his phone out, the young man looks up Dale's social media account and notices that there's a live video going on.

Raising the volume up, they can hear the popular man hustling through a gaggle of words. "OMG I'm so excited, TTT is my favourite band guys! I'm here 2 hours early so I can find the band mates."

Shutting the phone's volume down because he can't quite stand Dale's voice, Billy points out the obvious. "He is in the TTT concert, now goodbye."

Walking away, he can hear the lady let out another request. "Can you drive me there? Is your car nearby because I don't want to face Dale alone."

"You can walk and I don't really wanna do that." Billy ain't scared of Dale if that's what one would think but just doesn't want to sync in such senseless drama, this is Ela's own problem and she should take charge of it.

Not understanding why the boy is being so harsh, Ela still addresses him as the problem. "What's going on with you Billy, I thought you liked me."

Prepared for any question Ela asks considering all the time spent thinking about this, the young man deciphers without a stutter. "I did but you can't really play that card now. A second ago you were telling me about a man you slept with. I'm not your tool, remember that."

Walking away and unwilling to hear what she has to say anymore, Billy demands. "Please stop wasting my time, I'm still too young for this shit."


Rushing in his house, not bothering to knock and carrying a few bags of grocery as well, he seeks Brooks in the living room and pitches. "We have a great show to watch! Look up Dale's shit."

"What do you mean?" Questioned the cute short black lady, not quite understanding how this man started liking Dale out of a sudden.

Sugar coating that he actually consorted with the enemy, Billy recites. "Ela followed me or something, she stopped me and asked for help. Wanted to find Dale because he apparently blocked the precious slut everywhere."

Tad mad, the little lady asks with a dim intent to scold. "And you actually helped her? Why didn't you let her figure it all out alone?"

Setting the groceries on the kitchen nearby and afterwards sitting near Brooks, leaning in for a kiss on the cheek, the young man whispers. "She was a pain in the ass and wouldn't go away."

Having it quite hard to stay mad now considering the affection, Brooks just swipes through her phone and finally opens Dale's livestream.

Immediately, they hear the man's shouting, apparently excited because of spotting one of the band members. But the security guard isn't letting him pass so Dale reveals, "I'm an influencer, my fans want to see TTT."

Not willing to tolerate such an attempted bribe and quite frankly he could be getting in trouble if doing so, the big black security guard demands. "Good then take your influential ass down to the concert hall. You can't come here without a backstage pass."

Being pushed away since he was all over the security guard's personal space, Dale utters. "Rude."

And then repeats what he brings to the table, "But I have 1.6 million followers."

Understanding that this 'celebrity' isn't reasoning, the security guard repeats his wordplay followed along by another push. "Did I stutter? No special treatments."

Watching the security guard show this man what's what indeed felt like a little bonus, Ela showing up will be the best part of the show but yet it doesn't look like she's anywhere close.

So Brooks handed her phone to Billy and made a journey towards the kitchen to fetch some cold refreshing juice once spotting that her lover is tad out of breath and sweaty too.

This house is perfect to live that good dating life, because Billy's parents aren't home right now.

They are out of the city along with his 27 year old sister. On a business trip to settle a deal with some company, they won't be here for a few more days.

One thing worth clearing out, Billy's family isn't exactly filthy rich. They handle a couple of million dollars but that doesn't necessarily mean much here so they don't live in a big mansion.

Just a normal, slightly out of the ordinary house, expense-wise.

"Hurry girl, the show's starting!" Billy yelled out and spotted Brooks hurrying along with a couple of glasses on her hands.

Setting it near him, she heard the young man utter. "Thank you." And afterwards shifted the phone's angle so the little lady can watch.




A lady shouted behind him, following the man and proving as a good pain in the ass. Like those little flees that are strictly impossible to get rid of.

"What what what..." Dale repeated, his tone agitated and turning around to face the bugger. "Oh, it's you."

"Yeah it's me." Ela answered and swung her palm across the air until it met the social media star's face.

Afterwards, she shouts. "You can't fuck me and then dissapear. The hell did you block me everywhere for?"

The situation intense while for the two lovers on the other side of the stick, well they're laughing their asses off.

One because Ela deserves to be treated like she is and two because Dale finally got slapped into some senses. Well at least this is a point of view that the revenge urging couple are thinking.

Understanding that this situation is getting tad under control, the big black security guard in the background moves forward and asks. "Miss, can I help you with anything."

Quite enraged, wanting to slap Dale a few hundred times more, she demands. "Yes, beat the crap out of this guy. He used me, tricked me into a hotel room with flirts and then just abandoned me!"

Not quite sure how to say this nicely, the security guard replies. "That isn't really my job but I ask both of you to not cause anymore disturbances or I will have to kick both of you out."

Afterwards the security guard walks away and Dale can hear Ela demanding an explanation again. "Speak! Why did you block me everywhere?"

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