Lines the werewolf/C9 3 sides of a coin
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Lines the werewolf/C9 3 sides of a coin
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C9 3 sides of a coin

Morning broke, Anna woke up just an hour ago while Silvia is still sound asleep in her room.

Taking a good few minutes in the bathroom to freshen up, Anna walked towards the living room after and turned on the flat screen tv.

A funny kid's cartoon is playing and she somehow became involved in it, not giving any attempt whatsoever to switch the channel.

People tend to reach towards a certain age where simple suddenly sounds better than everything complicated the life brings upon an individual usually after turning 14.

Kids cartoons, precious aren't they? Good laughs, simple innocent jokes and mostly harmless scenarios. Taking a step back from the rat race to focus on those cartoons can be calming for an over worked soul.

We know that Anna has money, we know she lives alone, we know she's a lawyer and we most definitely know that she has a fearsome attitude. But what else is there? What makes this lady tic?

Checking her phone, the time is 10am now. Setting it on the table, the lady lays her head on one of the sofa's edges, still a bit drowsy although she splashed water on her face.

About to fall asleep again, what knocked her back up and sharp is a hard knock on the door.

Tad paranoid towards knocks right now because of what happened yesterday, Silvia rushes all the way downstairs and finds Anna, demanding. "Who is it?"

Liking how she became tad out of breath just to get here, Anna assures. "Relax, it's probably nothing serious."

The elegant lady is assured yes, but Silvia doesn't quite believe it. People who have a twisted mind like that man yesterday don't really give up after a bite. So the little lady started following Anna to the door.

"That's her! That's the animal who bit me!" She heard Ronny shout once Anna opened the door.

Getting a better glimpse of the situation, they see a couple of camera men and a lady with a microphone standing near the accuser.

Behind this little bundle, there are a couple of police officers, perhaps called by this crew to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Not quite sure how to comprehend this but definetly knowing how to counter attack anything a dumb fuck would say, Anna first questions as delicately as one can under such a pressuring situtation. "What in fuck's name is going on here?"

"Don't try to hide that animal behind you! She needs to pay my hospital bills! I have 3 holes in my neck!" Ronny deciphered, threatened and even played the role of a victim.

Since shaming has become a prime intent for Ronny, Anna can do a shit ton in a half to shame this man, counter attack everything he says. "You deserve more holes! You fucking slapped me! Did you expect the lady to stand by and watch me get beaten?"

"Miss Anna, can you tell me more of what happened yesterday?" The lady dressed in a suit, carrying a microphone asked while taking a few steps forward.

Speaking without being asked too, Ronny jumps in front of the camera and shouts. "I'll tell you what happened. Me and my girlfriend Anna were just talking and that beast hiding there jumped and bit me!"

Shedding truth to the cameras of what happened, Anna shouts and at the same time doesn't let the cameras hit Silvia. "Just talking? You slapped me, right after molesting the same girl you're calling a beast!"

Fair to say, the camera crew can't do much about this situation and most definitely can't lay a wave of question amongst this heated debate.

So the lady holding the microphone, waved for the two policemen in the background. This story is interesting and will be profitable for whatever gold digger sent the cameras here, but the truth has to be found, at least according to instructions.

Trying to be as respective as possible to everyone, one white policeman requests. "Miss. lady. We need to take this to the station, to straighten out what happened yesterday."

Having a hunch that Ronny is hosting a big lie here, the other policeman who is dark by skin colour, compliments his partner's request. "Yes this needs a bit of Interrogation so all of us can sleep easy."

Understanding that she will have the utmost advantage once in a police station, Anna asks. "Okay, I'm a lawyer so that will be easy. Can we get dressed? This isn't exactly police station casual."

"For sure." The coppers answered one after the other.

Cocky, Ronny celebrates. "Yes! Now the legal system will jail this beast!"

Having it hard to respect this man right now, the white copper adds. "Sir, you will come with us as well."

Staggered, apparently not expecting that this will happen? Not expecting that the ladies will speak up, Ronny shouts. "What? Why me? I reported the crime and I'm the one with holes in my neck!"

Understanding that this man might not be the brightest, the black copper weighs in a couple of facts. "You did and you are but they are accusing you of sexual and physical attacks. We can't take that lightly."

Trying to clear her's and the company's name, the lady with the microphone states. "Sir policeman, just to be clear. My crew doesn't know either of these people but are here for news purposes."

Not liking his personal space invaded, the white toned copper replies without a stutter. "I understand that, don't worry about it and do your job ma'am."


"So miss. Anna, I understand you're a lawyer so you can help us clear out this case a bit quicker." An interrogator weighed in, glancing at the lady on the other side of the table.

Assured of her own capabilities but also planting a few seeds that might help her in the long run, Anna assures. "I am and you might have noticed that I started a lawsuit against this man."

"I saw it and have it all here." The interrogator assures, fluttering a few pieces of paper. "But I still have a few questions."

Liking this part of the Interrogation, she ensures. "Ask as many as you want, I can describe it to the last detail."

"Perfect, I love it when citizens cooperate." The interrogator stated without a stutter, carrying a nice smile.

The secondary thought that's running through the lady's mind right now is. "Darn, he's kinda cute."

And he really is, the man carries black slick hair, is fairly physically fit and likely over 6 feet tall. Not to mention, that golden smile able to seduce most of which he pleases.

Starting off this part of the job properly, he questions. "When did your boyfriend come to your house yesterday?"

Feeling massively offended by being called his girlfriend, Anna weighs in. "The first thing we need to clear out, he is not my boyfriend and never was. Asked me on a bunch of dates, never showed up and only came to my house to borrow money."

"Understandable, but can you answer my question as well." The handsome man reminded, showing Anna that she has slipped tad off topic.

Remembering what seeds she planted, Anna deciphers. "Right sorry. I'm not exactly sure but he almost broke my door knocking at 8am."

Hearing what the coppers reported in another room, the interrogator for sure knows what question to ask. "Okay and then how did the situation end up with the man in question, hitting you?"

"Well he asked for a drink after I let him in. Silvia stayed in the living room with him, she was woken up because of the hard knocks on the door." Here the lady is planting another seed, she understands that the interrogators want to link everything together so explaining the whole scene will help in the long run.

Noticing that the handsome interrogator is still listening, Anna continues chirping. "He refused my lemon juice and asked for some water because the juice was 'spoiled'. I mean it's lemon juice and it's supposed to taste sour."

Noticing that she got off topic because of the lemon juice, she immediately gets back on track. "Anyway, I ran back when I heard Silvia shout. I saw Ronny holding the lady close to him and I noticed Silvia's shirt raised up and his hand on her breast."

Wanting to make absolutely sure, the interrogator asks. "So everything was against will for Silvia."

Eyes wide open, Anna the lawyer urges. "Of course. That was the first time they met and she is 19 years old, common now. That's grade A molestation."

Trying to put everything together for both sides, he questions. "I understand, but how did he end up with holes in his shoulder and neck?"

Understanding that this part of the story can become a disadvantage for Silvia but the truth still has to be told, the smart lawyer lady cites. "When I caught him attacking Silvia, I yelled for him to get out of my house and he hit me because of that. That's when Silvia jumped on him and bit the man on the neck."

Understanding that Anna has a capability to form a story how she wants to and make it believable, he queries. "So let me recount everything you just said. Ronny comes to your house at 8am, asks for a drink, notices Silvia, refuses your drink and asks for water, after that you run in after the lady in question shouted, and you see Ronny touching her breast and holding her close."

Trying to finish yesterday's event for him, Anna utters. "Yes and..."

"And then you ask him to get out, he slaps you and then Silvia jumps on the man and bites his neck." Looks like he has been paying great attention although there are recording equipment here.

Sure of herself, Anna nods and adds. "Yes, that covers all that happened yesterday."

Being extremely nice to the lady, odd considering the situation where anyone could carry fault, he pitches. "I believe you. You don't have a criminal record and it all happened in your house. But we need to understand all 3 sides of the story so I will go now and question Silvia and Ronny. Feel free to ask for a snack or water if you want to but please don't leave this room."


A good hour passed, Anna couldn't get to the lady and warn her from saying anything stupid. It started raising anxiety tad bit but then the lawyer lady settled that Silvia won't be dumb enough to reveal her powers.

That same handsome interrogator walked in, carrying a smile on his face. "Miss. Anna, you and Silvia are free to go."

"Perfect! So that pervert admitted to everything ha?" Anna asked as she stood up with a dash.

Holding the door open for her, the interrogator lists down. "No, he refuses everything but paid a couple of fines for sexual harrasments or attacks so nothing's working to his advantage really."

"I'll make sure that he pays no fine this time. He's going to jail!" Anna stated, quite sure of her words and furious because of all this bullshit brought to her house early in the morning. But it sure woke her up.


"Miss Anna, Miss Anna. Can you tell us what happened in there? Will your boyfriend go in jail?" The same reporter from earlier asked, happy that other newspeople aren't flocking the area.

Confident with her capabilities, the lady ensures. "Right now he is behind bars but I guarantee he will meet jail under a month."

"Miss Silvia, can you give us a word about the molester since you were the biggest victim here." Well this story has to get thicker, it can get more ratings.

Still rattled about this whole situation, Silvia takes a few seconds before answering. "I'm not sure where to start... but I can say that he is a very bad person and I'm glad he's going to jail."

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