Little Farm Wife/C1 A Child of a Poor Family Shall be the First to Run the House
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Little Farm Wife/C1 A Child of a Poor Family Shall be the First to Run the House
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C1 A Child of a Poor Family Shall be the First to Run the House

In the gloomy sky, there was a light drizzle. Although it was a spring breeze, it also carried a bone chilling feeling.

In the damp and cold cave, a foul stench was emitted. A pile of bones were scattered all around the cave. At the corner of the bones, a girl in ragged clothes was peacefully lying down.

The girl was about thirteen or fourteen years old. Her tattered clothes stuck to her body, and her palm-sized face was covered by dirt, making it difficult to see her face.

A wild dog suddenly broke into the cave, slowly approaching the girl's body. Just when the wild dog was about to pounce on her!

The girl suddenly opened her eyes. She pulled the stick that had been hidden by her side and viciously smashed it down on the beast's head.

The wild dog was beaten into a frenzy, crazily biting towards the woman.

The girl's weak body had gained strength from who knows where. Leaning against the wall, another stick smashed itself against the wall ruthlessly, causing the wild beast in the cave to let out a miserable wail.

A moment later, the sound gradually disappeared! The cave regained its calmness, and the rain outside stopped. The sunlight shone in, illuminating the woman's lively eyes.

The girl had a thin body, with a pair of shiny black eyes, a high nose bridge, two slender eyebrows, and a slightly raised eyebrow, giving her a heroic air.

A small face the size of a palm, however, was enough to make people remember clearly!

Su Moer dragged the wild dog that had coveted her for a long time out of the cave. She looked at the azure sky outside. After the spring rain, the air was filled with a sweet scent.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, Su Moer shouted loudly towards the outside of the cave, "Ah!"

Damn it, I don't know how many years of bad luck she had, to be able to teleport to this place!

Before she transmigrated, she was a small teller at a local bank. She earned money to sell cabbages, and her heart was set on selling white powder. Her job was to deal with all kinds of troublesome people! He was also frequently humiliated and bullied by the disgusting governor.

She had wanted to give up long ago.

However, on the day of her resignation, one of the uncles robbed the bank with a kitchen knife and she happened to be standing in the middle of the hall, becoming the subject of his hold.

In order to keep her life, she had finally displayed her superior skills as a lobby manager and happily chatted with uncle. Uncle originally wanted to put down the butcher knife, but he didn't expect that the high heels she was wearing would trip him up and the kitchen knife easily cut off her neck.

Her life ended like this at the age of twenty-four.

He thought that he would go to the Underworld and see the King of Hell, but when he opened his eyes, he found that he had become a fourteen year old girl! Furthermore, living in the ancient times, he had become ten years younger all of a sudden!

Anyone could smile to the point that their mouth could not close. Very quickly, she could not close her mouth either. She was too surprised to close it!

The home she had come to truly made her experience the hardships of the human world. Just how poor and how ignorant a person could be!

The food in the house was not enough to eat, but her parents had always wanted to give birth to a son until she was born into the seventh brother's family.

She was number three, and was already fourteen. It was time for her to be sold, but she didn't expect to catch a cold, and she couldn't even eat, much less have the money to treat her illness!

Her parents had sent her to this sacrificial cave, leaving her to fend for herself!

Fortunately, the heavens had been good to her. A day of deep sleep, with wild fruits and streams, she had miraculously survived! From this, it could be seen that the heavens had treated her well, giving her an extremely strong healing ability.

Originally, she didn't want to go home. However, even though her parents were heartless, her two little sisters treated her sincerely.

Therefore, she had no choice but to return to that home for once! Even if he had to leave, he would bring her sister with him! They definitely could not allow them to stay by their parents' side and repeat the same path as their elder sisters.

Su Moer dragged her tired body along the path home! After the rain, everything looked completely new. There were many sprouts growing from the ground.

Along the way, she had picked quite a lot of mountain vegetables!

Just as he entered the village entrance, he met many villagers.

Seeing that Su Moer had actually returned, carrying a lot of things with her, the Wang family's aunt shouted in shock, "The third son of Su Family has returned! Come quickly and look, Su Family Three is back! "

Su Moer was a bit embarrassed when she heard about Little San!

However, no one paid any attention to him as they walked towards their own house.

She did not expect that the front door of her house would be so lively right now. She had spent a great deal of effort to squeeze in, but when she approached, she could hear the crying sounds of her little sisters.

"Mother, mother, I don't want to marry that sickly child. He's going to die soon!" If I were to marry him, I would rather die! "

"Dad, how can you let Sister Four marry a dead man!?" We are going to see Third Sister! We are going to look for Third Sister! "

Good little sister, it's not in vain for her to come back for them!

When Su Moer squeezed in, she saw Fourth Sister crying bitterly while hugging her parents' legs. His thin and short figure slightly trembled, causing others to feel even more pity for him.

His fifth sister was lying on the ground hugging her father's other leg, crying so hard that her nose was covered in tears! On the other side, sixth sister and seventh brother, who were only six years old, were crying bitterly!

His fourth sister was only eleven years old and was still a child. Could it be that his parents were going to sell her?

Su Moer looked around and finally realized that the woman standing next to her parents was the famous matchmaker in the county, Du Sanniang. When she saw her, Su Moer's heart instantly turned cold!

Big Sis and Second Sister were both sold by her! The eldest young mistress was sold to an old man in his fifties as a concubine. Second Sister looked better, but was sold to a man in his thirties.

However, that man usually liked to beat up his wife. His last wife was pregnant when she provoked him and got beaten up by him. After that, it was one dead and one alive!

Mom and Dad never really took a liking to their daughter, treating her as a money-loser, so they never wanted to find a good marriage for their daughter.

This time, it was definitely not a good thing for Du Sanniang to come over!

"You money losers! Eat my food, wear mine! Marrying you will allow you all to enjoy yourselves. If you continue to cry, watch how I take care of you all!"

Su Moer's father viciously kicked Fourth Sister. Fourth Sister's body was already weak, so this kick was almost impossible for her to recover from!

Fifth sister Su Xiao, who was beside her left foot, cried even louder. She fell to the ground and fiercely grabbed her father's leg.

"Stop hitting Sister Four, Dad, stop hitting Sister Four!"

His sixth sister and seventh brother were crying even louder now! Her mother walked over and wanted to pull Fifth Sister up, but Fifth Sister was extremely stubborn and tightly held onto her father's thigh.

"You damned child, hurry up and let go! Let go!"

Su Moer felt a stifling feeling in her chest. Even if she was a man who valued his daughter, and had no other choice but to sell her to support her family, her parents were really too much.

Su Moer rushed out, snatching her fourth sister out from under her father's feet, and shouted loudly: "Stop! No more fighting, no more fighting! "

"Isn't this Su Family's Little Three? Didn't you catch typhus? What's happened? "

"That's right, this child is really lucky."

Ignoring the whispers around her, Su Moer stood in front of her parents!

Su Moer's parents stared wide-eyed at Su Moer in disbelief. Especially her mother, who exclaimed, "Are you a human or a ghost?"

After saying that, she couldn't help but retreat backwards.

Su Moer's father was also staring at Su Moer with a look of shock on his face. He only felt that Su Moer was extremely mysterious! Not many would be able to survive after being infected by the cold!

Su Moer looked at her mother and said coldly, "Mother, I am a human, I am not dead yet!" If I'm lucky, I won't die from the cold! What are you all doing? "

Su Moer's gaze was extremely cold as it shot straight at the two elders! Su Moer's father looked at her, feeling that the girl's gaze had become somewhat frightening the day she woke up.

Thus, after she had caught wind of the cold, he hurriedly sent her to the mountain. She didn't expect that this damned girl's life would be so big.

She could actually talk to him like this!

"What is it? [What else can I do now that my family is in such a mess?] If it wasn't for your group of losers, my family wouldn't be in such a state right now.

"Look at how your sister and you, Second Sister, are having a good life. When did you think of us? You guys are the ones who are going to lose money. It's time for me to get some silver coins!"

How shameless could a man be to say such words? When Su Moer heard her father's words, she really wanted to charge forward and give him a good kick.

However, Fourth Sister held her in her arms and whispered to her, "Third Sister, run!" Madame Du came specifically to find you. "

Su Moer was very surprised when she heard this! Didn't he want to sell Fourth Sister? Why did she come here specifically to look for her!

When her father and mother heard Su Yu's words, they looked at each other and immediately rushed over. They pulled Su Yu aside, kicked her twice, and grabbed Su Moer.

"Shameless thing, who told you to spout nonsense. Su Moer, it's great that you're back. This is the county's matchmaker, Du Li. She came here today specifically for you."

Eldest Young Master of the Yuwen Family in the county city is sick. The fortune-telling master has calculated that just your birth date is good enough to let Yuwen Eldest Young Master pass the difficult time! Today, you will follow Miss Du and go back. From now on, you will be one of Yuwen Family's people! "

Su Moer really wanted to sneer. Her father was really shameless!

Su Moer wanted to shake off their hands, but she was restrained and couldn't move at all.

"Why should I follow her? Release me, release me! How can there be parents like you in this world who do not work properly and are unwilling to work?

Fourth Sister and Fifth Sister rushed over once again. They wanted to help her, but were kicked away by her father! Fourth Sister almost fainted.

Su Moer was furious and did what she wanted to do since a long time ago! The noisy village instantly became deathly silent. Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

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