Little Farm Wife/C10 She Really Didn't Do It on Purpose
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Little Farm Wife/C10 She Really Didn't Do It on Purpose
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C10 She Really Didn't Do It on Purpose

Su Moer, whose hair was almost burnt, could no longer see her original face. Yuwen Sheng looked at her with a belly full of anger.

Seeing that Yuwen Sheng's expression was not friendly, Su Moer revealed a very friendly smile, revealing her white teeth.

Yuwen Sheng rushed over to Yuwen Yu and asked, "Big Brother, why are you staying here?"

Yuwen Yu looked at Yuwen Sheng and said lightly, "It's nothing."

Yuwen Sheng knew that even though his Big Bro's body wasn't very well, he was very stubborn at times. He immediately turned to Bai Qi and asked, "What exactly is going on?"

Bai Qi resisted the urge to laugh. He suppressed his laughter to the utmost limit and said, "Reporting to Second Young Master, it's Young Master's Wife. Young Master's Wife wants to cook lunch for Eldest Young Master!"

Yuwen Sheng's expression darkened even more when he heard that. However, it wasn't as bad as Su Moer's.

Su Moer glanced at Yuwen Sheng and said embarrassedly, "About that, I really didn't mean it. Next time, I'll definitely pay attention!"

"Next time, you want another time! Su Moer, let me tell you! "

Yuwen Sheng's attitude was very unfriendly. This Su Moer was a troublemaker. Her brother was always so weak when she was beside him!

How could he resist such torture from her!?

Yuwen Sheng was regretting his decision. He really shouldn't have listened to them. If he told her to stay by his side, she might torture him to death!

Yuwen Sheng was full of anger, but he heard Yuwen Yu say, "Sister-in-law!"

This was another reminder to Yuwen Sheng. Su Moer's face was now so dark that it was hard to see her expression, but Yuwen Yu actually didn't dislike her at all.

He held her hand and ruffled her messy hair and said: "Let's go wash!" Second Brother, I'll leave this to you! "

He actually left just like that! Yuwen Sheng looked at his silly brother and sister-in-law and felt that it had only been a single day.

A lot of white hair had already grown on his head!

In Madame Lin's yard, maidservant recounted everything about how Su Moer dealt with the auntie today, as well as how the kitchen was burnt down.

Madame Lin was angered and laughed when she heard this. She sighed and said, "Wild girls from the countryside are just so reckless. It's really difficult to create a climate like this." "If you can't get on stage, you can't get on stage."

Mother Yu also nodded when she heard that. "That's right, rest assured Madam. As long as Eldest Young Master's condition improves, she will be of no use.

"We will sell her off or send her to some remote village and definitely not ruin Eldest Young Master's business!"

Madame Lin nodded and said, "If she knows what's good for her, then I'm not an unreasonable person. I'll just take it one step at a time."

Mother Yu looked at Madame Lin with disbelief in her heart. Madam is someone who values her family's status a lot, even though Young Master's Wife was called Young Master's Wife in the mansion.

However, it was nothing more than a title. If he wanted to become the real Young Master's Wife, the road in the future would be very long.

The matter of Yuwen Family's new wife burning the kitchen down had instantly become the laughingstock of the county, and this daughter-in-law was married for the sake of being happy.

On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom had been taken ill, but had improved bit by bit since then.

For the large families in the counties with Yuwen Family, just the slightest movement would cause the entire city to tremble, and everyone would know about it.

Therefore, when Su Moer brought Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee out, Su Moer chose to keep a low profile!

With her hair tied up in a bun, Su Moer walked on the most bustling street under the protection of Xiao Lian, Xiao Hee, and six servants.

The hawkers on the streets sold all sorts of goods, and the ancient streets were very prosperous as well.

Although it wasn't a market, it sold everything on the street. This was the first time she went out to shop ever since she was reborn.

Su Moer was very curious about everything. She looked at almost everything she saw. Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee knew that Su Moer came from the countryside.

However, she did not expect that the poorest people had seen and eaten things that she did not know. Her heart felt pity and sympathy for her.

Su Moer bought a candied fruits for everyone and sent them a piece of stinky tofu. She ate almost everything that she could.

Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee touched their stomachs. Although they had never had such a big meal, it was still very fun.

When they arrived at the embroidery workshop, Xiao Lian immediately introduced them to Su Moer: "Young Master's Wife, this embroidery workshop belongs to our Yuwen Family. If Young Master's Wife wants to make clothes, she can do it here."

The streets were bustling with life. At this moment, the business of the brocade workshop was not desolate. After Su Moer entered, she had a look at all the materials.

The shopkeeper knew of Su Moer's identity, so he didn't dare to underestimate her. She had always been by Su Moer's side, waiting on her. However, when Su Moer looked at her clothes, she was speechless.

After asking about some styles, he didn't make any clothes. However, Su Moer's attitude towards the shopkeeper made him feel guilty.

As Young Master's Wife, she had actually always been thanking her servants. The shopkeeper felt flattered.

Su Moer asked the shopkeeper for a brush, ink and paper. Then she actually started drawing! Both Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee felt it was amazing.

Xiao Hee looked at Su Moer's drawing and asked, "Madam, what did you draw?"

Su Moer smiled mysteriously. "Of course it's good stuff. You'll know in a few days!"

Su Moer handed the drawing to the shopkeeper, who looked at it strangely but didn't ask anything. Su Moer instructed, "I will come back for it in three days. This is the deposit. You must use the cotton hemp."

The shopkeeper agreed repeatedly, but didn't accept Su Moer's silver. He said, "How can we accept your silver, Young Master's Wife?"

Su Moer immediately rejected his offer, "Shopkeeper, please accept it. If everyone here comes here all the time, or if all the people here from the Yuwen Family do the same, how is this shop going to earn money!"

Su Moer's words made the shopkeeper even more grateful.

When Su Moer left the embroidery workshop, Yuwen Sheng, who had been hiding in the shadows, walked out. He looked at the blueprint in the shopkeeper's hand and carefully studied it. However, he didn't know what it was.

Yuwen Sheng was deep in thought as he watched Su Moer leave.

After strolling for the whole morning, it was already time for lunch. Su Moer immediately asked, "What's delicious food outside?"

Xiao Lian thought for a moment and looked at the restaurant not far away, "Young Master's Wife, that Ru Yi Restaurant is the best inn in this county.

There were quite a few specialties. And this Ru Yi Restaurant belongs to our Yuwen Family! "

Su Moer exclaimed in her heart. No wonder she didn't value a wife that was bought with five hundred silver taels. This Yuwen Family was truly too rich!

He smiled and said, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go fill up our stomachs!"

The restaurant's business was not bad at all. The nine of them almost ran out of seats, but luckily there were still two tables left.

However, as soon as she sat down, Su Moer didn't expect to meet the legendary pervert!

"This young lady looks very unfamiliar. Which family is she from?"

Su Moer looked at the man's clothes. He was either rich or noble. He wore a jade pendant and a folding fan. He was indeed a debaucherous young master.

At this moment, the folding fan was raised towards her face. Su Moer turned her head around and dodged it. She was only a thirteen or fourteen year old little girl.

Although he had put on weight from raising his body in the Yuwen Family, it wasn't enough to make people fall in love at first sight!

Could it be that this person was a paedophile? He must have done it on purpose. Knowing her identity, he must have intentionally come to cause trouble!

Xiao Lian berated: "How dare you, this is Yuwen Family's Young Master's Wife, don't be rude!"

Hearing that, the man laughed out loud: "I was wondering who it was, so it's that sickly wife from Yuwen Family. It's really a pity to follow that sickly student when I see you like this.

"Young lady, if you come to this grandpa, this grandpa will guarantee that you will have the luxury of eating and eating in the future!"

After he finished speaking, the people in the hall started to discuss amongst themselves.

Yuwen Family's Eldest Young Master was sickly. This was not a secret at all, but everyone avoided Yuwen Family's strength.

Very few people were able to say it out loud, but this person said it casually. Everyone was watching the show.

This man didn't seem shocked at all after hearing Yuwen Family's reputation. Su Moer was certain that this man had purposely come here to cause trouble!

Since he had made his move, it would be too much of a shame if he did not take it.

His fan once again flew towards her face. This time, Su Moer didn't avoid it. Instead, she smiled at the man leisurely.

Seeing that Su Moer didn't resist this time, the man smiled and said, "Little beauty, don't tell me you agree. It's much better for you to follow me, Wang Luo, than that sickly Crake!"

Su Moer took the folding fan from his hand and asked softly, "Young master, I am already married. I definitely cannot abandon husband. So Young Master should just give up!

However, this humble one has seen Young Master's gorgeous appearance, unparalleled in the world, and is captivated by it. This humble one has a cousin named Hua like Hua, I wonder if Young Master would like to meet her? "

Wang Luo chuckled and said, "Young lady, your mouth is sweet. If I liked you, wouldn't I like your cousin?"

Su Moer blocked his claws and said, "My cousin is in this inn now. How can you know if you see her or not? Besides, my cousin has fallen for you at first sight!"

Wang Luo laughed. "Since no one has asked to meet me, I should naturally meet her. I can't let her down!"

Su Moer whispered to Xiao Lian. Then, she continued, "Hurry up and bring Ruo Hua over. Young Master Wang is waiting for her!"

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