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C3 It Is a Drizzle at Night

Su Moer was extremely embarrassed. People's words were fearsome, but this was what happened when the three of them became tigers. Everyone knew that she kicked her father, but they didn't know that her father was already about to kick her sister to death.

No wonder this old lady kept warning her again and again. The family's impression of her would be very difficult to change. Forget it, she had never intended to stay here for long.

When she earned more money and this Eldest Young Master had made a fool of himself, she would think of a way to leave this place and enjoy her freedom.

Half of the red candles in the room had already burned down. Su Moer was so tired that she was about to fall asleep. Accompanied by the sound of coughing, the frail and sickly Eldest Young Master finally appeared and could be said to have come in while hugging his left and right.

With such a loud commotion, everyone was ready for battle. Although Su Moer was wearing a wedding handkerchief, they could feel that the gazes of the people outside wished to pierce through her!

"Young master, please lift up the bridal veil. From now on, we will be peaceful and beautiful, and everything will go according to your wishes!"

The wedding lady's voice sounded, and Eldest Young Master coughed a few more times! He tried his best to keep his coughing voice down. He coughed even more violently than before.

"Eldest Young Master, are you alright?"

The heartbroken voices of maidservant and the servants beside her rang out. Su Moer's heart rose and fell along with his coughing.

He prayed nonstop in his heart. Don't drive to the west on a day of great joy. This is the tempo that is going to cause her death!

Yuwen Family was a family that was exiled to a county city. A skinny camel was bigger than a horse.

If Eldest Young Master had been too haughty today, she would have gone with him as well! No matter how she died, there was definitely no one who would come to find trouble with Yuwen Family.

Yuwen Family did have two gongzis, and this Eldest Young Master had always had a weak body and was sickly, almost never having a good day. Second Young Master was in charge of everything in the family.

However, there were quite a few rumors about Eldest Young Master. It was said that Eldest Young Master's appearance was peerless in the world and before he was exiled to this place, there were also some young ladies from the Shangguan family who saw him and vowed to marry him.

In the end, it was because he was exiled that he died without any problems.

When he participated in the lantern festival, the money he received almost caused him to die. The vanilla filled the car, almost catching up with Pan An.

Thinking about these rumors, Su Moer was also a bit curious. She didn't know what kind of peerless beauty Eldest Young Master had. He looked like Pan An, even though she had never seen him before. I wonder if the ancients were exaggerating.

There was a little jubilation in her heart, and a little nervousness. Su Moer was wringing the handkerchief in her hand. However, through the bridal veil, she saw a pair of long and pale hands.

Su Moer picked up the scale and saw that the scale was slowly reaching towards her handkerchief. Then, there was nothing after that.

Never would he have thought that even though the thing he was most worried about did not happen, it would still result in him being covered by dust. Eldest Young Master was just showing his pretty hands.

After a fit of coughing, he fainted! Why didn't you tell me about her eight words and him? The heavens really liked to joke with her.

Before the bridal veil was lifted, Eldest Young Master fainted. The bridal chamber was instantly thrown into chaos. However, as the so-called bride, nobody cared about her anymore.

He silently hid in a corner and waited for everyone to surround Eldest Young Master before leaving. Su Moer then lifted the bridal veil on her head.

At this moment, the room was extremely chaotic. However, one could hear that there was even more noise coming from the room next door! Su Moer quickly changed into a white cotton dress.

She walked towards that house. Just as she entered, she bumped into her God of Fortune, Yuwen Yu's mother, and her new mother-in-law.

As the saying goes, a new official should be left to his own devices. Moreover, the moment she arrived, Yuwen Yu would immediately faint from the provocation.

"Kneel down, you're a jinx, but you still have the face to come over. It's all because of you that my son was in such a state!"

Madame Lin was furious. Her face was ashen, and she kept fanning herself with the folding fan in her hand. However, she couldn't suppress the anger in her heart.

Su Moer immediately knelt on the ground, feeling as if ten thousand alpacas were galloping unceasingly in her heart! Damn it, your son's life is so unlucky, he can't stand pleasure, it was you who insisted on it.

What does it have to do with your son being knocked unconscious?

Even though she had already paid her respects to the eighteen generations of Yuwen Family's ancestors, Su Moer knew that she absolutely could not act rashly at this moment.

If she resisted, it would be a huge family that would be fighting against her. I heard that there are at least a hundred of them. Hehe, there are so many people here, if they trample on her, they can turn her into meat paste.

Su Moer immediately knelt on the ground and apologized, "Your daughter-in-law is guilty, your daughter-in-law deserves to die!"

Look how good a daughter-in-law she is!

Perhaps seeing that Su Moer was so obedient and different from what the rumors said, Madame Lin's attitude slightly eased up. However, when she thought about her son on the wedding night, he unexpectedly became like this.

Before she managed to pry open the bridal veil, she had already fainted. The anger in her heart had just flared up!

Su Moer raised her head and stole a glance at her mother-in-law. She was indeed a strong and beautiful woman, with meticulous hair, shiny black eyes and exquisite makeup.

He was probably in his forties, but he looked to be in his thirties. There were no wrinkles on his face. He had a dignified temperament and looked like a beauty.

Thinking about it, if that husband of hers, who was lying not too far away, was like his mother, then it would definitely be the same.

"Someone, send the new lady to the ancestral hall and she will be punished to kneel. When will Eldest Young Master wake up? When will she be back?"

This time, Su Moer felt a hundred million horses galloping across her heart!

Raising her eyes, she saw the scrutinizing look in her mother-in-law's eyes. Su Moer immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed: "My daughter-in-law accepts your orders."

As she accepted her fate, she followed the old lady into the ancestral hall. Su Moer knelt on the ground and looked at the ancestors of the Yuwen Family.

If you want to die, don't die today! "Don't drag someone behind you before you die."

he had completely ignored them. He had just greeted this ancestor of the Yuwen Family all the way.

Su Moer kneeled on the floor and prayed non-stop. However, her stomach was still growling at the same time. She hadn't eaten for the entire day.

He was so hungry that he couldn't take it anymore. F * ck, if he married into this shitty house, not only would he starve to death, he would also need to see the other party's expression in order to live.

In the past when he was working at the bank, customers were all gods. The customers all pointed at their noses and cursed at them. They could only swallow their anger and not say anything bad about him.

Now, it was easy for him to deal with this Old Granny Diao.

"Open the door!"

A clear male voice rang out. Su Moer was astonished! If she didn't guess wrong, it should be her brother-in-law, Second Young Master Yuwen Sheng.

Su Moer looked back and saw a black robe. When she raised her head to look, she saw a pretty chin that was seventy percent similar to his mother's.

His eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were as bright as the stars in the night. His chest was extremely broad and strong. He was like a star.

With just a glance, Su Moer felt her heart beating wildly. She really didn't expect Second Young Master to be so handsome.

If this was in the modern world, he would definitely be a big star! Looks like this Yuwen Family's genes are really very strong. He couldn't help but be more curious about Eldest Young Master's appearance.

Yuwen Sheng looked at the expression in Su Moer's eyes, like a woman who adored him. He was disgusted, but when he thought of his brother's instructions, he immediately said to her, "Brother has already woken up. You can go back to your bridal chamber to sleep tonight."

A handsome man was a handsome man. Even though his tone was not friendly, it was still charming!

Su Moer's face lit up as she nodded with a smile, "Thank you!"

After kneeling for such a long time, Su Moer limped out. Yuwen Sheng looked at Su Moer's thin back and felt upset.

All these years, he hadn't been able to recover from his brother's illness. Could it be that such a thin and weak girl could cure his illness?

Just as Yuwen Sheng was about to leave, he didn't expect Su Moer to come back.

"That's embarrassing!"

Yuwen Sheng frowned and said coldly, "What is it?"

Su Moer ignored the handsome guy's hostile attitude and asked, "May I ask where my house is? I don't remember. "

She was just a newcomer, with such a large Yuwen Family, she was simply unable to find her own path!

Yuwen Sheng pointed at the manservant beside him and said, "Take Young Master's Wife to her room!"

"Thank you, thank you!" Su Moer smiled again. Her clean face was covered in makeup and looked even paler under the dim lighting. She was actually only a little girl in her teens.

Yuwen Sheng's heart softened a little when he saw Su Moer's weak look.

Thinking that his attitude wasn't really friendly, Yuwen Sheng felt a little guilty. It was natural that she didn't want to marry into this family. Her brother's body was so thin and weak.

She was only thirteen years old and could easily be widowed at any time. Furthermore, she was facing so many complaints at once, which was quite pitiful.

However, things had already gotten to this point. If she didn't play any tricks, he should treat her well in the future.

When Su Moer returned to her bridal chamber, she didn't expect that the room would be guarded and waiting for her with another big gift. Were these ancient people not sleeping?

[So many people! What are they trying to do?]

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