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C6 Husband You Are Heaven and Earth

As Su Moer said this, tears started streaming down her face uncontrollably. Since when did this damned Yuwen Yu wake up badly, he had come to interrupt her.

Yuwen Sheng forgot what Su Moer said and ran to Yuwen Yu's side. He helped Yuwen Yu up and asked, "Brother, are you alright? Are you feeling better? "

At this moment, Yuwen Yu's handsome face was red from holding his breath. It was so fair that it looked pretty. Su Moer couldn't help but look at him with a foolish expression on her face.

Yuwen Yu felt that if he didn't get up now, he would die laughing. Earlier, the little wild cat was going to scratch people, but now, it was acting soft and weak. It didn't take much effort to change its identity.

It was really surprising. Su Moer looked at her own husband. His eyes were dazzling, and his amber eyes were terrifying.

He looked at her deeply. She felt as if her heart missed a beat! "It is true that a beauty deceives others, and a beauty deceives others. No wonder the rumors of Eldest Young Mastertian's looks are so common in the outside world!

Sure enough, with just one glance, her soul was already taken away. If she could open a duck shop with Eldest Young Master, wouldn't she instantly earn a ton of money!

Haha, with money rolling in, even if Eldest Young Master's family doesn't do business, they can still have money rolling in.

Yuwen Yu looked at his little wife. His affectionate look just now had surprised her and confused her. However, he didn't know what she was thinking about afterwards. In short, he couldn't look at her eyes!

Not knowing what was on her mind, Yuwen Yu coughed and looked at Wu Tie, "It's nothing, what's going on here?

I think I heard Moer was leaving? "

Yuwen Sheng didn't expect his elder brother to coincidentally hear this. He immediately glared at Su Moer and asked, "Su Moer, what do you think is going on?"

However, Yuwen Yu looked at Yuwen Sheng and corrected him, "Sister-in-law!"

Yuwen Yu's eyes were filled with determination. Yuwen Sheng never expected Yuwen Yu to correct him. It seemed that his brother had admitted Su Moer's identity!

Su Moer couldn't help but be excited. She, husband, was too handsome and this brother-in-law of hers was very disobedient to begin with. Haha, education is also good.

Su Moer walked over and stood to the side. The tears on her face had not dried yet. Yuwen Sheng felt sorry for her even more.

Yuwen Yu tried his best to suppress the urge to laugh. He didn't miss the chance, she looked like she was pinching his thigh.

Su Moer stood beside Eldest Young Master and said with extreme grievance, "I pay my respects to husband! Last night, husband was unwell, and I was terrified as I tossed and turned, unable to sleep at all. Today, I came here early to serve husband.

However, she didn't expect that maidservant, who was in husband's room, would have such a big temper. She even wanted to become a phoenix by bullying this servant.

However, I just want to serve husband as a wife. If I can cure husband, I would be willing to give up my life!

This servant was beyond angry. I had only scolded her a few times, but I didn't expect my brother-in-law to have heard it! It's really shameful! "

See how loyal she is!

Right now, Eldest Young Master was her life. She could only live if he was alive. Eldest Young Master was like heaven and earth. She could sacrifice her head and shed blood for him!

Eldest Young Master heard Su Moer's words and looked at Wu Tie with a serious expression. "She's your sister-in-law after all!" In the future, you are not to be scolded as you wish.

If you are disrespectful to her, then you are disrespectful to me! "

Yuwen Sheng looked at Yuwen Yu in disbelief. It was just a glance, yet he doted on him so much. He never expected his brother to be such a person.

Yuwen Sheng glared fiercely at Su Moer, causing her to feel even more wronged.

You've done the wrong thing. Don't you want people to talk about you? A stingy man!

Yuwen Yu then said to Zi Ling, "My house is usually served by Bai Qi. Zi Ling is a person who doesn't matter, but it was Mother who gave it to me."

It was time for Yuwen Yu to cough twice. However, Su Moer's eyes lit up, waiting for him to continue!

Yuwen Yu seemed to have seen through his thoughts and immediately acted like he was wronged. Yuwen Sheng immediately patted Yuwen Yu on the back and said, "If you don't like it, I'll get Butler Li to find someone for you."

Upon hearing their words, Zi Ling immediately knelt on the ground and wailed, "Young Master, Young Master, this servant is willing to work hard for Young Master, I hope young master will not abandon this servant!"

She was the concubine that the Madam had sent over, but she didn't expect Eldest Young Master to be so unladylike! However, he usually served Young Master in his room, and there was nothing for him to do.

Furthermore, he could get close to the water tower and get the moon first. If he was in another house, he wouldn't have the chance to get such a chance!

It was time for Su Moer to cut him off, "husband, you don't need that many servants in this house. From now on, I will serve husband! Take care of husband's living and living, that's what I should do! "

What Su Moer said sounded very nice!

All day long, he had been lying down on his bed, and it had been difficult for him to move. No matter what he did to take care of him, he had servants for everything else.

Hearing Su Moer's words, Zi Ling glared furiously at her. Su Moer immediately took two steps back and said, "I'm sorry, Zi Ling. I really don't have any other intentions. Don't glare at me. If you want to stay, then stay!"

Su Moer slashed again. When Yuwen Sheng heard Su Moer's words, he immediately glanced at Zi Ling. This Zi Ling's dressing was indeed too seductive.

He didn't care about maidservant, but maidservant, who tried to seduce his brother all day long, was still a scourge after all.

Yuwen Sheng looked at Zi Ling and said, "From today onwards, you are to return to your mother's yard to serve her. From now on, you are not allowed to take even half a step into this yard!

"Also, remember your identity. Su Moer is the Young Mistress of this house, not someone you can bully as you please!"

To make her pay attention to her identity, how can you not remember your own identity? Su Moer thought to herself as she secretly glanced at her own husband.

He saw that husband had a faint smile on his face. Su Moer felt her scalp tingle as he looked at him like that.

When Zi Ling saw that Yuwen Sheng was angry, although her heart was full of anger, she didn't dare to say anything!

However, Su Moer continued to speak with a wronged tone, "I just came here today and chased away maidservant who was in the house. What will the people in the house say about me then?

Uncle, forget it! "

Hope was also ignited in Zi Ling's heart! Yuwen Yu said, "Madam, don't be sad. If the servants in this house talk too much, don't worry about it!

Second Brother will definitely not let them off! "

Yuwen Sheng heard his brother's words and felt speechless. He immediately ordered, "Today, I will punish Zi Ling for her wrongdoings!"

Yuwen Sheng directly carried the pot on his back.

Su Moer smiled happily when she heard this. Seems like her policy of hugging someone was really successful. Haha, Yuwen Yu is great. Cultivate him carefully. Maybe he can become a good husband for 24 years.

It was said that this man had to be groomed by himself. This Yuwen Yu seemed to have a great value in cultivating him, even though he was just a sickly person.

Su Moer looked at Yuwen Yu with her eyes almost bursting with pink bubbles.

Seeing Su Moer like this, Yuwen Sheng recalled that she was also like this when she saw him last night. It was obvious that she was obsessed with searching.

However, Big Bro treats this Hua Chi so well!

Yuwen Sheng reminded her, "Big Brother, Mother, we are waiting for the tea in the room. Sister-in-law, you have to wake Big Brother up."

After driving away a slut, Su Moer was in a very good mood. It was also a good thing that she was able to help the beautiful man change his clothes and wash up.

Su Moer happily replied, "Yes!"

Seeing the smile on Su Moer's face, the corners of Yuwen Yu's mouth also curled up.

However, he was soon unable to bend down. He seriously suspected that his nemesis had sent Su Moer to take his life.

The room was in an uproar. Yuwen Sheng sat on the stone bench outside, but he heard a scream that sounded like a pig being butchered! Su Moer's voice echoed through the sky!

"What happened, big brother, what happened to you?"

Yuwen Sheng suddenly rushed in. However, he did not expect his elder brother to be lying on the ground. The one that was pressed down was Su Moer, who had always been a servant.

Both of them looked disheveled. Yuwen Sheng's face turned red all of a sudden!

Yuwen Sheng said embarrassedly: "Sorry to bother you two! Mother will probably be waiting in the room. I'll go tell her! "

Big Bro is really something. What on earth is mom doing? Her body is already in such a condition, yet she was still able to do such a thing. It seems like Mother's hard work has not been in vain.

Su Moer and Yuwen Yu didn't even have time to explain before Yuwen Sheng ran out.

Su Moer, who had been pressed down, immediately tried to stand up and shout at him, "It's not like this, it's not like this."

However, Yuwen Sheng's figure had already disappeared!

Su Moer felt that her reputation had been ruined. She pushed Yuwen Yu away and said, "husband, are you alright?"

Such a weak body, and now he had been completely ruined by her!

She had only wanted to help him put on his clothes, but who would have thought that the belt on his clothes was so long? She threw herself into his arms and knocked him down.

"Cough cough. Madam, do I look like I'm fine?"

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