Little Farm Wife/C7 It Takes a Few Steps to Topple My Husband
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Little Farm Wife/C7 It Takes a Few Steps to Topple My Husband
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C7 It Takes a Few Steps to Topple My Husband

When Su Moer saw his pale face, she instantly became anxious. She couldn't help but blame herself. How could such a thin and weak body be able to withstand that blow?

At this moment, his face was as pale as white paper.

Su Moer struggled to get up, but Yuwen Yu said gently, "Don't move, let me lean on you!"

Su Moer's heart was filled with joy! With a beauty in her arms, it should be a poem against her, even though she had already been crushed into a meat patty.

A faint fragrance of flowers wafted in through the open window. There was a hint of ambiguity flowing through the air in the room! Right at this moment, a sharp scream rang out.

Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee had gone to fetch water, but when they came back, they didn't expect that the young master would actually throw himself at their mistress!

Su Moer pushed Eldest Young Master away and jumped up from the ground.

What had happened to him just now that his heart didn't seem to be beating at all? It was indeed a beauty that fooled people, a beauty that fooled people.

However, Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee screamed again and rushed over to help Eldest Young Master up. Su Moer finally knew what kind of stupid thing she had done!

Heavens, what the f * ck! Just now, she had actually pushed her god, her god of wealth, to the brink of death! She simply didn't want her own life anymore.

Su Moer rushed over to support Eldest Young Master and asked, "husband, husband, how are you? Are you alright?"

That concerned look was completely different from the person who had gotten rid of him.

Yuwen Yu coughed twice. His handsome face was extremely pale. Su Moer's heart ached when she saw this.

Su Moer apologized, "I'm sorry, husband. I'm really sorry!"

She was really going too far. How could she do such a thing to a male god? She was going too far!

Yuwen Yu said in a light voice, "It's fine. Madam, don't worry. Your husband knows that your husband is a sick man, but he will definitely not implicate you!"

Sick? Su Moer, did he hear what she said? That can't be necessary, right?

It was time to put on an act again. Just as Su Moer was about to twist her body towards her thigh, Yuwen Yu caught her.

Yuwen Yu smiled and said, "Madam, it would be bad if we cried. Mom is still waiting for us!"

Embarrassment, such an embarrassment, he actually knew what she was going to do. Ah, she was going to go crazy, she was going to go crazy, all that was left in her brain was mush.

Su Moer didn't know how she should face Eldest Young Master.

Eldest Young Master held her hand and continued, "Lady, don't worry. Your husband won't die easily. Even if it's for Madam, he definitely won't!"

Hearing his words, Su Moer felt that her life was full of surprises! F * ck, I think husband is a little evil!

He stopped teasing Su Moer. After he tidied up his clothes, the two of them finally embarked on the road of tea. It was really too late for tea.

Lili had already finished her breakfast with Yuwen Sheng!

Madame Lin didn't see any trace of Su Moer. She originally wanted to scold Su Moer, but after hearing Yuwen Sheng's words, Madame Lin's attitude towards Su Moer changed slightly.

As long as she didn't do anything out of line, she could endure it!

After helping Yuwen Yu to a seat, Su Moer knelt on the ground and poured some tea for Madame Lin. "Please have some tea mother!"

Madame Lin let Su Moer hold it up like this, but she did not accept the teacup!

Su Moer felt that the hand holding the teacup was going to ache. This person really likes to beat her down no matter what.

Damn it, I've already dismounted a few horses, and there's still so much prestige left! In his heart, he wanted to greet Madame Lin a hundred times over.

However, a very sweet smile still remained on his face.

Yuwen Yu coughed twice before Madame Lin slowly said: "Su Moer, since you already married into my Yuwen Family, I hope you will remember what I told you last night.

If Yu's body is fine, don't worry, Yuwen Family will definitely not treat you unfairly. "

Madame Lin took the tea from Su Moer's hands and drank it. Su Moer nodded obediently, "Mother, don't worry. husband is my heaven, my land, and I will take good care of him!"

The film queen, Su Moer, had come online again! Madame Lin nodded in satisfaction and continued, "If Yu's health improves, you guys are thinking about succeeding the sect!"

Su Moer's face instantly turned red. However, Yuwen Yu lightly nodded his head and said, "Mother, I understand!"

Yuwen Sheng saw that there was nothing left for him to do and the marriage was finally over. He immediately said, "Mom, I'm going to take a look at the inn's business."

Madame Lin looked at Su Moer and said, "You guys can go down as well. When you have nothing to do, go to the housekeeper to withdraw some silver and make some clothes."

"Don't always look so poor!"

Su Moer was elated that she was asked to buy clothes, but she nodded her head on the surface without any change in her expression, "My daughter-in-law understands!"

What the f * ck? This ancient man's words were a bit troublesome!

As she supported Yuwen Yu back to his room, Su Moer realized that poverty had indeed restricted her imagination. This Yuwen Family was comparable to her own.

Sure enough, ants and elephants, the decorations in Yuwen Yu's room, and the things Yuwen Yu used, were all top-notch.

Compared to her family, which was like a small mountain, they really weren't on the same level. The two of them did not say anything as they walked. Su Moer started to study the items as she looked at them.

Yuwen Yu didn't say anything as he saw Su Moer looking from one to the other. When Bai Qi came back, he saw Young Master's Wife walking around the room.

Unexpectedly, he touched Eldest Young Master's thing. He immediately berated: "How dare you! How can you move Eldest Young Master's thing as you please!"

Su Moer was startled by Bai Qi's scolding and the porcelain in her hand fell to the ground.

Su Moer knew that she had gotten into trouble.

Bai Qi rushed over, looking at the broken pieces on the ground and said, "This was something that Eldest Young Master spent two thousand taels of silver to buy, and you actually broke it!"

This person even came with a villain who complained first. If he didn't scold her first, how could she have broken this thing?!

Su Moer immediately retorted, "If you hadn't shouted at me, how would I have thrown that thing away? Who are you? How dare you speak to me in such a manner?"

Bai Qi knew it was Young Master's Wife from the mansion, but he also knew that although Young Master's Wife carried a Young Master's Wife's name, she didn't actually have a family tree.

He immediately said coldly, "Our young master doesn't like people touching his things."

It was obvious that another person looked down on her. Su Moer felt a surge of anger in her heart, but she turned to look at Yuwen Yu.

Yuwen Yu's face was ashen as he looked at himself and Bai Qi. It was obvious that he was a little angry!

Su Moer was alarmed. This 2000 taels item was only 500 taels of silver. Even if he sold her, it wouldn't be worth this price.

He had truly gotten himself into big trouble.

Su Moer saw his ashen face and felt a bit of panic. At this moment, she couldn't care about acting, nor did she see husband. She said directly, "I didn't do it on purpose. If he didn't scare me, I wouldn't have broken this thing.

Furthermore, you didn't tell me that I can't touch the thing inside, but it's broken. If you want to punish me, then I'll take the punishment! "

Su Moer pointed at Bai Qi beside her and said, "But he also has a responsibility. If he's being punished, then the two of us will be the same."

Yuwen Yu's expression was still a bit ugly. Looking at the two of them, Bai Qi immediately kneeled on the ground and pleaded guilty, "Young Master, please forgive us! This subordinate deserves to die! "

Yuwen Yu waved at Su Moer and said, "Come here!"

Su Moer saw his unsightly expression. Could it be that he was going to make a move against her? His small body, even though it had muscles, was still sickly. If he dared to make a move against her, she wouldn't show mercy!

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