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C8 Hubby Is Not a Sick Man

Su Moer slowly walked towards Yuwen Yu, but her heart was pounding. She didn't know what Yuwen Yu wanted to do with her!

Yuwen Yu didn't seem to be sick at all. He pulled over Su Moer's hand and looked at the blood stains on it. He asked with a pained heart, "Does it hurt?"

Su Moer's eyes widened as she looked at Yuwen Yu. She never expected her to come over to ask if it hurt!

Yuwen Yu shouted towards the outside, "Go get the medicine!"

After that, he pulled Su Moer and sat at the table. Bai Qi had already opened his eyes wide and wiped his own eyes, confirming that the person in front of him was his master.

However, when had his mistress ever been so tender to a woman? Even the princess of the capital had never enjoyed such treatment from her young master!

Could it be that his master regarded this woman as a good man?

Xiao Lian moved very quickly and brought the medicine over. Yuwen Yu bandaged Su Moer seriously and gently.

Su Moer had never been treated in such a manner before, it was as if she had treated something precious and was born into a new world. For a moment, Su Moer felt an extremely sour feeling in her nose.

Her husband looked like a sick person, but he wasn't someone who couldn't do anything! The way he acted when he was angered was indeed scary, but how could he be so cute!

Su Moer didn't know that her infatuation had gone crazy again. She couldn't help but stare at Yuwen Yu in detail. Yuwen Yu felt Su Moer's intense gaze, but only slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

After wrapping up the wound, Yuwen Yu looked at Bai Qi, who was still holding a skeptical attitude, and coldly said, "Do you know your crime?"

Yuwen Yu's attitude towards Su Moer was clear to everyone in the yard now, even though Yuwen Yu fainted last night.

However, Yuwen Yu had been in a good state ever since this morning. It could be seen that Su Moer did have some effect. Bai Qi immediately knelt down, "Your subordinate is guilty, your subordinate deserves to die!"

Yuwen Yu suddenly coughed twice and Su Moer immediately gave him a pat on the back. Great Master, you have to take care of yourself.

Su Moer poured tea and patted her back. She served him very well!

After a cough, Yuwen Yu looked at Bai Qi and said: "Su Moer is Yuwen Family's Young Master's Wife! You can tell the servants in the mansion that anyone who disrespects Su Moer will be punished by family law!

As for what you should do, you should know very well that you must take the punishment yourself! "

Hearing this, Su Moer tried even harder, but she didn't expect Yuwen Yu to cough a few times.

Yuwen Yu waved at Su Moer and said, "Enough, my wife."

However, she was curious in her heart. What exactly was Yuwen Family's family law? She heard Yuwen Sheng say that if she made a mistake, it would need to be punished by the family law.

He immediately asked, "What is husband going to do with Bai Qi?"

Yuwen Yu thought that Su Moer felt that the family's punishment was too clear. He couldn't help but have a conflict with her in his heart. He replied, "Family law is a fifty year old board!"

Su Moer exclaimed when she heard that, "What? Fifty?! Wasn't he just beaten to death?" Is Bai Qi going to take the top 50 too? "

Yuwen Yu looked at the rich expression on her face and found it very funny!

Su Moer immediately said coquettishly, "husband, I want to ask you for a favor!"

Su Moer blinked her innocent big eyes as she looked at Yuwen Yu. She kept charging towards Yuwen Yu. However, in Yuwen Yu's eyes, there seemed to be something wrong with Su Moer's eyes.

He turned to her and said, "What happened to your eyes? What do you want to do? "

Su Moer cursed in her heart, but she stopped firing and said, "Actually, he did this to me because he was stupid. My lord doesn't care about petty people. He let him go."

"However, if I do not punish him, he will be unhappy. In that case, I will punish him with fifty squats!"

Squatting? Yuwen Yu was very confused.

"Why are you all squatting down?"

Bai Qi didn't know what was going on either. It was just that he was disrespectful to Su Moer just now. Since Su Moer was able to plead on his behalf, he felt extremely guilty.

Su Moer immediately demonstrated it to him personally. She squatted down and stood up again, saying: "See that? This is just squatting up. You just need to squat up to fifty of them."

"One more thing, I'm not some pushover, but your Eldest Young Master is behind me!"

Su Moer's actions were typical, but Yuwen Yu didn't find her annoying. He only felt that she was a person of true character.

Since he had already put her in the trap, he should protect her and let her live as she pleased in this Yuwen Mansion.

Su Moer looked at her extremely handsome and tragic husband. Thinking about how husband had protected her so well, she felt as if she had eaten honey in her heart.

Looking at him, Yuwen Yu was even more elated. He smiled so much that his eyes curved into crescents. When Yuwen Yu looked at Su Moer, he felt as if he had received an infection. The corner of his mouth lifted up involuntarily.

The two of them looked at each other before a report came in from outside the door.

"Eldest Young Master, Young Master's Wife, Second Wife and the two young masters have come to visit Young Master's Wife."

Second Wife? Young masters, where did these people come from? Su Moer was extremely curious. She looked at Yuwen Yu and saw a trace of light flash across Yuwen Yu's eyes.

The smile also disappeared from his face.

Yuwen Yu coughed a few times and said, "Let them come over."

Su Moer helped Yuwen Yu up on the bed while Xiao Lian came over to supplement Su Moer's knowledge.

Madame Lin, who was also her mother-in-law, was the first wife. Second Wife was the master's concubine. Second Wife had three children, Yuwen Zhi, Yuwen Hu, and Yuwen Yue.

After the old master had disappeared, the Yuwen Family had long since been divided. It was just that the relationship between the rich and powerful families was still in disarray, so the people from the second house would still come to look for the big one.

As for these three houses, there was a daughter named Yuwen Yiran who was said to have quite a bit of fame in the capital.

Su Moer sat at the side of the bed and looked at Yuwen Yu with a smile, "Don't worry husband, I'll protect you!"

When Yuwen Yu heard that the people from the second branch came over, he was unhappy. Yuwen Yu had been sick for the past few years and probably received a lot of scorn and ridicule from others.

When they were getting married, these people didn't come. It was obvious that they didn't have a good relationship with Yuwen Yu, or perhaps they didn't even think of inviting them.

Now that they had come, it was likely that they had come with ill intentions!

She protected him? No one had ever told him that! Even his mother, when she was weak, had only told him to protect himself and to be strong.

However, at this moment, a weak woman like Su Moer, his new wife, was saying these words to him!

Yuwen Yu felt a sweetness spreading from his chest. It was a feeling of satisfaction that he had never felt before.

He didn't know what was wrong with him. Could it be that it was really because he hadn't seen a woman for a long time that he felt this way about her?!

Yuwen Yu's gaze fell on Su Moer. She looked very thin and frail. She was obviously malnourished over a long period of time. However, there was an exquisite facial feature on her palm-sized face.

These facial features were pleasant to look at. They were only made of makeup, unlike the other women whose faces were almost covered with makeup.

Her eyes looked as if they could speak, making people unable to forget her words.

If he were to live with such a woman in the future, he wouldn't feel so bored.

Su Moer did not know what Yuwen Yu was thinking, but she was actually a little nervous. He had just gotten married and someone was already coming to ruin the first day he got married.

And with so many of them all at once, the revolution had yet to be completed, so this comrade still had to work hard!

She did not know how they were going to attack, so she could only defend. However, no matter what, she, husband, protected her so well.

She definitely wouldn't let her, husband, lose face!

Second Wife's family had come in with the report from the concierge. Second Wife was gently swaying along with Second Wife's beautiful golden footsteps.

The gold sparkled under the sunlight. Su Moer thought Second Wife was going to blind her dog eyes!

Second Wife was probably followed by her two young masters. These two young masters looked very similar to Second Wife. Although they were handsome, Su Moer still felt uncomfortable.

Second Wife's appearance was extremely gorgeous. Although she should be in her forties, her eyebrows were raised and her almond-shaped eyes looked extremely sharp.

Her two young masters' eyebrows and eyes were just like her imagination. Although they looked very handsome, Su Moer could only think of a dirty and wretched appearance just by looking at them!

While Su Moer was sizing them up, they had also sized up Luo Yao a few times!

Yuwen Zhi looked at Su Moer with a sneer in his heart. Marrying a sickly girl, no matter how well she eats or how well-dressed she is, what could she do?

Yuwen Hu usually liked to pick the flowers and stir up the grass. He liked to pick the grass and pick the flowers the most. He liked girls who were 13 or 14 years old the most.

He couldn't help cursing Yuwen Yu in his heart. This sickly guy was so lucky to be able to get such a beautiful woman.

Yuwen Yue looked at Su Moer with hostility.

When Su Moer noticed the unfriendly gaze, she immediately glared back. She should be courteous to people with Yuwen Family.

But to outsiders, she would not be merciful. Ripping Little San with her hands, ripping her love rival with her own hands … All of this made her itch in her heart.

When Second Wife saw Su Moer, she took off her two bracelets. He walked directly towards Su Moer and wore it on Su Moer's hand. He smiled and said, "You are indeed a pretty girl. No wonder the mansion is in such a hurry to marry you."

"If someone got there first, I'm afraid I would die of regret!"

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