Little Farm Wife/C9 A Thing That Has Lost Its Heir
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Little Farm Wife/C9 A Thing That Has Lost Its Heir
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C9 A Thing That Has Lost Its Heir

Hearing this unexpected praise, Su Moer smiled faintly. She played with the two bracelets in her hands, forcing them onto her wrist. There must be some mystery behind this.

Su Moer stood up and made way for Second Wife, "The elders bestow it upon me, I dare not refuse. Aunt, please sit! "

Second Wife did not hold back and smiled, "You sure are a smart girl." "Why aren't you guys coming over to greet your eldest sister-in-law?"

Yuwen Yu looked at the thing on Su Moer's wrist. A trace of coldness flashed across his eyes. Suddenly, he coughed a little fiercely.

Everyone's eyes fell on Yuwen Yu. Yuwen Zhi and Yuwen Hu were sincerely looking forward to Yuwen Yu's death.

Second Wife's eyes were also filled with anticipation! There was a satisfied smile on his face from beginning to end. Today, one of them came to take a look at his new wife and to see how Yuwen Yu was doing.

It seems like Yuwen Yu's body isn't that good after all! This way, she would feel at ease.

After Su Moer gently patted Yuwen Yu's shoulder, she immediately walked toward Yuwen Yue and directly pulled off the thing on her wrist.

Looking at Yuwen Yue, she bashfully smiled and said: "Little sister, today is the first time we are meeting. Sister-in-law doesn't have anything good with her, but fortunately this bracelet was gifted to me by Aunt.

This gift of mine to you has some meaning to it. Little sister, do not despise it! "

How could Yuwen Yue imagine that Su Moer would be able to do such a thing? She struggled to get rid of her, but she didn't know that Su Moer's strength was so great.

Second Wife's expression instantly changed. This damned girl had actually put this thing on her daughter's wrist.

Yuwen Zhi snapped coldly, "How dare you! You actually gave something my mother bestowed to you as a gift to someone else!"

Su Moer looked innocently at Yuwen Zhi and asked, "What's wrong, brother-in-law? What Aunt gifted me was mine. I didn't expect Aunt to bring my younger sister and brother-in-law here today.

It was his first time seeing his younger sister. If his younger sister didn't have a suitable match, it would be too bad. It just so happened that his aunt had sent him this item.

I gave it to my younger sister. The things that my aunt bestowed to me are naturally good things that my aunt used as well. I presume my younger sister wouldn't mind.

Since you asked me this question, I must be really worried! "

Seeing the change in their expressions, he knew that there must be some sort of poison on it!

This is my first time meeting you and you've already set me up. If I don't give you guys some face, it would be a shame for my good temper.

Yuwen Yue had no other choice but to wear the bracelet.

Su Moer shouted at Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee, "Xiao Lian, Xiao Hee, what are you doing?! Your concubines and younger sisters have all been sitting here for a long time.

Hurry up and bring the good things that I prepared for the aunts! "

Xiao Lian and Xiao Hee immediately understood what was going on and went to make tea and pour water.

Su Moer's words successfully blocked Yuwen Zhi's mouth, but Yuwen Hu still looked at Su Moer with lustful eyes.

Su Moer felt uncomfortable looking at this. She cursed in her heart. Big pervert, shameless trash.

Yuwen Yu laid on the bed. He was so weak that he looked like a patient who was about to die. Suddenly, he coughed twice.

Su Moer immediately went to help Yuwen Yu catch up! Yuwen Yu grabbed Su Moer's hand and looked at it carefully. Then, he felt relieved.

When Second Wife saw Yuwen Yu in such a state, she felt even more relieved. However, when she remembered that the bracelet was poisoned, she immediately became anxious.

He looked at Su Moer and Yuwen Yu and said, "It's getting late, so we won't disturb you two anymore!"

The tea had already been served. Su Moer immediately walked over, made some tea and smiled, "Aunt, what are you doing? Although we're not living together, we're still family.

"Why are you leaving when you've just arrived? No matter what, Aunt is Moer's elder. You must drink this cup of tea no matter what!"

Su Moer poured a glass for each of them.

Second Wife was worried that Yuwen Yue might not be able to handle this poison for too long. She immediately took a sip of the tea!

Yuwen Zhi and Yuwen Hu also noticed the difference in this tea, so they gently tasted it.

There was also a very ugly expression on his face!

Second Wife reprimanded, "Su Moer, what exactly did you give us to drink?"

Su Moer innocently blinked her eyes and shook her teapot. She looked at them and asked, "What's inside?"

With a scream, he threw the teapot onto the ground and shouted, "Mouse, mouse, there's actually a mouse!"

Ye Zichen ran over to Yuwen Yu in shock, hugged Yuwen Yu, then hid behind Yuwen Yu.

Second Wife, Yuwen, and the other two siblings all looked as if they had eaten sh * t. Their faces turned extremely pale. Second Wife rushed towards Su Moer.

"I'll kill you!"

She actually wanted to slap Su Moer. Bitch, she actually wanted to give them tea with mice in it!

It was time for Bai Qi to stand in front of Second Wife!

He caught Second Wife's hand and said, "Second Wife, please pay attention to your words and actions!"

Yuwen Zhi and Yuwen Hu were both extremely angry. Their faces were ashen, and their eyes were burning. All day long, they had been caught by the geese.

The so-called 'overturning the boat in a ditch' was only this. He was actually being played around by this wild girl from the countryside!

Yuwen Zhi and Yuwen Hu both knew Bai Qi's kung fu. If they were to fight here, they would only suffer a loss! Yuwen Yue was even more disgusted to the point that she wanted to dig out all the food in her stomach.

Pointing at Su Moer, he yelled, "Bitch, just you wait!"

Su Moer immediately put on a scared expression and hid behind Yuwen Yu. She apologized to Second Wife, "Aunt, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't know there would be a mouse in here.

I'm so sorry! "

Even if you all hate me, you won't be able to do it. Su Moer laughed coldly in her heart!

Yuwen Yu coughed a few times and apologized to the crowd, "Second Wife, don't worry. I will definitely give you guys an explanation for what happened today.

Capture all the rats in this house! "

Su Moer listened to her own words and felt that husband was too unscrupulous. However, she liked him.

Su Moer hurriedly answered, "Aunt, don't worry. I will definitely let them thoroughly investigate this matter and deliver all the rats that we have caught to your residence. This will vent your anger!"

Aunt, do you need to rinse your mouth with water first? "

Look how good she is, and what a sweet suggestion!

When Second Wife heard this, she was so angry that she almost wanted to slap him. This damned girl! She definitely wouldn't let her go. Wait for her.

"No need!" Yuwen Hu said coldly!

Yuwen Zhi continued: "We can't afford the things in this mansion, farewell!"

Su Moer sat on the bed facing them, waving her handkerchief as she reluctantly said, "Aunt, Uncle, Sister, I'm really sorry!"

The moment the four of them left, Su Moer's laughter exploded in the room!

Xiao Lian had already cleaned up all the mice in the room. Su Moer looked at Yuwen Yu and asked, "husband, do you feel that you're very unlucky?"

Seeing Su Moer taking the credit, a doting smile appeared on Yuwen Yu's face. He rubbed Su Moer's hair and said, "Next time, don't be so naughty!"

Su Moer chuckled, "Not at all. It's just that the bracelet's texture is quite good. It's such a pity to return it like that."

Yuwen Yu's expression turned cold when he heard that. He said, "The poison in the bracelet can make a person die without descendants!"

"Bah! Truly shameless. Not to mention husband, you can't even have children, how can they be so ruthless!"

Yuwen Yu became even more embarrassed after hearing what he said. What do you mean he can't have children! Did his little daughter-in-law misunderstand him?

The more Su Moer thought about it, the angrier she got. "We should treat them to a meal of rat meat. Let them never dare to see me again in this life!"

Yuwen Yu's eyes were full of smiles as he looked at Su Moer and listened to her nagging. Yuwen Yu pulled Su Moer away! Su Moer exclaimed in shock.

"husband, what happened to you?"

That's not right, when they came just now, husband was as if he was going to die. Now, husband didn't seem to be hurt at all, although he was still very weak.

But how could he be so strong? It was too unbelievable that he dragged her here directly. Was she pretending to be sick?

Just as this thought flashed through Su Moer's mind, Yuwen Yu turned even paler and said weakly to Su Moer, "My wife, your husband's legs are numb!"

Su Moer realized that she had been sitting on his lap the whole time. She jumped down with a swoosh, and her face turned red again.

To be honest, although he was already twenty-four years old, he had never talked about a boyfriend, let alone holding a little hand.

Today was such an ambiguous day that he only felt his heart beating faster and faster; his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest!

Su Moer, Su Moer, how can you be so weak! If you want to be calm, then be calm! Su Moer felt very embarrassed as she saw that it was already time for lunch.

He immediately went to cook for Yuwen Yu!

After the visit, Second Wife's family quickly left. It was just an interlude. Yuwen Sheng came back in a hurry, but he found out that Second Wife's family had been popular.

However, the kitchen of the mansion was on fire. Furious, he rushed over to see Su Moer, who had a face full of black soot, standing outside the kitchen directing the fire.

Yuwen Sheng asked coldly, "What happened?"

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