Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C1 You Snatched a Beautiful Man as Your Husband
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C1 You Snatched a Beautiful Man as Your Husband
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C1 You Snatched a Beautiful Man as Your Husband

"The three of them will do, and my husband will snatch the one who chooses the most handsome one. "

Feng Xi shook her head as she walked in the Pear Blossom Forest. She muttered something and a little black turtle followed behind her.

The man and turtle would glance to the side from time to time.

Yixie's master said: Although Feng Xi was a Goddess, her foundation was not as good as ordinary Immortal Cultivators. Her comprehension ability was also terrible to look at. There is only one method that can help stupid birds fly first. The method is as follows:

Using the yang to replenish the yin, one could choose a male cultivator with high comprehension ability to dual cultivate. Only by crossing the yang energy would there be results.

"Feng Xi is here! Quickly run!!"

"Hurry and run!" A handsome little senior brother cried out in alarm, and the young men in white who were enjoying the flowers panicked.

"Let's go, let's go. . . " He began to cast a spell. In an instant, the beautiful men in front of him disappeared in unison.

"Stop, you're not allowed to leave!" He ran so fast! Feng Xi was depressed and casually stopped a white-clothed youth and said fiercely: "Why are you guys running so fast? Do I look that ugly?"

"No, no. Junior Feng Xi, let go of me first. Quickly let go!"

The young man in white, who was being pulled by Feng Xi, was covered in cold sweat. White light slowly appeared on his body and it was obvious that his immortal Qi had begun to dissipate.

"I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!" Feng Xi suddenly realized that she almost got into trouble again and quickly let go.

That youth hurriedly took a deep breath and covered his chest as he forcefully retreated 30 meters away. He pointed at Feng Xi with a trembling finger and said, "You, you don't come over!"

Although Feng Xi, this useless Goddess, did not have any divine power, her innate purifying technique was enough to make these Minor Immortals' cultivation not deep enough to dissipate.

A thousand years of cultivation base couldn't match a careless mistake of hers. Therefore, other than Feng Xi's master, Sha Yixie, no one else in the Spotless Mountain dared to approach her.

"Senior Brother Qingheng, tell me where there is a handsome man who isn't afraid of me, and I will let you go!"

The young man called Qingheng was not afraid of Feng Xi. He thought hard and said, "You will be able to reach the end of the Pear Blossom Forest!"

"Really?" Feng Xi, who was deeply suspicious of this, was lost in thought. By the time she reacted, Qing Heng had already taken the opportunity to slip away without leaving a trace.

"He runs really fast!" Feng Xi lowered her eyes and immediately felt a little sad.

Was she really that scary?

The Xuan Ge stuck out half a turtle head and reminded. "Just now that person said that there are beautiful men everywhere in Wakabayashi Rika. Shall we go and take a look?"

"Let's go!"

Feng Xi walked along the bluestone path filled with Pear Flower Trees.

The sea of flowers that filled the sky danced like snowflakes. It was so beautiful that it was somewhat unclear.

Feng Xi was flying in the air.

Suddenly, with a thunderous roar, the man and turtle that were running inside were sent flying by an extremely powerful immortal energy.

A huge white monster with two horns appeared in front of them for no reason. It had the head of a dragon, antlers of a deer, eyes of a lion, scales of a snake, hooves of a horse, and tail of a cow. It also had a pair of large eyes that looked like bronze tombs. At this moment, it was staring at Feng Xi.

Feng Xi was so scared that she broke out in cold sweat. "What, what is this thing?"

The Snow Qilin was extremely furious. Its thick front legs stomped and an angry roar came from the front. Feng Xi only felt that it was deafening and dizzy.

"Snow. . . Snow Qilin!" The Xuan Ge's little black eyes were almost blinded by this big white monster and immediately became anxious. "Stupid bird, if we don't run now, we'll all be trampled into meat paste!"

Facing a divine beast like the Snow Qilin, they could only run away.

But he was a turtle, running was an absolute weakness.

Feng Xi shivered, picked up the Xuan Ge and began to run wildly, "That monster has been chasing us. What should we do? What should we do? " However, she did not think that the Snow Qilin behind her would chase after her relentlessly. With every step it took, it shook Feng Xi's soul out of the nine heavens.

The Xuan Ge said with disappointment. "Stupid bird, you are a bird after all! Why are you running so fast! "

"That's right!"

Feng Xi suddenly realized what was going on and immediately spread out her snow white wings and instantly soared into the sky.

It was still better to be able to fly!

She was suddenly glad that she was a species with wings. At least she could run fast!

Suddenly, she felt a chill behind her.

Feng Xi looked back and was drenched in cold sweat. "D * mn, it can fly too!"

"Then why don't you hurry up and fly! It's a phoenix after all, how can it be chased like this by a beast!" After cursing, the Xuan Ge immediately retreated back into its turtle shell.

Who else could it be if it wasn't the Snow Qilin!?

"Try running if you dare!" Feng Xi's face was bitter as she circled above the Spotless Mountain.

She really did not feel any pain when she stood there talking!

After circling around the Snow Qilin for an unknown number of times and making it dizzy, Feng Xi also saw stars and fell vertically from the sky above the Spotless Mountain.

She fell into a very standard dog eating mud. No, it should be a phoenix eating mud.

Even the Xuan Ge that had shrunk into a turtle shell rolled far away.

"Pui!" Feng Xi, whose face was covered in mud, slowly crawled out of the pit. She glanced at him inadvertently. . .

But she could not move away anymore.

In the misty hot spring, a man with a peerless appearance stood in the middle of the water with his eyes closed. His ink-like black hair was scattered on his shoulder, which was as white as jade. It was hard to describe how cool and handsome he was. Even the falling pear petals added a hint of celestial grace to his appearance for no reason.

Feng Xi's bloodline suddenly expanded. . .

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