Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C2 According to the Little Book
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C2 According to the Little Book
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C2 According to the Little Book

The Xuan Ge was speechless. Spit, spittle, stupid bird, pay attention to your saliva!

"Who dares trespass into the Top of Spotless!"

The man in the middle of the water spoke. His clear male voice sounded like the voice of the heavens in the chaos.

In an instant, he broke out of the water and water and pear petals flew everywhere. Feng Xi was confused and quickly raised her sleeve to block it.

When she saw it clearly, the person in front of her was already dressed in white like a painting. His black hair was tied up neatly with a white jade crown. He was like a peerless immortal from a thousand year old painting, standing alone in the world.

The white clothed person's starry eyes were cold as ice, and her handsome face that was untainted by dust was filled with an inviolable feeling.

"I am Feng Xi, Phoenix of the Phoenix, Tide's Tide's Tide!" Feng Xi looked at the person in front of her and her eyes blurred, "I. . . I seem to have seen you somewhere. . . "

Although it was her first time seeing him, this person gave her a very familiar feeling.

The Xuan Ge was cold. A stupid bird is a stupid bird, to not even have any intention to strike up a conversation. . .

"Yixie's little disciple?" Yun Jin slightly pinched his fingers, looked at the blood red cinnabar on Feng Xi's forehead and said faintly, "Didn't anyone tell you that you can't casually enter the dust cloud?"

Could it be that after a trip to the mortal world, he had been contaminated by worldly distracting thoughts? Yun Jin sighed in his heart. His intuition told him that the heart in his chest was beating at an unprecedented speed. What was even more difficult to figure out was that every inch he got closer to Feng Xi, his heart would heat up even more.

"I must have seen you before!" Feng Xi thought he did not believe her and rushed forward to explain. In the end, she staggered and directly threw the beautiful man in white onto the ground.

His body was surrounded by the faint fragrance of pear blossoms. Feng Xi's soft spot was pressed against his chest. She opened her eyes wide to look at him and actually forgot to speak.

Their heartbeats were like beating drums. It was as if their heartbeats were connected and there was an inexplicable harmony.

For a moment, the two of them were in a very intimate position.

The Xuan Ge was so shocked that its small eyes almost fell out. This was too. . . Too fast.

"I've really seen you before! I just can't remember when!" Feng Xi tightly hugged his waist, her eyes burning.

"You. . . " For some reason, they seemed to have met before. Before Yun Jin could ask what he wanted to say, the heat in his chest could not be suppressed. His body was constantly emitting rainbow-colored divine light. It was so dazzling that even the light of the scorching sun in the sky was slightly inferior.

"Hey, alright, don't faint!"

Feng Xi felt helpless.

It was not easy to catch a beautiful man whom she had never seen before, but why did he faint?

He really did not give her any face!

The handsome man underneath him actually didn't react for a long time. The Xuan Ge panicked: "Stupid bird, you're so heavy. Don't tell me he was knocked out by you!"

"Of course not!" Feng Xi swiftly got up and patted the dust off her body. She lifted her chin with her right hand and stared at the handsome face in front of her. "He was pressed down by me. Not only was his cultivation not purified, but there was also a rainbow-colored divine light. He must be my fated person!"

"Pui! Look at your infatuated look. I'm 80% sure that you scared him to death!" The Xuan Ge said angrily.

"Oh right, the cultivation secret manual Master gave me!" Feng Xi directly blocked his words and directly took out a small yellow book from her bosom.

Carefully opening the first page, Feng Xi took off her clothes as she looked at the map and asked puzzledly, "Must it be like this?"

"What are you doing?" The Xuan Ge's legs turned soft and it rolled far away.

That rogue master was not a spell, it was clearly the Spring Palace Trial Map!

Feng Xi flipped through several pages in a row and clicked her tongue in praise. "I didn't think that there would be so many postures!"

The men and women on the picture were entangled together. Their expressions were happy and they were like fish in water.

As she flipped, she thought about which postures were more suitable for her to use now. When she flipped to a page, Feng Xi was overjoyed. "Damn, there is a woman on this page. The man is below!"

"How about this, he is down there, and I am up there. Not bad!"

Feng Xi thought that this posture was more cost-effective. At least she did not need to be suppressed.

She immediately threw down the yellow book and started to take off the clothes of the man in white. Her little hands were shaking uncontrollably. "Pretty boy, don't worry. I will definitely be responsible for you in the future! "

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. In the end, he didn't take off a single item after a long time.

The Xuan Ge slowly crawled back. He said faintly, "Stupid bird, you have a nosebleed!"

"How can that be? I never bleed!" The dizzy Feng Xi disapproved and casually wiped her nose. Lowering her head to look at each and every one of them, she immediately cried out involuntarily, "Blood!"

The Xuan Ge helplessly shook the little turtle's head.

This stupid bird. . . It actually lost too much blood from its nosebleed and missed out on such a handsome man.

By the time he woke up, it was already three days later.

Feng Xi could only vaguely hear her own unscrupulous master's voice.

Something was not right.

There had never been an outsider in the Vanishing Scar Peak. If she was still lying here, then who was he talking to?

The first time Feng Xi opened her eyes muddle-headed was the snow qilin who was baring its teeth in front of the handsome man she pounced on the other day. She was so scared that she almost fainted again.

"Little Feng Xi, you finally woke up!"

Sha Yixie's sharp eyes and quick hands picked up his disciple, who was about to play dead, like a chick.

Yun Jin was wearing a white robe, and his face was as clear as jade. He stood not far away from them, and it was a natural scenery for him.

Feng Xi was stunned when she saw him. She was pulled by Sha Yixie's ear and it hurt so much that she stomped her feet. "Master, Master, please be gentle. . . . Be gentle. It hurts!"

Sha Yixie pushed Feng Xi in front of Yun Jin with a smile that was not a smile. "You broke into the Top of Spotless without permission. Why don't you go and apologize to Yun Jin, Martial Uncle?"

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