Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C3 Let Her Stay by His Side
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C3 Let Her Stay by His Side
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C3 Let Her Stay by His Side

All those years ago, Yun Jin was sent to the Six Realms by the 36 Heavenly Tribulations. Now, there were a lot of rumors about Yun Jin. Which fairy had come to express her goodwill and was rejected by the door?

This Immortal Venerable, who had not been tainted by dust for thousands of years, finally seemed to have touched the edge of a peach blossom.

Sha Yixie smiled and watched the show, totally ignoring the fact that this was his little disciple.

Feng Xi rubbed her right ear and looked at Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin in disbelief. She was instantly dumbfounded. "Master. . . Martial Uncle, Feng Xi knows she was wrong!"

Master said that regardless of whether she was wrong or not, it was always right to admit her mistake first.

Feng Xi, who had always caused trouble, had tried many times and received the divine decree.

"En!" Yun Jin looked at Feng Xi like a spring breeze. He did not feel awkward at all.

It was rare for Sha Yixie to put on a stern face. "What did you do wrong?"

"What did I do wrong?! What did I do wrong?!" Feng Xi frowned slightly. Didn't Master say that it was good to admit his mistake in the past? Why is it different this time?


Feng Xi was frightened by her own unscrupulous master's gaze and blurted out. "My fault is that I shouldn't have peeked at Martial Uncle bathing!"

Sha Yixie continued to wave his face, "What else?"

"I shouldn't have. . . I shouldn't have taken off Martial Uncle's clothes!" Feng Xi thought for a while and hesitated. She could not help but doubt in her heart, Is this considered wrong?

"Cough cough!" Yun Jin covered his mouth and coughed twice. He also glanced at his senior brother who was not serious. "Those who do not know are not guilty!"

"Senior brother is right. Those who do not know are not guilty. They are not guilty!"

Sha Yixie could not hide the smile in his eyes. He had not seen his junior brother, who had no desires and desires, change his expression after seven thousand years. This feeling was really not bad!

Feng Xi was conflicted. Was this master here to cause trouble or for something?

Seeing that he was not laughing, she was afraid that he was going to suffocate!

The snow qilin by the side had been staring at her indignantly. From time to time, a low rumble would be heard, causing Feng Xi to tremble and hide behind Yun Jin. "Martial Uncle!"

"Qilin, stop messing around!" Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin's slender hand caressed the snow qilin's back. The latter instantly quieted down. She closed her eyes and obediently lied down as if she was enjoying it.

Yun Jin's voice had a calming effect, and Feng Xi suddenly felt a little fortunate.

This Martial Uncle couldn't help but look like a celestial being in a painting. Moreover, he was much easier to get along with compared to that unscrupulous and messy master. Just by staying by his side, he had an indescribable sense of belonging.

It was rare for Feng Xi, this troublemaker, to be so obedient. Sha Yixie suppressed the joy in his heart and said, "It has been thousands of years. Junior Brother doesn't accept disciples and doesn't like to be disturbed. There is no one in Spotless Hall that is popular. It seems to be quite empty. Senior brother, I just need to go into seclusion during this period of time. There is no need to thank little Feng Xi for letting you go! I will be leaving first! "

"Senior Yixie, you should know the rule of not leaving anyone behind in Spotless Hall!" Yun Jin said plainly, without any sadness or joy.

Feng Xi heard him and lowered her head listlessly. She secretly sighed, Does Martial Uncle not like me?

Sha Yixie pulled Feng Xi along and refuted with conviction, "This is a little stupid bird. Who is it? How can it be considered to have broken the rules!"

Feng Xi, who clearly did not hear the adjectives of her own unscrupulous master, nodded her head like a chick pecking rice. Anyway, she was not a human.

"You do not have immortal energy on you!" Yun Jin ignored his junior brother who was good at quibbling and asked Feng Xi lightly.

Sha Yixie pinched Feng Xi. The former was on the verge of kneeling down with tears streaming down his face. He said pitifully, "Martial Uncle, when Master wasn't around, those senior brothers always bullied me because I didn't have any immortal energy. They said that I was a useless person. Martial Uncle must take me in. Wuuuu ~ ~"

Sha Yixie looked very relieved. Who said that Feng Xi was stupid? Who dared to say Feng Xi was stupid!

Let's not talk about other things. Wasn't the biggest advantage he had learned eight or nine out of ten?

"Forget it!"

Yun Jin held Feng Xi's hand with his white palm and said lightly, Let's go. "Since you are my disciple, I should protect you for the rest of your life!"

His hand felt a little cold.

So this was the feeling of holding someone else's hand.

Feng Xi tilted her head to look at Yun Jin. Her reaction was a little slow. After a long time, she softly said, "Thank you, Martial Uncle!"

Just now, he said that he would protect her without worry. Even her Royal Mother did not say such words. However, he had said that he would protect her for the rest of her life.

Feng Xi immediately felt that the wind that blew against her face today was warm. Even that Snow Qilin looked cute no matter how she looked at it now!

"If that's the case, thank you, junior brother!"

"En!" Yun Jin replied faintly and did not say anything else.

"Master!" Feng Xi pulled the sleeve of the person who was about to slip away and was prepared to not let go.

No matter how beautiful Martial Uncle was, he could not put her together with this monster who could stomp her flat at any time!

"My good disciple, you have to know how many senior brothers and sisters can't enter the Spotless Hall!"

Sha Yixie seemed to be kind as he laughed in a low voice. "When one is close to the water, one first obtains the moon. Little Feng Xi must grasp it well!"

"You. . . Take care!"

Feng Xi silently let go. Immediately, she felt a deep sense of helplessness towards this unreliable master!

However, getting close to the water tower first obtains the moon. I seem to have taken the initiative!

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