Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C4 Uncle Shi Let's Give It a Try?
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C4 Uncle Shi Let's Give It a Try?
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C4 Uncle Shi Let's Give It a Try?

Yun Jin said lightly, "Little Feng Xi?"

"Martial Uncle!"

Feng Xi scratched her head in annoyance. She was already 7,000 years old, so why couldn't it be compared to the small words?

Yun Jin: "Hm?"

Feng Xi said softly: "Actually, I am not young anymore!"

Yun Jin raised his eyes and looked at her from beginning to end. He glanced at her and said, "I think I am quite young!"

She looked like a thirteen or fourteen year old little girl.

"Could it be that Martial Uncle is very old?" Feng Xi lowered her head and looked at her flat land. Her face immediately darkened.

She indeed did not have the most basic characteristics of a woman.

Yun Jin said faintly. "I have already ascended to the Immortal Realm for seven thousand years. "

"Alright. . . Alright. "

Feng Xi suddenly recalled the Immortal Venerables that her senior brothers and sisters had mentioned earlier. The only mortal body that had experienced the 36 Heavenly Tribulations had ascended to the Immortal Venerable realm, and had even taken over the position of Immortal Venerable.

She had always avoided people like him who had the aura of "I'm not someone to be trifled with. "

It was just that she had never thought that he would actually be so good-looking. . .


"Martial Uncle, how about we have a discussion?" Feng Xi blinked, "Martial Uncle looks more reliable than my master. Can you give me a new name?"

Yun Jin was slightly puzzled. "Why?"

Feng Xi sniffed her slightly sour nose. "Feng Xi, Feng Xi, Feng Xi. This was not a good name to begin with. My senior brothers all said that I should analyze and analyze! "

The little girl lowered her eyes gloomily, her eyelashes that were as long as butterfly wings trembling slightly.

She was a mutated little phoenix that even Royal Mother did not like. Even her name was made fun of.

When Yun Jin heard this, he smiled faintly. It was as gorgeous as the clouds breaking the sun.

Feng Xi was stunned.

Yun Jin said slowly: "The phoenix returns to its hometown and travels the four seas to beg for its phoenix.

When the time comes, there is nothing to be gained. When the time comes, there is no such thing as enlightenment in the Rising Hall!

There is a beautiful lady in the boudoir, and the people in the room are vilifying me.

He was like a pair of lovebirds, and Hu Jie was soaring in the sky!

Phoenix Qixi floats from me, and has to bear fruit and be a concubine forever.

Friendship is harmonious, who knows who will know about it in the middle of the night?

Both wings fly up high, without feeling my sorrow. "

It was clearly an incomparably charming sentence that came from an immortal monarch, but it made people think of something else that they couldn't come up with.

Only Little Eight, who was not far away, murmured with grief and indignation as he quietly circled around. Phoenix Courting Phoenix!

The Immortal Reverent actually said to this stupid bird, Phoenix Seeking Phoenix! But how could you use such an expression without any desire to say it!

"Feng Xi Feng Xi has returned to her hometown and traveled the four seas to beg for her phoenix. " Feng Xi muttered softly, her heart felt a little warm.

Although she did not understand what it meant, it was the first time that she realized that her name could also be so elegant and elegant.

"Feng Xi is a very good name. "

Yun Jin intimately reached out his hand and patted Feng Xi's head. "This sovereign will call you Xi'er from now on. "

"Yes, yes, yes!" Xier sounded much better. It also sounded like she was much more intimate!

Feng Xi cooperated with him and nodded vigorously, "Martial Uncle is really good-looking!"

"His looks only disappeared in a flash!"

"But I really like Martial Uncle!" Feng Xi paused for a moment and glanced at Yun Jin's face. She then said, "Where is his face?"

If Martial Uncle could say that Feng Xi was a very beautiful person, it would be even better!

The breeze that blew at them brought with it a slight pear blossom fragrance, causing people to be unable to help but immerse themselves in it.

Phoenix Courting Phoenix, Luan Phoenix and Ming.

After so many years, when the two of them truly understood this ancient song, it was already a completely different scene.

The Xuan Ge stood by the side, staring at the huge Snow Qilin with its eyes wide open. After a while, it felt bored and quietly retreated to the side to sleep.

Feng Xi took advantage of the time when Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin was meditating with his eyes closed and secretly took a peek. A white veil fluttered in the Spotless Hall. It was a vast expanse, and there was not the slightest bit of smoke or smoke in the world.

Feng Xi was bored out of her mind and continued to study the yellow book given by her unscrupulous master.

As she read, she actually felt a faint heat. She frowned slightly in annoyance. What exactly was wrong with it?

The air was filled with some sort of unknown emotion. Yun Jin slowly opened his eyes. "Xi-er, what are you doing?"


Feng Xi was nervous and actually started to stutter. Her handsome face had a slight peach blossom color.

In a moment of carelessness, the yellow book in her hand was already in Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin's hands.

"Ah. . . " Feng Xi said with a bright voice. "Actually, it's nothing much!"


Yun Jin flipped a few pages and his handsome face suddenly showed some helplessness. "Who told you to read these things?"

At such a young age, who taught you to read Chungong Tu so brazenly?

Feng Xi looked up and said with conviction and conviction. "Master said, this. . . Dual cultivation is also a type of magic. Regarding the essence passed down from our ancestors, as the younger generation, we have to be proud and prosper! Martial Uncle, you can dual cultivate with me! "

Was there any other disciple who was more obedient than her? There is absolutely no one else!

Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin was stunned when he heard this. His handsome face turned slightly red like a miracle. For a moment, he was unable to say anything.

Feng Xi held her face with her hands. Martial Uncle actually knows how to blush. Take a good look!

"Martial Uncle is an Immortal Venerable with powerful immortal energy. I am the Goddess of Phoenix Clan. Although I am a bit of a useless person, I am also born in the God Race. It is truly a rare combination of heaven and earth for you and me to cultivate together!"

She looked at Yun Jin and said sincerely, "Martial Uncle, shall we give it a try?"

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