Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C5 Why Don't You like Me?
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C5 Why Don't You like Me?
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C5 Why Don't You like Me?

Yun Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry. He explained patiently, "Those who practice this method are men and women. I do not have such feelings for you!"

Feng Xi said angrily. Didn't Martial Uncle like white the most?! Why don't you like me? "

Yun Jin was confused. "What do you mean?"

"I have white hair from head to toe!"

Feng Xi was dissatisfied as she transformed into the original body of the white phoenix and flew around Yun Jin twice. After a while, she turned into a human form and looked up at her.

She had never been so proud of her white body!

Indeed, other than the bright red cinnabar mole on her forehead, her white clothes fluttered from head to toe and her skin was as smooth as cream.

Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin smiled faintly when he saw this. "This sovereign likes you, just like all the living beings in the world!"

"Martial Uncle, do whatever you want!" Feng Xi's words did not scare anyone as she continued, "If you can cultivate together with yourself and the people you like, how can Martial Uncle like so many living things? How can he cultivate them?"

The Xuan Ge held back its laughter and was about to go crazy. . .

This stupid bird actually said that Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin who had no desires and no desires was free to do as he pleased!

The snow qilin at the side was slightly enraged. It raised its leg and raised its leg. He pushed his hoof towards the Xuan Ge, who was secretly laughing.

The Xuan Ge shook its rope and rolled to Feng Xi's side. That was close!

Yun Jin said seriously, "Ever since I started cultivating, I have always been independent and have never tried this technique!"

He had always kept a respectful distance from this disciple who was brought out by Senior Brother Yixie's style of doing things.

He had never thought that he would meet such an excellent disciple.

Yun Jin quickly calculated with his right hand. He could not help but furrow his brows slightly, "A phoenix has entered the tribulation!"

Normally, the descendants of the Phoenix Clan would have to undergo the tribulation to be reborn after five thousand years. This Feng Xi had been delayed to seven thousand years. Moreover, the soul essence of the Goddess of the Phoenix Clan was incomplete, and she did not have a single trace of divine power in her body. It was truly unbelievable.

Feng Xi heard this and smiled. "Looking at Martial Uncle's solemn expression, I don't think I have the chance to undergo the rebirth of a phoenix!"

Yun Jin lifted his eyes and looked gently at Feng Xi, "There are exceptions to everything in the world, let alone a peerless little phoenix like Xi-er!"

Just because this was the only white phoenix since Pangu split open the sky, it should be different from the others.

However, she didn't care about the calamity she was about to face, so it was inevitable that people would feel pity for her.

Feng Xi suddenly understood. Unconsciously, she asked happily, "Martial Uncle is the only immortal in Immortal Realm who has broken through 36 Heavenly Tribulations in a row. I am the only white phoenix in the history of Pangu's creation. Does this count as a perfect match? "

When the Xuan Ge heard this, it immediately raised its head high, afraid that it would miss a good show.

"It's true. . . . It's really true!" Yun Jin thought it made sense. He thought for a while and then said: "This sovereign said before that since Xi'er is a disciple of the Mortal Parting Sect, this sovereign will definitely protect you for the rest of your life!"

This sentence seemed to be able to make her heart feel inexplicably warm. Feng Xi's eyebrows rose in joy as she said with a lackey, "As long as Martial Uncle says it, I will believe it!"

Yun Jin smiled and touched her head. For some reason, she felt that she had seen him before.

It was a picture of fatherly love, but when he saw the Xuan Ge, his eyes suddenly became more charming. He continued to record the strange stories of his Sixth Sister in his heart.

One year, one month, one hour, Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin and a stupid bird made an alliance for the next life!

Then, a certain idiot took an inch and smiled, "Martial Uncle, what magic can run fast? I want to learn it!"

Yun Jin looked at her face full of expectation and could not help smiling faintly, "There is a transfer spell in the beginner level spell. It seems that Xier did not learn it well!"

"This. . . !" Not only did she not learn it well, but she had never learned it before. Feng Xi scratched her head and said very embarrassingly, "That is too difficult, it is not suitable for me!"

Holy sh * t! The Xuan Ge secretly complained. There was actually someone who had the face to say that the most basic entry-level magic in Spotless Mountain was too difficult. He was really full of admiration.

"Is the transfer spell difficult?!" Yun Jin asked in a low voice.

The latter looked bitter. "Difficult!"

Even the snow qilin gave Feng Xi a look of disgust and continued to lie down to sleep.

At this moment, the Xuan Ge and the Snow Qilin had an unprecedented resonance. This stupid bird was truly hopeless.

It was not easy for a goddess to cultivate these basic entry-level techniques.

Yun Jin comforted him gently, "Xi-er doesn't have spiritual energy in his body, so it's naturally difficult for him to control the immortal technique. Why don't you try using the Thought Technique's Revolving Star Passage Technique?"

"Telekinesis?!" Feng Xi had a puzzled expression, "But the Revolving Star Passage Technique sounds very powerful. "

"Concentrate your own will and follow my will!"

She looked at the former closing his eyes and focusing his thoughts on his two fingers.

Feng Xi imitated his actions and stretched out her two fingers in a panic. The more anxious she was, the more chaotic she became. No, it was the index finger and ring finger, or was it not?

"Xi-er, there is no need to be anxious. Take your time, stretch out your index finger and middle finger and merge them together! " The light and shallow male voice had a kind of divine power that calmed one's mind.

Feng Xi could not help but be guided by it. She slowly closed her eyes and softly replied, "Yes!"

Xuan Ge hurriedly went forward and used his small claws to pull Feng Xi's skirt, in case he missed the opportunity to watch a good show.

After a while, Yun Jin slowly chanted, "Follow this sovereign. The cloud rises and the spirit turns, and the stars turn. "

"The cloud rises and the spirit turns, the cloud turns and the stars turn!" As the voice fell, Feng Xi's intuition sent a wave of spiritual thought straight to the top of her head.

"Rise from the clouds and use your spiritual consciousness to turn things around and use your spiritual consciousness to turn things around!" After closing her eyes for a long time, Feng Xi did not know where she was and immediately felt a little floating.

"Martial Uncle, where are we going!"

There was no reply for a long time. Feng Xi was a little panicked.

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