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C6 Good Fight

There seemed to be a chill coming from behind. When Feng Xi opened her eyes, there was an endless sea in front of her. Damn it, she did not know how to drink water. This was the rhythm of drowning her!

"Ah!" Feng Xi's Invincible Sound Technique was immediately fully utilized and she fell down without any preparation!

The Xuan Ge helplessly landed on the surface of the water and its size expanded by dozens of times. Feng Xi landed on the hard turtle's back. It hurt from the impact.

It was fine if it hurt from the fall.

The important thing was that a strange creature that looked like a dragon or a snake suddenly appeared in the water. Its green and black scales were glittering, and behind it was a huge wave that surged into the sky!

Feng Xi was scared silly. She stood up and shouted, " Hey, wait a minute!"

The flood dragon was stopped by her roar. It stopped in midair and looked at her high and mighty, waiting for her to continue.

It was great that she could understand it!

Feng Xi continued to speak like a lackey, "Brother, what is there to discuss? If you like dancing, can you let us go first?"

With a long roar, the eyes of the Flood Dragon became redder and redder. It swept its tail towards Feng Xi and attacked with a storm.

Oh my god, this is going to take her life!

Feng Xi was dumbfounded. She felt that her legs were so heavy that they could not be pulled out. She just stood there blankly!

The faint lotus fragrance around her spread out and pulled her up onto the seven-colored lotus seat. The Xuan Ge then dived into the water and disappeared without a trace.

Feng Xi looked at the green-clothed woman in front of her and saw that there was a lifelike lotus seal on her forehead. The autumn water was so beautiful that it could make one drunk. Her eyebrows were like the distant mountains, but it was flamboyant and fierce.

Of course, the important thing was that this was really a beauty that she had never seen before.

She did not think that the beauty would open her mouth and say it in front of her face. "Little girl, why did you come here for no reason? Why did you come here for no reason?"

"You are the little girl, your entire family is a little girl!" The gap between speaking and not speaking was not that big. Feng Xi was unhappy.

It was fine if Martial Uncle said she was young. Now, even someone who looked similar to her was calling her a little girl.

It was really unbearable for a master, but not for a little girl!

Lianmo, however, smiled and said: "Ever since this sovereign became a god, it has already been ten thousand years. No one has ever said this sovereign's little lass. You are rather interesting!"

"You, you, you have been living for ten thousand years. You must be joking!" Feng Xi opened her eyes wide in surprise. She glanced at the other party from beginning to end and said in disbelief.

"Then treat it as a joke!"

Lianmo pinched Feng Xi's white and tender cheeks and smiled slyly as she softly called out. "Zhu Yun!"

In an instant, a silver light streaked across the sky. Feng Xi fixed her eyes and saw that what landed in Lianmo's hand was a silver long sword. The sword qi was like a rainbow and it was extraordinarily beautiful.

Feng Xi could not help but sigh, "What a beautiful sword!"

Lianmo smiled and said. "Of course!"

Wu Feng Zhuyun was the most powerful weapon in the Six Realms Divine Weapon Record.

The two of them chatted happily and completely forgot about the flood dragon that was eyeing them covetously from below.

In the blink of an eye, the lake water followed the movement of the flood dragon and went up thousands of feet. Although it was difficult to bring disaster to the clouds, if this continued, the hundred miles of land would inevitably be turned into ruins.

Lianmo thought that if something happened, she would have to be locked up by her senior brother. If she was locked up, she would have to look at those beautiful girls again. At the bottom of it, there was only one word that annoyed her!

Thinking of this, she frowned and said angrily, "It's not fun. This little Flood Dragon really doesn't give me face. Didn't he just want a Flood Dragon Pearl as the wick? Why is he so petty!"

Feng Xi blushed with shame. This girl wanted to take the Flood Dragon Pearl from his stomach, which was equivalent to half of his cultivation. If he didn't give it to her, she would blame him for being stingy.

In this world, there was always someone stronger than the heavens, and there was always someone stronger than the gods. His unscrupulous master instantly became weak.

Feng Xi immediately felt respect in her heart!

She saw Lianmo raise her green sleeve, bringing along a silver light as she rushed towards the flood dragon. Ripples appeared and the two streams of air collided, creating countless water lotuses.

The former's black hair flew up and stood on top of a huge water lotus. It really looked like a moving flower and a sea of lotus flowers that connected the sky. It was extremely beautiful.

Feng Xi had to say, how beautiful was this fight!

"Well fought!" She really could not hold it in and directly applauded.

This was no less than a miracle in the legends!

Lianmo had always been straightforward. Now that she wanted to take this live dragon pearl, she could not hurt that flood dragon. The Cloud Chasing Sword in her hand was entangled a few times and it was inevitable that she would be controlled by the enemy.

The Flood Dragon's movement speed was too fast, and its sparkling light almost blinded Lianmo's eyes. As expected, it had not made a move for too many years. Since she could not get the living thing, she crossed her heart and chanted the incantation. A circle of light formed around her body and attacked three inches behind the Flood Dragon's back.

Her huge body was hit in the short part, and a mournful dragon's roar shook the air!

It was injured. Inexplicably pained, Feng Xi cried out in alarm, "Don't hurt him!"

Lianmo's figure paused slightly and stood on the water lotus that had just emerged from the surface of the water. Her attack stopped abruptly. "Why?"

"I. . . " Feng Xi was also momentarily at a loss as to why. But she just did not want it to get hurt.

Lianmo was helpless. This girl was really meddlesome. She originally did not have the intention to kill. Who asked this evil creature to be so tactless? It was just taking his Flood Dragon Pearl. It was not like she wanted to take his life and cause such a mess.

The Flood Dragon beside her took the opportunity to revolt and attacked Lianmo with a force that could topple mountains and overturn seas. Feng Xi was so scared that she fell down from the clouds and instinctively extended her hands to block in front of her chest. Immediately, she used an extremely high decibel to call for help, "Martial Uncle, help!!!"

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