Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C7 If We Run into Demons We'll Kill Them
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Little Phoenix Loves Her Martial Uncle/C7 If We Run into Demons We'll Kill Them
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C7 If We Run into Demons We'll Kill Them

"Senior Brother, help!" However, the arrogant person beside her easily overshadowed her voice. His tone was so high that Feng Xi could not catch up to him.

After a while, there was no movement. Feng Xi laid on the back of the Xuan Ge that had just emerged from the water and slowly opened her eyes in disbelief. "What, it seems like nothing happened. . . "

The Cloud Chasing Sword replied and returned to its sheath. Lianmo took the opportunity to ride the wind, "The innate purification technique, this little girl indeed has an extraordinary origin!"

Feng Xi only took advantage of the opportunity to block the Flood Dragon's attack but she accidentally neutralized the Flood Dragon's devilish energy. The originally dark green scales began to gradually withdraw, revealing the originally normal green scales and the brilliance could be seen.

"Brother, are you alright?" Feng Xi stretched out her hand and gently touched the Flood Dragon's horn. "Actually, you are still very pretty!"

Beautiful. Lianmo swallowed her saliva that was about to burst out and ridicule, she did not mishear it!

She heard Feng Xi say again. "If you were white, that would be even better!"

The flood dragon looked at her and nodded. It grinned (reluctantly interpreted as a smile) and dived into the water with a harmless look, disappearing without a trace!

The Xuan Ge faintly sighed. Ever since this girl saw Immortal Sovereign Yun Jin, she liked white as if she had become a devil. It was unknown how many humans and animals were going to suffer!

"Little girl!" Lianmo looked at Feng Xi for a moment and then shook her head. Was there something wrong with this girl's aesthetic sense?

"I am not some little girl!"

Feng Xi angrily said, "My name is Feng Xi, Phoenix of the Phoenix, Tidal Tide!"

"Alright, no matter what your name is, this time I have already counted to 35. Senior brother will be here soon!" Lianmo suddenly reacted, "I will go first. "

"Where are you going?" Feng Xi blushed with shame. Just now she was calling for her senior brother to save her life but now she slipped away again. Indeed, the thoughts of gods were hard to understand.

Lianmo suddenly remembered that it was not appropriate to leave this little girl here and very enthusiastically asked. "Oh right, does Little Xixi want me to send you back?"

Little Xixi, this form of address, Feng was once again confused but it was also good to leave this lousy place. She hurriedly nodded her head and agreed, "Okay, okay!"

Lianmo closed her eyes and slowly chanted a spell. A ray of spiritual light struck a person and a turtle, sending them out of the lake in an instant.

Feng Xi was still unable to react and asked in a daze, "Little Myna. That, why is she so beautiful? And her magic is so powerful?"

" Stupid bird! " The Xuan Ge, who had just reacted, had a look of disappointment on his face as he said, "That's not important. The important thing is, does she know where we're going?"

It seemed like, she should, perhaps she did not know. . .

Feng Xi suddenly had an impulse to cry to the sky. Didn't she just want to learn a spell that could run fast? What was this all about!

A mournful tiger roar interrupted Feng Xi's thoughts. The wind was mixed with a thick smell of blood. Feng Xi frowned in disgust and only saw a look of disgust. In front of her was a large stretch of towering trees, as well as two tigers and. . . . . .

Damn it, those colorful, hanging, and coiled snakes were all snakes, and they were even spitting out snake tongues to make "slivers" sounds.

"Ah!!!" Feng Xi's Invincible Sound Technique was immediately fully utilized. She tightly hugged the banyan tree by the side and immediately shouted for help, "Martial Uncle, help! There are so many snakes!!"

A scream that pierced through the clouds interrupted the fierce battle between the giant python and the wounded White Tiger King. They all turned around and stared at her angrily.

Feng Xi, whose hair was numb from the stare, was speechless and asked the heavens, I am just a passerby. What are you guys doing? Why are you taking me so seriously?!

She hurriedly picked up the Xuan Ge on the ground with a trembling hand and muttered, "Rising Spirit Siyi, turning things around!"

Tian Lingling, Di Lingling, quickly let me leave this damn place!

Feng Xi was so nervous that she broke out in cold sweat.

After a while, she opened her eyes again. The thick smell of blood still lingered beside her.

"Stupid bird, can't you be more reliable?" Xuan Huan's little heart could not take it anymore. What the hell was this place that they had come to? They even ran into demons fighting each other. This was bad luck!

"Don't worry, don't worry. I'll try again: the clouds rise and the clouds rise, and the stars turn!" Although Feng Xi said so, in reality, her legs were already trembling uncontrollably.

The Xuan Ge kept breaking out in cold sweat from its forehead. He could only circle around in secret. He thought to himself, Star Shift, just do me a favor!

Feng Xi stole a glance and almost wanted to cry but had no tears. In front of her was still that tree, those creepy snakes, and that blood-stained white tiger that was still holding on.

Before she could react, the snake closest to her twisted its thick snake body and opened its bloody mouth to pounce towards Feng Xi!

Such a big mouth, it was trying to swallow her alive. Feng Xi trembled and closed her eyes. She let fate decide her fate and kept chanting the two mantras of the Revolving Star Passage Technique. Her figure turned into a white light and flashed out dozens of feet.

It seemed that death was not that terrifying. Being bitten by a snake seemed like it. It did not hurt that much either. . .

Feng Xi thought so. When she opened her eyes, the huge snake in front of her was replaced by a white tiger lying on the ground and moaning softly.

It was surrounded by countless poisonous snakes. From time to time, it would roar towards the sky and its white fur would be stained with blood.

Was this considered as a tiger being bullied by snakes?

Feng Xi half squatted down and pushed the white tiger. "What's wrong with you? Hey! Don't die. . . "

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