Little Wife (Daniel)/C1 Just Sleep
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Little Wife (Daniel)/C1 Just Sleep
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C1 Just Sleep


This is the word that Daniel Tanza Wiraatmadja heard for the first time when he woke up today. Not many people were present at the wedding. Yes, an impromptu marriage that he inevitably had to go through.

At first glance, Daniel looked at the teenage girl who had now officially become his wife. No smile emerged from his lips as usual. Usually, on Sundays like this, he still sleeps until noon. You know he's a busy man. Sunday is heaven for him. However, this time turned into a hell week.

"Congratulations on your marriage."

Calisa hugged them both. Dicky, who was still lying weak, also smiled happily. He was very happy because he saw his eldest son was married. Although there is a feeling of unwillingness in the recesses of his heart.

"Daniel, now you are officially Lita's husband and son-in-law," said Dicky quietly.

"Yes, Doctor." Daniel forced a smile.

His conscience this time can still work well. He couldn't be angry with Dicky who was seriously ill. In addition, the two people who have officially become his in-laws are the most meritorious and important in his life besides his parents and mother.

"Lita, greetings to your husband, dear," said Calisa, who was a little irritated with her beautiful daughter.

"Okay, Mom."

Lita's hands trembled slightly. This is not the first time for her to touch the hand of the handsome man who has become her husband. It's just that Lita is a little scared. She knew that Daniel, who was always called uncle by her, seemed to be holding back anger.

'I'm sorry Lita,' Lita shook her husband's hand.


Everyone turned to a teenager in middle school uniform. Lita's smile grew perfectly when she saw her only brother.


The teenager who was called Tanza immediately rushed into the arms of Lita, her sister.

"Why are you here?" asked Lita softly.

Tanza let go of her arms and looked at everyone who was there. His gaze turned to Daniel's figure.

'Tch! I don't want my good sister to have an old and lecherous husband like him!' He glared at Daniel.

Daniel just rolled his eyes lazily. He knew that all this time Tanza had never liked him. The teenager was always openly looking for a fuss with him.

'Damn boy!' Daniel cursed in his heart.

Tanza's gaze bothered him and intimidated him a bit. If only Dicky and Calisa weren't here. Perhaps, the two of them had been fighting as usual.

“You can't possibly marry him right?" asked Tanza suddenly.

"He is now your brother-in-law," said Calisa, approaching her son.

"No! Impossible! Mama must be joking, right?”

"Mom's not kidding."

Tanza clenched his fists. He glared at Daniel hatefully. “You are selfish!” Tanza immediately left the place.


Lita tried to chase after her brother, but was restrained by her mother.

"That's enough. After a while, he will also be able to accept it." Calisa calmed her daughter.

"Daniel, Lita. Come here," said Dicky.

The two of them walked towards Dicky who smiled weakly. The man's face looked as pale as a corpse.

"What's the matter, Doctor?"

“Daniel, call me Papa from now on.”

Daniel scratched the back of his neck. The call had stuck on his tongue for decades. He felt a little amused by the call requested by Dicky.

"Yes. Pa-pa."

Dicky's smile grew wider. He took something from the drawer. "This is for you." Handed a key to Daniel.

Daniel's brows furrowed immediately. "What's this?"

“It's a house for the two of you from us as a wedding gift. We plan to give the house to Lita for her seventeenth birthday next month,” explained Calisa, who was currently standing beside them.

"No need, Sister."

"Sister?" Staring at Daniel sharply.

"Eh, I mean Daniel Mama."

A smile grew on Calisa's face, who was still beautiful at such a young age. Lita just kept quiet and kept her head down. With great difficulty, she held back the tears that seemed to burst. Lita is a quiet and shy person. She is not good at socializing with new people.

Even with Daniel, who had known her since she was a baby, it was still a little foreign to her. So far, the only one who can talk to her is Tanza.

“You guys go back to your new home now. For stuff, don't you worry. Because everything is already there. Tomorrow, take the old things that you left at your respective homes." Calisa looked at the two closely.

"Ma, may I not come with Uncle Daniel," Lita squeaked.

She was a little scared. And honestly living with Daniel will not make her life as comfortable and peaceful as usual.

"I can't honey. You are his wife now. So, wherever your husband goes. You must go with him.” Calisa stroked her daughter's hair.

To be honest, Calisa also had a hard time letting go of her daughter at such a young age. However, all this must be done as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Daniel will be in trouble. Calisa doesn't want anything to happen to Daniel, who she loves the most.

'I'd better obey. My body also needs rest. It's only nine o'clock in the morning.'


Dicky looked at his wife intensely. "Honey, I'm afraid Lita will be down," squeaked Dicky.

"Not. She couldn't be down."

"What if she already has a boyfriend?"

Calisa smiled and held her husband's hand tightly. "Believe me, if Lita our child liked Daniel from the first."

"Is that true? How do you know?"

"I am his mother. I know it very well. Yes, although she never spoke to me for long. My daughter is so quiet and shy.”

"Yes. Our two children are opposite." Dicky nodded slightly in approval.

'They imitate the nature of the two of us. Lita is very much like you or maybe worse. Whereas Tanza looks like me.'

On the other hand, Daniel immediately laid his body. Meanwhile, Lita just stood there and kept her head down.

"Lita, sleep with me here too?" Patted the spot beside him.

"Sleep together?" said Lita stammered.

Her whole body was starting to sweat. In all her life, she had never slept with anyone, including her brother and parents. And now she was ordered to sleep with someone who could always make her heartbeat so fast?

Just imagining it, makes a Lita almost faint.

"Yes. Just sleep, nothing more. I know you must be tired from the three-hour journey from the hospital to here.”

No answer from Lita. The girl didn't even move from her current position.

'Gosh, this girl.'

Daniel immediately got up from his sleep. He steps towards Lita who was standing not far from him.

"Come on." Daniel pulled Lita's hand.

'Oh, Lord! Why are her hands this cold? Is she scared? Or sick?'

"Lalita Andrea, what are you doing?" asked Daniel, a little scared. Just wanted to answer, Lita immediately fainted.

"LALITA!" Daniel glared perfectly.

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