Little Wife (Daniel)/C3 A Problem
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Little Wife (Daniel)/C3 A Problem
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C3 A Problem

In a very spacious room. Girl seen blinking her eyes. One of her hands lifted holding her head which felt so heavy.

"What's this?" Lita took a small towel that was stuck to her head.

Lita watched the object closely. If she remembers back, the last time she was crying under the heavy rain last night. Lita is also sure if she had had a fever all night. However, who had brought her back to this house?

No way Daniel. Remembering the man who was making out with another woman in the room. That's what Lita thought. If you remember that, Lita's heart only hurts.

Which wife is willing to know that her husband is making out with another woman. Although this marriage was done out of necessity. Or, Daniel was already in a relationship with the woman. But, still, it is wrong.

Slowly, Lita lowered her legs. Her body still felt so weak. The effects of the rain were so fatal to her body. If Mama and Papa found out how she is now, they would be very worried. Lita felt guilty for deliberately making herself sick with rain like that.

"I'm sorry, Pa, Ma."

The bedroom door opened. Daniel's figure was seen carrying a tray. His eyes were a little surprised to see Lita who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Are you aware?" Daniel walked quickly towards Lita.

Lita was so surprised to see Daniel's figure. Don't tell her it's her husband who has brought her and nursed her all night.

"Oh. Why is it here?” Lita whispered.

Daniel was sitting next to his wife whose face looked so pale. Instead of answering Lita's question. Daniel instead put one hand on Lita's forehead to check the girl's temperature.

"Thankfully, your fever has subsided." Daniel breathed a sigh of relief.

Lita frowned. 'He's worried about me? Ah, maybe he's afraid of me for some reason. If that happens. He'll be in trouble.'

"Lean back. You haven't recovered much." Daniel brought Lita to sit back. Lita lowered her face. 'Uncle Daniel's face is so close. I'm so nervous.'

"Oh, yeah. I've made porridge for you."

Staring at Lita closely. Honestly, Daniel was so sad to see Lita's condition like this. Moreover, all of this was due to his fault as well. If only he had not asked Lita to bring the gift. Surely, Lita's situation will not be like this.

"Oh, don't bother. I am fine," said Lita so quietly.

"Shall I feed you?" offered Daniel.

Reflexively, Lita shook her head slowly. "No. I can do it alone!” she protested.

Daniel took the bowl of porridge. He did not pay attention to the protests of the little girl in front of him. A faint smile graced Daniel's thick lips. He remembered when Lita was five years old. He is the one who often feeds the girl because Calisa is busy taking care of Tanza, Lita's sister.

"Aaaa..." Daniel thrust the porridge right on Lita's lips.

Like it or not, Lita opened her mouth. "Smart girl," Daniel said happily.

He felt like he was looking at Lita who was five years old at this time. Adorable. Ten minutes passed, and the porridge in the bowl was completely gone. Daniel smiled with satisfaction, while Lita looked down shyly.


Daniel kissed Lita's lips, intending to clean the traces of porridge stuck to the girl's lips. Lita blinked her eyes in surprise. Daniel who woke up scratched the back of his neck that didn't itch.

"Sorry. I had a reflex earlier," he said uncomfortably.

That is what Daniel usually did to Lita, however, when the girl was five to seven years old. He does have a unique way of cleaning up leftover food on Lita's lips. Instead of rubbing it by hand.

The atmosphere is so awkward. Daniel cursed his stupidity. He was sure if Lita was currently angry and upset with him because it was presumptuous to kiss the girl's lips without permission.

"I went out first. Sorry." Daniel just walked away.

After Daniel left. Lita rubbed her lips. It's a lie if she's not happy. Since childhood, this kiss is what she likes most about Daniel. She even pretended couldn't eat properly until she was seven just because she wanted Daniel to feed her.

Lita doesn't even care about her mother's scolding, who always says she's too spoiled for Daniel. Lita doesn't know since when this feeling of love has grown to a man who she always calls 'Uncle'. Their age gap is very far, about seventeen years.

At first, Lita was against this unreasonable matchmaking even though her heart was so full of happiness. However, getting married at such a young age was not what Lita wanted at all. She is only seventeen years old. She's still in the eleventh grade.

But, everything just happened. They got married at the request of their father, who was very ill. If the other bride married her wearing a wedding dress that is beautiful. It's different from him who only wears ordinary clothes.


Daniel is currently in his office. He doesn't know how many times the harsh breath just escaped from his mouth.

"You're idiot, Daniel!" he groaned. Daniel rubbed his face roughly.

He was still thinking about what happened this morning. Sometimes he kissed Lita's lips. Maybe, in the past, it was not a problem. However, now it has become a problem.

Lita is a baby who has grown into a beautiful and seductive teenage girl. How not, even though the girl's body is so small. However, her body is slightly bulky and has such beautiful curves.

Daniel massaged his slightly throbbing head. The image of Lita's innocent body is still very clear in her memory.

Last night, an unsettled Daniel decided to go home. He did not stay at the house of his lover, Febby. He doesn't even care about Febby who is furious with him.

Turns out his hunch was right. He finds Lita unconscious on the road not far from Febby's house. Daniel immediately carried Lita's body which could be said to be quite heavy.

Arriving at the house, Daniel immediately laid the body. It is very visible if Lita's body is shivering. Like it or not, Daniel took off all of Lita's clothes. There were only the two of them in the house. No workers or anyone.

A thousand times Daniel kept cursing as his closed eyes continued to open. He didn't know why, his excitement increased when he saw that innocent body. It could be said that he was almost lost.

As long as he know Angela. Daniel has never had a relationship with any woman except Febby for the past five years. Febby often teased him, but he was never interested and provoked. As far as they have often kissed and slept together. Just normal sleep, nothing more. However, what if with Lita these days, he was always out of control like this?

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