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C4 Why Me?

Lita is already wearing her school uniform. Now, she was standing right in front of the mirror. It has been four days since she has been a wife. More precisely, an unexpected wife. That's what she thinks about this marriage.

Daniel probably regretted marrying her. If she counted, she'd probably fainted twice in the past four days. The first one fainted from being so nervous about having to sleep in the same bed with Daniel, and the second because he got hit by the rain.

These few days, Lita feels strange about the dreams she often experiences at night. More specifically, a bad dream. Its body also has reddish markings around its neck, shoulders, and chest. Lita did not know what caused it.

"Why is the sign today, more and more than last night. Is this a disease?”

Lita exhaled sharply. Better to hurry, otherwise it would be too late.

“I have to hurry. Otherwise, I will miss the bus. Luckily, the bus stop is closer to here. Not in vain. Yesterday I walked down this area. Otherwise, I definitely won't know where the stop is.”

Lita immediately locked her house. Because she is very sure that her husband must have left for work earlier and will come home late.

"Good grief. It's seven o'clock!” she said, a little panicked.

Lita immediately ran as hard as she could. She even forgot that his body hadn't recovered much.


Lita looks engrossed in reading her novel alone in class. She doesn't have many friends. Given, she is so difficult to get along with others. There were even only two of his friends. Even then, Lita didn't communicate much with the two of them.

"Geez! Our princess is so engrossed in her novel that she forgets her meal schedule," said the man in the same uniform as Lita. Without feeling awkward, the man put one hand on Lita's shoulder.

"You're right Arkin. Look, her face is so pale." The girl sat right in front of Lita while putting a pack of bread and a box of strawberry milk.

Lita smiled a little. "Thank you, Arkan, Lisna."

Both of them smiled and pinched Lita's cheeks with excitement.

"Eat the bread first. Do the calculations to add energy to face subjects that will drain the brain later, "said Lisa.

Lita chuckled. She closed the novel and looked at the two in turn. Lita never thought that she would get two friends who were so kind and caring in her high school days. New in high school, Lita has a friend. Maybe God loves her so much.

Arkan grabbed the bread and unwrapped it. After that, pinch the cake and thrust it towards Lita. Lita opened her mouth and took a bite from Arkan. It was very common.

Arkan always feeds him. Given that he likes the name being fed.

"Tch! You are right. I definitely can't feed Lita. You act as her boyfriend knows!” Lisa snorted in disgust.

Lita just chuckled amused and continued to take bite after mouthful from Arkan. Arkan just rolled his eyes lazily to hear Lisna's words.

'Thank you, Lord. Has given Lita a friend as good as they are.'


Daniel felt so uneasy. He was still thinking about Lita's situation at home alone. Not a single job was done right this time. His mind only focused on Lita alone.

"I have to go home right now."

Daniel was walking so hastily that he didn't realize he had bumped into his father.

“Daniel, where are you going, son?” asked Anton so confused.

Daniel bit his lip a little hard. He was at a loss as to what to say as he was currently waiting for an answer from him.

His father did not know if he was married to Lita. Anton felt that his son was hiding something.

"Come to your room. There's something Papa wants to confirm with you," Anton ordered.

'What does he want to confirm?'

With unsteady steps, Daniel followed in the footsteps of the Papa who came so suddenly in his office.

In the room, Anton looked at the child very intensely. He was willing to come all the way here. Daniel looks so nervous. Not because of his father's presence at this time. However, he is still thinking about his little wife.

'I hope Lita is okay.'

"What's wrong, Daniel? Why does your face look so worried?” asked Anton probing.

"Ah. No Pa," he lied.

"You're not lying are you?"

"No-no, Papa."

Anton sighed. He knew very well that his son was lying. But, never mind. Maybe it's so private that the child doesn't want to tell him.

"Papa wants you to marry," said Anton at last.

"What do you mean, Daddy?"

“Daniel, you are almost four heads. Your sister already has such a big child."

"But, Papa."

“No more reason. Papa has thought this through."

"You are going to marry Papa, Lita, Dicky's son."

"Why should Lita, Pa. Lita was still so small. Doesn't suit Daniel."

“Lita is a good girl. she can give you happiness.”

'Why is everyone so forcing me to marry Lita? If Papa finds out I'm married to Lita. He must be very happy.'

"Dad," Daniel called.

“No resistance this time, Daniel. Lita is still young. Papa is sure, he will quickly give you offspring. Remembering you who is OLD.” Anton emphasized his words.

"Dad, Daniel wants to be honest."

"Why? Do you already have another girl? Decide! Papa will not approve of it!” said Anton.

Daniel looks so frustrated. Why is his dad getting louder as he gets older? Looking back, his father never talked much, let alone chatty like this.


"So what? You don't want to be married forever?"

“Daniel and Lita are married!” he shouted.

Anton fell silent. He gently caressed Daniel's cheek. "You're serious??

Daniel nodded slightly. Anton laughed out loud. He was so happy.

"When did you two get married? Why didn't we know?"

"Four days ago. We got married suddenly in the hospital.”

"WHAT?!" Daniel's door was wide open.

Daniel snorted in disgust. He glared at the beautiful woman who was standing there.

"Are you and Lita married?" Aca sat next to Daniel. Daniel nodded slightly.

"Poor you." Aca looks a little sad.

"Why? Mother feels sorry for Daniel for getting a child's wife?"

Pletak! A strong smack landed smoothly on Daniel's head.

"Of course not!"

Daniel rubbed his throbbing head. His eyes stared intently at Ace.

'Why does she like to do violence to her nephew!' Daniel thought so thought.

"I feel so sorry for Lita. She is young and beautiful. There must be a lot of guys out there who like it. Why should I marry you?" Aca looks unwilling. He loves Lita.

"Why me?!" said Daniel did not accepting.

"You are old, ugly. It's like, yes, you are an old cow. While Lita is young grass. You guys don't fit in."

Daniel clenched his fists. It felt like he wanted to beat his mother. Anton just smiled.

'They never change. Always like a child.'

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