Little Wife (Daniel)/C5 Your Husband
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Little Wife (Daniel)/C5 Your Husband
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C5 Your Husband

The sound of footsteps was so hasty. The man stopped right in front of the door.

“The door is locked? That's a sign …”

Daniel took the key out of his pocket. Quickly, he turned the doorknob and trotted inside.


Daniel opened their room. There was no sign that Lita was there. Daniel was silent for a moment. He was very sure that his little wife must have gone to school in a state that had not yet recovered.

"Oh my gosh, Lita! How could you go to school in such a state." Daniel rubbed his face roughly.

He was so worried. What if the girl faints? As far as Daniel knows, Lita has never had any friends. I didn't know in high school like now. Because Daniel never knew the girl's life since high school.

More precisely, Daniel avoids the figure of Lita who is always aggressively matched to him. Because of that, he stayed away from Lita's figure.

"I have to make sure where is she."

Daniel decided to go to Lita's school. His mind wasn't calm at all.


Now, Daniel has arrived at Lita's school. Daniel could see through the windshield of his car that the students were running towards the fence.

'Oh it turns out, they're home.'

His net is now focused on Lita, his wife. For some reason, Daniel suddenly became annoyed when he saw his wife who was smiling gently at a man in the same uniform as his wife.

'Who is that man?' Hit the steering wheel pretty hard.

Arkan gently stroked Lita's hair. Lita just smiled gently. Lisna who saw it could only shake her head. 'They are like a couple. Why they are not be couple at all? Just stalling for time.'

"Hey, Ark! Fast!" Lisna shouted.

Arkan could only snort in disgust. 'You annoying cousin! Just bother me and Lita.'

"Hurry up, Arcane. Lisna is waiting for you," Lita said softly.

"Yes. You should be careful. When you get there, let me know." Lita nodded slightly.

"Don't forget it," reminded Arkan.



Arkan kissed Lita's cheek briefly and ran away. Lita could only blink her eyes cutely.

'Why did Arkan suddenly kiss my cheek? Ah never mind. At least he's just kidding.'

Lita stepped back. He will go to the bus stop as usual. Lisna and Arkan always offered to take them. However, Lita always refuses because she is more accustomed to using a bus than a car.

Daniel who saw it suddenly get mad. Unknowingly, Daniel got out of the car and pulled Lita by force.

‘UNCLE DANIEL?' Lita's eyes widened in shock.

What's with today? Why are there so many unexpected events? Lita was really confused.

Daniel threw Lita's hand so that the girl groaned a little in pain. It would be a lie if Daniel's grip didn't hurt and hurt her wrist. The proof, her arm is now perfectly red.

'What's wrong with Uncle Daniel? Why is he suddenly here? He also looks so angry. What's going on?' Lita lowered her head.

Without saying a word, Daniel drove his car at above-average speed. Lita gripped her own two hands tightly. Honestly, this time she was so scared because her husband was driving recklessly. Unknowingly, her tears just fell.


When they both got home. Daniel immediately got out of the car without paying attention to Lita. Lita could only stare blankly at the figure of Daniel who was walking in a hurry.

With a body so weak, Lita walked slowly. Her head was a little dizzy and his stomach felt queasy. Not to mention, her body was starting to heat up. Lita knows that it must be because her body has not fully recovered and also because of the incident earlier when her husband was driving recklessly.

Lita enters her room. The room is so dark. Maybe it was because it was late and cloudy. Her steps were taken aback when she saw the figure of Daniel who was sitting on the edge of the bed with a sharp gaze that Lita believed was aimed at her.

"Uncle, Lita wants to change her clothes. Can you come out first?" said Lita timidly.

"Why should I go out? Am I not your husband?" Daniel said coldly.

Lita was silent and did not mean to reply to her husband's words. Lita was really surprised by Daniel's attitude, which was one hundred and eighty degrees different from usual. Did he do something wrong?

Daniel watched Lita take some clothes then the girl went into the bathroom.

'Who was that man? What's her boyfriend? Was that the reason at that time he balked at his parents' wish to marry me?'

'Tch! What kind of wife is that? How can you still be in love with another man? Cheap girl!'

Daniel got up and decided to leave. Maybe tonight he won't be home. Daniel decides to stay at Febby's house.


The bathroom door opened. Lita looked around looking for Daniel's whereabouts. 'Where is Uncle Daniel?'

'Ah maybe, he's gone and is downstairs.'

Lita walked to her bed. Her body needed a break now. Slowly, Lita began to close her eyes and entered dreamland.

On the other hand, Arkan kept smiling like an insane person. He still remembers what happened that day.

"Lita looks so adorable with a surprised face like earlier."

Arkan rolled on his bed hugging a bolster with a picture of Lita's face on it. It's not just the bolster that has Lita's face in it. The walls of his room were filled with pictures of the girl who had stolen his heart for the past two years.

Arkan falls in love at first sight with Lita's figure. Luckily, he found out that Lisna, his cousin, was friends with Lita. From there, he also began to get closer to Lita as a friend.

Until now, Arkan didn't dare to confess his feelings to Lita. He was so afraid that Lita would reject him and make a friendship that had existed for two years would end just like that.

Because of that, Arkan decided to admire Lita secretly. He just never told Lita or anyone. No one was allowed Arkan to enter his room including his parents. Being an only child is a fortune for Arkan. Nothing bothered him at all.

"Oh my God! Why can you kiss Lita's cheek?" Cursing his stupidity.

He had a reflex earlier. Maybe it was all because of his unbearable love.

"That's enough. I'm sure if Lita would not be angry. I'll tell her it's just a joke. Surely she will believe it," he said confidently.

For the past two years, Arkan has gotten to know Lita quite well. Lita is a person who easily believes what other people say. Besides that, Lita doesn't talk much and only smiles a little.

"Lita, I love you so much until forever."

Arkan smiled broadly while kissing the bolster pillow with Lita's face.

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