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C6 Her Eyes

Lita woke up from her sleep. The eyes looked at her room. So dark and eerie.

'What time is it?' she thought.

Lita immediately got up and fumbled for the light switch. She could be sure if it was moonlit outside.

Lita breathed a sigh of relief when the room was bright again. She decided to go downstairs to check on her husband's figure.

Now, she was in the living room. There was no one she was looking for. A second later, she saw that there was a letter on the table.

Her tears immediately fell. Lita did not think that Daniel could do something this evil to her.

“Uncle Daniel, why are you like this? What did I do wrong?" Lita softly started to sob.

Her body slumped to the floor. How was she going to face this and other nights alone? Daniel said in his letter that he was not going home and would stay at his lover's house for a while. Sure, it really hurt time for Lita.

At another place.

Daniel had arrived in front of Febby's house three hours ago. However, Daniel did not come down and enter. He was still faithful in the car. No body know, he seemed reluctant to enter the house.

His mind was focused on the figure of Lita who was currently alone at home. A second later, Daniel hit his head lightly as he remembered something.

"Good grief! How could I forget something as important as this?”

With a quick movement, Daniel turned in the direction of the car. He stepped on the gas pedal as hard as he could. He suddenly felt anxious and confused. If something bad happens to his wife. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Daniel just remembered that Lita has a trauma with the name of living alone at home at night. The girl had almost lost her life as a child when she was alone at home. And all because of him too.

After arriving home again. Daniel immediately ran so hastily. Now, his eyes bulged perfectly when he saw the figure who was lying on the floor.


Daniel can see if his wife's face is so puffy. He was not stupid and immediately guessed that Lita must have been crying earlier.

The girl's body was cold as ice. Hastily, Daniel carried Lita's body to their room.

Daniel very carefully laid Lita's body. He also rubbed eucalyptus oil all over Lita's cold body. His hands move quickly. Daniel had done this before.

'Hopefully, this method still works.'

Daniel kept spreading the eucalyptus oil. He hoped that Lita's body could start to warm up. Tita Lita's hair looks a little messy.

He also kissed the entire surface of Lita's face. Starting from the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, and finally lips. He didn't want to mod on Lita who was in an unconscious state like this.

Daniel only meant to make the girl aware and disturbed by her actions this time.

"Eugh," groaned Lita who started to wake up and tried to sit up slowly.

Her face felt wet as if it had been splashed with water. "Uncle Daniel?"

"Thank goodness you're awake." Daniel hugged Lita tightly.

“Don't leave me alone! I am so scared." Her arms tightened even more.

"Yes. I promise not to leave you."

Kissing the top of Lita's head affectionately. Anger and anger have now been replaced by feelings of guilt.

"Well, then you sleep."

Lita shook her head vigorously. Their position is still hugging. “I won't be able to sleep. What if you leave again? You even say in the letter that you will live with your lover. In that case, I will be alone.”

Daniel slowly let go of his hand. His heart was beating so crazy right now. Especially when the two of them hugged each other tighter.

"Sorry. I was just joking," he lied.

Lita's eyes stared intently at Daniel's face, who was so handsome under the slightly bright light. "Is that true?" Daniel nodded slightly.

"Thank God, for that," said Lita relieved.

Daniel smiled faintly. Lita's nature, which is so easy to believe, has not changed at all. Daniel is grateful for all of that.

"Sleep. I will sing a lullaby,” said Daniel.

"No need! Lita is no longer a child who has to sing all the lullabies to sleep,” she refused.

"Okay, if that is the case. You sleep. I'll sleep on the couch." Daniel wanted to leave, but Lita held him back.

"Do not!"

"What is it?" asked Daniel, a little confused.

Lita bit her lip a little. "Please hug and stroke Lita's hair until she falls asleep, Uncle," she said shyly.

Daniel was taken aback for a moment. He remembers that if Lita asks for it, it means that his wife feels restless and has difficulty sleeping. That's what he knows and remembers.


Now, the position of Lita's head is resting on Daniel's chest. Daniel continued to stroke Lita's hair in slow-motion according to the girl's request.

Lita felt so comfortable and was no longer afraid. She tightened her arms that were currently hugging her husband's waist. Her face was buried in Daniel's chest.

Lita can smell the masculine scent of Daniel. Likewise with the distinctive aroma of strawberry soap from a Lita. The two of them could smell each other's scent. Sleepiness has started to attack Lita. Slowly but surely, Lita had closed her eyes.

Soft snoring sounds began to be heard. "Turns out he was asleep."

Daniel sighed. He was confused about who he was now. Why are his emotions always fluctuating lately? What's with him?

His eyes glanced at the figure of Lita who was sleeping on his chest. The girl seems so comfortable.

Suddenly, Lita moved up. Daniel glared perfectly when Lita's lips touched him. Just stick to nothing more.

"Hot," Lita chirped.

Lita moved restlessly, Daniel just didn't move because of the kiss earlier. Lita was hot maybe because of the effect of the wind oil that was rubbed on her body so much. How not, the wind oil is now only half of it.

Until a second later, the girl unconsciously unbuttoned her long shirt one by one. Daniel was starting to wake up. Again he was surprised and immediately stopped the hand.

'Good grief. Why can Lita do this when her eyes are closed?'

"It's hot," the girl mumbled again.

It can be heard that Lita is in so much pain. Daniel also felt hot and stifling. However, it wasn't because of the temperature in Lita's room. Lita's room temperature was very cold. Consider the AC that keeps turning on.

Lita's whining was getting louder in Daniel's ears. Inevitably, Daniel closed his eyes and helped the girl undress.

Lita's clothes have been completely removed. What remains is only the interior. The girl also did not forget to take off the knee-length shorts she was wearing today.

Daniel's heart was beating so fast. He swallowed hard his saliva. No matter how hard he tried to close his eyes so as not to see Lita's current state. However, all of that only lasted a moment.

His mischievous eyes continued to open and stared at Lita's body which was tempting faith. Daniel was even more surprised when Lita hugged him tightly again. Daniel could feel Lita's round object stuck to his chest.

'Oh, Lord. What should I do now? I feel like I want to pounce on my little wife right now,' Daniel thought in frustration.

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