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C7 Kiss Me

Lita began to be disturbed from her sleep. She felt a little tight. Not only that, but her waist also looks like a heavy object is perched on it. Not to mention the smell of Daniel so clearly felt in his nose.

'What the hell is this?'

Lita finally opened her eyes slowly. 'Good grief!' Lita covered her mouth in shock. Her eyes are perfect.

'Why Uncle Daniel can sleep with me?'

Lita's eyes now see her clothes and pants scattered on the floor. Cold sweat began to trickle down from her temples. Filled with fear, Lita ventured to see her current state.

'Geez! Why am I only wearing underwear like this? Nothing strange happened right?'

Just wanted to get out of Daniel's body. The man started to wake up. With a flash, Lita closed her eyes again.

Daniel was a little taken aback by surprise. Turns out he fell asleep. Daniel remembers very well that his eyes were only able to close at around two in the morning.

Very carefully, Daniel shifted from Lita's body. 'Thank goodness she was covered with a blanket.'

It would be a lie if Daniel didn't admire his little wife's face. Especially in a state of sleep like this. So adorable. Out of nowhere, Daniel brought his face closer to Lita's.

"Cup." Daniel gave a soft kiss on those thin, cherry red lips.

"Good grief! What should I do?" Daniel immediately got up and walked away.

He felt that if he continued to be with Lita. Surely his human sense will just disappear. Like he had done to Lita last night. If you think about it all, Daniel feels like the worst person on earth.

There was the sound of the door closing slowly. Lita is very sure if Daniel is the culprit.

"Why did Uncle Daniel kiss me earlier?" Lita whispered. Her face reddened for a moment.

Lita is so shy right now. She felt like she just wanted to disappear from Daniel's presence. There was no longer any face-to-face man. Lita really can't remember why the things are like this right now.

The last thing she remembers is she asking Daniel to put her to sleep. Not telling him to sleep with her.

Lita exhaled sharply. "That's enough. I'm sure nothing bad happened to me. Uncle Daniel is a good man.”


Lita is wearing her uniform. Her face was slightly bent. "Why are these bruise marks more and more? I feel like I've just been beaten. Looks like I have to go to the hospital after school later." She decided.

Her feet stepped in a little hurry because it was already seven in the morning. As before, Daniel was no longer at home. The man had already gone to the office.

Lita smiled wryly. 'Uncle Daniel never even made small talk offering to take me to school. Even though out directions to the school and the office are the same.'

'Come on Lita, don't be sad like this. Wouldn't you rather take the bus? After all, your Uncle Daniel is not what it used to be. He only loved you as a child,' monologue with herself.

At school. Lita was so grateful for arriving at school on time. If not, she was very sure that she would not be in her classroom now but was sent home.

Given, the school is a superior school and implements such strict regulations. Lita feels very lucky to be able to study here.

"Lita." Lisna called softly.

Lita turned to Lisna. "Hmm. What's wrong Liz?"

"You are okay, right?"

Lita nodded slowly. "Yes, I'm fine. Just a little fever yesterday, "she said honestly.

Lisna looked at Lita meaningfully. They were alone at the moment. Arkan went to the canteen to buy their food.

"Lita, do you have a boyfriend?" asked Lisna suddenly.

Lita frowned in confusion. Why suddenly Lisna asked like that? Shouldn't that girl know that she's never been in a relationship with anyone?

"Why you ask like that? Don't you know that I'm only close to the two of you? How could I possibly have a boyfriend?”

"So what is this?" Lisna pointed at Lita's neck.

Lita reflexively covered her neck. That makes Lisna even more suspicious

"I don't even know what isthis. Could it be that I have an illness?”

"It doesn't look like a disease. Usually, it is the doing of a man.”

"What do you mean, Liz? I do not understand."

Lisna looked at Lita's face intensely. It's very obvious if Lita is really confused. No lies at all.

"Ah. Nothing, forget it. Cover your neck," she ordered.

Lita nodded in understanding. She did as Lita ordered. 'A man's deed, what does that mean?'

"Hi, ladies!! said Arkan who suddenly sat down with the food and drink he placed right in front of Lita and Lisna.

"Thank you," said Lita sincerely.

"You're welcome." Arkan ruffled Lita's hair a little.

Lisna who is currently drinking apple juice just rolls her eyes lazily. She was fed up with his cousin's attitude. 'If you are interested in Lita. Why can't you just be honest?'

"Lita, I'm sorry about yesterday. You must be really surprised, huh," said Arkan uncomfortably.

"Apparently what did you do?" said Lisna suddenly.

“Ah, that…,” Lita's words were interrupted when Arkan touched her hand suddenly.

"What is that?

"Not. Just a small problem. I dropped Lita's book. Isn't that so Lita?" Arkan's tone was a little nervous.

'Why would Arkan lie? Never mind, maybe he doesn't want to misunderstand Lisna.'

"Yes," said Lita.

"You're not lying to me, are you?" Lisna looked at the two in turn.

"How could it be! You are so naughty! Quickly finish the food, it will be in soon," Arkan ordered.

In the office.

Daniel massaged his throbbing forehead. All this must be due to the effects of lack of sleep.


The door to Daniel's room opened and revealed the figure of a handsome man with glasses. That man is Zio, Daniel's best friend and assistant.

"What is it, Zio?"

"There's a little problem, Sir."


"There is a problem at the branch office in Bandung, Sir." He said a little cautiously.

Daniel's head was throbbing. He closed his eyes for a moment. “Okay then tomorrow, we will go there.”

"I can't, Sir."

Daniel's brows knit together perfectly. "Why you can't?"

“This week, you have scheduled meetings with several clients. And it can't just be undone. So, we can't go to Bandung," he explained.

"Then let me go to Bandung. You stay here to handle all the office work and take my place with some clients.”

“But, Sir….”

"That's enough. This is the only best way. I'm sure you can handle everything."

Daniel got up from his seat and approached Zio. He tapped his shoulder lightly.

"You don't have to worry too much about me. I promise I'll be back as soon as possible."

Zio sighed. He finally nodded. "Who are you going with then?" Zio asked a little curiously. Because he knew very well that Daniel would never travel alone. Especially when traveling out of town. Usually, he will accompany his boss.

"I'm going with my wife."

"WIFE?" said Zio so surprised.

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