Little Wife (Daniel)/C8 I Don't Want
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Little Wife (Daniel)/C8 I Don't Want
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C8 I Don't Want

Zio just nodded to hear the explanation from the boss. He did not think if the boss was already married. What surprised him even more, was Daniel, his best friend did not marry his lover Febby but a small child who was none other than a baby who has now grown into a girl.

Zio is quite familiar with Lita's figure. Because back in high school, Daniel would take her to Lita's parents' house. It turned out that the words he had often heard in the past had come true. The proof, Daniel married Lita now.

Like a parable, Daniel is like marrying his nephew because the age gap between the two is so far.

"So how about Febby? Does she know that you are married?” Zio asked carefully.

Daniel shook his head slowly. "Not! Everything was too sudden. I'm still in relationships with her," he said honestly.


One hard hit on Daniel's shoulder. Instantly his eyes glared sharply at Zio who was the culprit.

“ZIO EFENDI!” growled Daniel.

Zio's punch made Daniel's shoulder hurt and throb. It seemed, his best friend had put all his strength into hitting him earlier.

"Heh, sorry. I accidentally. It's just a reflex." Zio smiled innocently.

Daniel took a deep breath. "Fortunately this is outside office hours. And you are my friend too. If not, I already fired you!”

Zio chuckled. His best friend always threatened him with it. 'What is he, no other threat what! If he fires me, I'm sure I can make an effort. By the way, I have a lot of savings. Ha ha.'

Zio is not like the old Zio anymore. He is always afraid of other people and always feels insecure about his appearance. However, Daniel changed everything. Now, he is a brave and handsome man.

"In my advice, just break up with Febby. After all, you are already married. Poor them both," said Zio.

"But I can't," said Daniel.

"Do you love Febby?"

Daniel was silent for a moment. He also wasn't sure if he had loved Febby all this time. Because his chest never trembled differently from the first time he fell in love with Angela.

"I don't know, I'm not sure either."

"What about Lita?"

“Impossible! I can't possibly love Lita, whom I've known since I was a baby. I even know how that girl grows.”

"Is that true? Okay, if that is the case. You just let her go. After all, I see if her male best friend likes him," said Zio.

Because he often sees Lita with her friends. They often visit his bookstore.

"Not! Should not! She can't have relationship with other men!" said Daniel half-shouted. His jaw suddenly hardened.

“Oh my gosh, Daniel! If you do, it's a sign that you are selfish."

"I do not care. As long as Lita is my wife, I won't let her get close to another man."

Zio just shook his head and snorted in disgust. He is sure that Daniel must have feelings for Lita. It's just that the man is not aware at all.

Daniel had investigated the man who kissed his wife on the cheek the other day. It turned out to be just a friend.

'I will make that man hated by Lita. Until then, I don't want to see Lita with another man. That man must have feelings for my little wife.'


Lita and Arkan are at a cafe in the moment. They were alone. Lisna didn't come because she had to take piano lessons.

"Are you okay for coming home late?" asked Arkan.

They were enjoying each other's juice. Lita with her strawberry juice and Arkan with her orange juice. Lita likes everything that smells of strawberries. She doesn't know why that's the case.

What Lita knows is just her mother said that maybe it was all because when she was pregnant, she liked drinking strawberry-flavored pregnant milk.

"That's okay. Besides, I'm bored at home alone," he said.

Arkin's brow furrowed for a moment. "Alone? Where do your parents and brother look like? Aren't they home this afternoon?" asked Arkan so curiously.

Even though he and Lisna have never been to Lita's house. However, they know very well about Lita's family from Lita's own story.

"Now I live with my uncle. He came home at night."

"You have?" Lita nodded slightly.

"Just the two of you alone?" Again Lita nodded.

"Why can?"

Arkan asked a lot of questions. Honestly, this made no sense to him. Why does Lita have to live alone with her uncle? Even though they are family. But right, that's very inappropriate. Moreover, Lita has a family.

'Should I be honest with Arkan if the Uncle I mean is my husband?' Lita looks so hesitant. 'Apparently, I can't tell anyone about my status. I'm afraid they'll stay away from me.'

Lita took a deep breath. Her hands were shaking slightly. It seemed that this time she was about to commit his first lie. 'I'm sorry Arkan. I can't be honest with you.'

"My uncle has no one to take care of. My mother was very worried so she told me to stay there. After all, Uncle's house and school are closer."

"He's not married yet? How old is she? Handsome isn't it?" Arkan just looks like a jealous person.

'What's with him? Why do I think he's so talkative today? Huh?'

"He's not married. He is 34 years old and quite handsome," she explained.

“Stay away from him!” said Arkan suddenly.

Lita blinked her eyes. "Why? He is my uncle?"

Arkan rubbed his face roughly. He was not aware of what he was saying.

"Oh sorry."

Lita is confused now. she still felt strange about Arkan's figure earlier. However, she did not bother with all that.

"Oh. There's no need to apologize."

Arkin smiled gently. Lita also smiled back.

"Would you like to order some food? Let me treat," Arkan offered.

Lita shook her head slightly. She was so uncomfortable having to keep bothering Arkan. Just this drink, the man pays. It's not that Lita doesn't have money. But she is frugal. She is now married so it is impossible to ask her parents for money anymore.

For Daniel. Lita never asked for money from the man who had become her husband. All that was left was the saving she had collected from her pocket money first. Lita hoped the money would be enough until she graduated. After that, she will look for work.

It never occurred to her to depend on Daniel who had abundant and endless wealth. From a long time ago, she had always lived a simple life and had never spent any money at all even though her parents were rich.

For her, she should only be wasteful when the money is the result of her hard work. Since she was still in school, it was very difficult to find a job that didn't interfere with her schooling.

"Why? You feel bad," said Arkan right on target.

Lita was silent. Everything Arkan said was true. She didn't want to bother anymore.

"Arkan. Can you find me a part-time job?” said Lita suddenly.

"Why is that?"

“I want to be independent and have an income.”

'So I can treat you guys. I don't want to be treated all the time by yours.'

Arkan looked at Lita closely. He could see that Lita was serious.

“I have a friend who has a Café. However, the cafe is small and the salary is not much. Looks like he's looking for a part-time job. Do you want it?"

"Yes. I want to. As long as it doesn't interfere with my school," said Lita enthusiastically.

"In that case, tomorrow we will go there.”

"Thank you, Arkan. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you." Lita held both of Arkan's hands without realizing it was so happy.

The corner of Arkan's lips pulled up. 'Are you not given money by your uncle? That's why you have to work, Lita.'

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