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C11 Crap

Her movements were very large, but they were very quiet and did not make the slightest movement.

"Hubby, why aren't you saying anything!" The woman came up behind me and breathed into my neck.

I could clearly feel the slight aura, and the hairs on my body involuntarily stood on end.

Then I felt two soft lumps of flesh against my back. My heart was in my throat.

"Hubby, let's rest." As soon as I said that, I saw a figure lying on the bed.

I braced myself and lay down on the umbrella's cover. Only then did I realize that my own shadow was completely covered by the umbrella's shadow.

'Grand Matriarch told me to bring an umbrella, is that why I'm here? ' But why?

I lay on the bed, my hair standing on end, and felt a hand run down my chest.

By the time the hand touched my stomach, my legs were trembling.

The woman touched it while gently asking, "Hubby, why don't we have a full room tonight? Why aren't you saying anything?"

Her hand touched the inside of my thigh, causing my heart to tremble. I secretly prayed for Zhao Quan'er to hurry up, otherwise, I would not be able to take it anymore.

At this moment, he suddenly heard the mother-in-law shout, "Little hoof, where is the wave?"

Just as she finished speaking, the figure of the new wife vanished.

I started, but felt no relief.

The reason the Grand Matriarch wanted me to have a relationship with that new daughter-in-law was to have her fight with Zhao Quan'er to the death. Now that she was scared off by her mother-in-law, what am I going to do when Zhao Quan'er arrives?

Before I could finish, the curtain moved and the shadow of an old woman on tiptoe came in.

The old lady tiptoed and bent her back, like a shadow in a movie. Her movements were very strange.

I almost died of fright and didn't dare move.

As if she couldn't see me, the old lady walked over to the wall and shouted at the corner of the wall, "You shameless bastard, what are you staying at my place for, get lost!"

When she had finished, she turned and walked away, little by little out of the house.

I forced myself to go on lying there, and every half hour after that the old lady would come in and scold me. I could feel the old woman's hatred, and I couldn't help feeling it.

But as the old woman came in more and more, she came closer and closer to me. I couldn't help but worry about what would happen the next time she crossed the umbrella.

Just after the old lady left for the third time, I heard a rustling in the yard.

The voice was clearly coming from outside.

My heart thumped. My heart said it!

After a moment, he heard Zhao Quan'er's voice: "Is there anyone living in your house?"

At this moment, I heard my new daughter-in-law impatiently berate me, "No, no, let's hurry up and go."

Then the old woman's voice: No, that wild man in the east wing is a stranger.

Zhao Quan'er asked: "Really?"

My heart was pounding with fear that he would rush in.

"No, no, that's my man on the east side!" The bride's voice was as shrill as a night owl's.

I heard the sound of footsteps leaving, then the granny's scolding: He is clearly a wild man, sooner or later I will kick him out!

After that, everything returned to normal.

I was about to move when the old lady came in again.

This time, she was almost cursing me in my face, but her eyes were clearly focused on the umbrella.

I think it won't be long before the old lady finds my place. I was a little worried about what would happen.

Now that Zhao Quan'er was gone, the old lady could no longer hold on. I wondered if I should run now. Otherwise, falling into the hands of their daughter-in-law, it would be even worse than fighting Zhao Quan'er.

But before I could move, the sound of rustling footsteps came from outside. My heart tightened as I knew that Zhao Quan'er had returned!

I was so nervous that my heart was about to explode. I felt that the rustling sound was getting closer and closer. In the end, I actually entered the room.

"Is there anyone living in your house?" The voice was coming from the east door, and it was obvious that he knew I was here.

Then the old lady called out: There's a wild man in the east wing!

The bride immediately retorted: "That guy in the east wing is my man!"

For a moment, there was silence outside.

It was a dead silence, not a sound.

I was so nervous that I almost suffocated. At this moment, I heard someone call my name: Wu Lei, come with me, we can't stay here anymore!

It was Soo Soo's voice!

I was momentarily stunned. Could it be that Soo Soo was also here?

Looking towards the source of the sound, I saw a shadow faintly reflected on the window.

It was a silhouette, chest high. I could immediately tell that it was Soo Soo's shadow.

Soo Soo was truly here too!

At this moment, Soo Soo continued saying, "Wu Lei, hurry up and leave. We can't stay here any longer!"

I wanted to call out Soo Soo's name, but I found that I could not speak because there was rice in my mouth.

I didn't dare speak or move. Because the Grand Matriarch had said I would stay here all night, or something might happen.

Soo Soo did not get a response from me. She turned around and left in disappointment.

I've been crazy looking for her these days, and I've got a lot of things to tell her.

Seeing that Soo Soo was about to leave, I panicked. I spat out the millet in my mouth and shouted, "Soo Soo, don't leave. Wait for me!"

When I opened the window, the yard was filled with weeds, but there was no sign of Soo Soo. I froze, wondering if I had been too nervous and hallucinating.

At this moment, I heard kacha kacha sounds coming from my back. When I turned around, I saw an old lady picking up the rice I had vomited on the ground and stuffing it into her mouth.

The raw rice crunched in her mouth as if it was grinded with stone.

At the same time, her mouth was sucking like a monkey without cheeks.

The old lady chewed on her raw rice and stared at me. Her eyes were green and shining.

My whole body quivered, and I felt as if the old lady was looking at me as if I were a piece of fat.

I felt that I couldn't hold on any longer, or else I would die here, so I wanted to get away from her.

However, just as I lifted the curtain, I saw Zhao Quan'er's grey-green face. I shivered and shrank back.

He also saw me, but he didn't come in. I don't know if it was because he was restrained by his new wife.

I suppressed my pounding heart and knew it was impossible to walk through the door.

At this moment, the old lady had already picked up most of the rice on the floor. Her green eyes started to look around me.

I was so frightened that I ran out of the window.

As I was rushing out of the yard, I heard someone shout behind me, "Husband, come back quickly!"

It was the voice of the bride. I was so frightened that I didn't dare to turn back. In one breath, I dashed out of the door.

The matter of the Yin family was ruined, but I did not fall into their hands. However, that did not mean that they would let me go.

After some thought, I decided to go home and ask the Grand Matriarch what to do next.

On the way back, I felt someone following me, but when I looked back, there was no one there.

I was scared to death, I almost ran away.

Just as I was about to reach my house, I suddenly heard someone call my name: Wu Lei, stop. Don't go home.

It was Soo Soo's voice. I followed her voice and found her behind the door of an old dwelling.

She seemed frightened. Her face was pale.

I was overjoyed and ran through the past.

I asked Soo Soo if it was her who called me from outside the window.

Soo Soo nodded her head and said that she did. She said that she did not want to see me die, so she took the risk to come over and remind me. Then she told me, "Wu Lei, hurry up and leave. This place is no longer safe. If you continue to stay, you will die."

I told Soo Soo not to worry. Although my situation is dangerous, with grandma there, I will be fine.

Hearing the words' Grand Matriarch ', Soo Soo's face became terrifyingly pale.

Her body quivered slightly, then she told me in a voice close to a whisper, Don't believe the Grand Matron. She's the one who wants to kill you!

I shuddered and said it was impossible.

Soo Soo wanted to say something, but she hesitated. I could see the traces of emotion on her face, so I asked her if she knew something.

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