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C12 Sale Contract

Soo Soo frowned as she looked at me. Something was clearly not right with her expression.

In my impression, Soo Soo is a straightforward girl. Especially after the past few days of adoration, she and I talked about everything else. But now that she wanted to say something, she hesitated. Could it be that there was something that was difficult to say?

After repeatedly asking, Soo Soo finally spoke the truth. It turned out that the Grand Matriarch was the one who wanted to harm me.

I felt like I was struck by lightning. If someone else had said these words out loud, I would not have taken it seriously. However, Soo Soo's words were a completely different matter.

Over this period of time, I have placed great trust in Soo Soo. In fact, her position in my heart is clearly different from the others.

Where did Soo Soo get the reason?

Even though I don't know much about that grandma, I can't call her a bad person with just a few words. Even if Soo Soo told me about it, I would still have some doubts in my heart. It's not that I don't believe Soo Soo, but there's almost no one else besides that grandma by my side right now.

"Really?" Grand Matriarch has always been good to me. If I don't have her tutelage these few days, I definitely wouldn't be able to live till now. "

I thought back to the past few days. The Grand Matriarch was always helping our Wu Clan. She hadn't done anything bad at all.

After listening to what I had to say, Soo Soo's expression became even more serious.

She seemed very sad. She frowned into my eyes, and the sadness in her eyes was obvious.

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, but if you think about it carefully, ever since the old granny appeared by your side, haven't you become more dangerous?" "Don't forget, who told you to go there today?" Soo Soo bit her lips as she spoke.

That's right! Soo Soo was right.

If it wasn't for that grandma telling me to go to that dead family, I wouldn't have been trapped there and would have died.

Also, the Grand Matriarch told me to steal Zhao Quan's ashes and lured Zhao Quan's wronged soul onto me. If she doesn't let me go, how can Zhao Quan not let me go?

It seemed like Soo Soo was right!

There's definitely a problem with that grandma. My mind buzzed. Back then, how could I believe the words of that grandma as easily as a fool? It was all my dad's fault!

His father was a superstitious person, so it was no wonder. An old farmer in a mountain village had no cultural knowledge and was very superstitious about this kind of witch. It was almost impossible for him to change the current situation.

I sighed. I suddenly felt that my father was the culprit behind all of this. If it wasn't for him finding that grandma, our Wu family wouldn't be in such dire straits. How would we end up like this?

I thought about it for a long time and felt very uncomfortable. It seemed that only Soo Soo and I had the same heart.

"Hubby! "Don't be sad, we still have something important to do. That grandma took something very important from me. If I don't take it, it's useless for me to run away from the Zhao family. I can still be taken back at any time."

Soo Soo's words made me puzzled. Just what was so important that Soo Soo could not leave?

"What is it? Just tell me. As long as it's something we can get our hands on, we will definitely do our best to get it." I looked at Soo Soo with a puzzled expression. Soo Soo immediately threw herself at me. A wave of chilling air assaulted me, making me shiver uncontrollably.

I tightly embraced Soo Soo and asked puzzledly, "Soo Soo, your body is so cold. Where have you been these past few days? I was unable to find you no matter how hard I tried. I thought that you had gone to the cemetery or found a coffin to hide in."

Soo Soo's tears fell and her ice-cold face revealed a pained expression.

"Sigh!" "Don't mention it, in order to get that thing back, I hid in the vicinity of the Zhao Family, but Zhao Wu wasn't home at all. I heard that Zhao Wu came back, so I hid nearby, I wanted to look for you, but who would've thought that I would see you at the entrance of that outlaw's house."

What Soo Soo said sounded reasonable and reasonable, but I felt that something wasn't quite right. If Soo Soo was staring at Zhao Wu all day, why would she know everything about my whereabouts?

Furthermore, there were three wraiths in Jue Hu's house. I could see their shadows because of the millet in their mouth, and also because Zhao Quan was a ghost. If Soo Soo saved me, she would have found out that I was in danger. If I can't see the ghost, how can I know that I'm in danger?

Everything seemed to be coincidental, but I looked at the pitiful Soo Soo. I didn't think of anything else and immediately rubbed her frail body against my chest.

He hugged Soo Soo tightly. After not seeing Soo Soo for the past few days, he had naturally missed her greatly. He did not give it much thought and quickly pulled Soo Soo home to have some fun.

After tormenting myself for an entire night, I was exhausted. I slept with my beloved woman in my arms for a while. When I woke up, Soo Soo was lovingly looking at me from beside me.

"I'm sorry, I was tricked into being a fool by the grandma yesterday. I didn't dare to sleep in Jue Hu's house for the whole night, but now I feel better." I said, embarrassed.

Soo Soo's expression appeared to be somewhat anxious. She pointed at the window, her slender fingers glowing with a cold white light.

"Hubby! "It's going to be dark outside soon. We must find the Grand Preceptor, otherwise, I'm afraid the Grand Preceptor will send that to the Fifth Master Zhao. If we do, I'll be finished."

Soo Soo's anxious expression made me even more alarmed. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed. Just now, I was too concentrated on sleeping that I forgot what Soo Soo had told me. I tightly held onto Soo Soo's hand and looked her in the eyes.

He hurriedly asked Soo Soo before realizing that the important thing that Soo Soo had mentioned was the indenture contract!

Everyone knew about the indenture contract, that was the old society buying up the population. But by now, this society should have long been eliminated, but what difference was there between this remote mountain village and the old society?

A single contract was a story of tears and blood.

Soo Soo is also a girl from the mountain village. If this grandma gives the indenture contract to Zhao Wu for rewards, then even if Soo Soo escapes and returns to her own home, she will be found by him. Even if Soo Soo and I go to the county, Soo Soo's family will not be safe and sound.

No matter what, it seemed that he had to get the indenture contract back. Otherwise, it would bring endless troubles to Soo Soo in the future.

"The indenture contract should be with Zhao Wu, how did you know that the grandma took it?"

I felt that it was unbelievable. Soo Soo seemed to have a foresight to everything. Maybe I don't understand it yet, but she might be a clever girl. Nothing could escape her eyes.

Seeing the night sky outside, Soo Soo's expression became even more anxious.

I was just guessing, because when I went through Zhao Quan's coffin alone, there was nothing inside, so it must be on Zhao Wu. But I've been following Zhao Wu for the past few days, and I didn't find any traces of Zhao Wu taking it out, and last night when I saw the Lady went to Zhao Wu's house, she seemed to have found something inside that Zhao Quan was very happy about.

It seemed like Soo Soo still needed to be verified, but regardless of what happened to the outside world, they had to find out everything. That damnable grandma might want to murder someone for their money. Otherwise, why would my father and I become so miserable ever since we met her?

Just as I was about to head out with resentment in my heart, a warm feeling suddenly rose in my heart. Just now, Soo Soo was clearly calling me husband, which made my heart heat up.

"Soo Soo!" Do you really recognize me as your husband from now on? "I don't have any skills, and I don't have any money on me. Since you've already seen the current situation, it's hard to say whether or not you can escape."

I felt a little guilty. Such a beautiful girl didn't become my woman. To me, it was like a pie falling from the sky.

Soo Soo looked into my eyes. She suddenly smiled bashfully.

"If you're not my husband, then who's my husband. I've already given myself to you, and you're my first man. Zhao Quan and I have no relationship at all, don't you know that?"

What Soo Soo said was right. Zhao Quan was a sick man. It would be difficult for him to even catch his breath, let alone do anything between a man and a woman.

It was as if I had picked up a treasure. Staring at the cute girl in front of me, my heart was filled with indescribable happiness.

"Wife! "Let's go, we must find that grandma. I want to help you fight against the injustice."

Suddenly, it's already dark outside. I impatiently grabbed onto Soo Soo's hand and was about to leave.

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