Living Sacrifice/C13 It's Not That I'm Cruel
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Living Sacrifice/C13 It's Not That I'm Cruel
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C13 It's Not That I'm Cruel

I cursed silently in my heart. You old lady, you are a harming person, causing Dad and I to look neither like a human nor a ghost, our Wu family is even more miserable, today we captured you to be acting on behalf of the heavens.

The Grand Matriarch didn't think too much about it. Taking advantage of the dark night to walk, how could she know that the trap I dug was right in front of us?

When I saw a slender figure standing near the trap, I used my flashlight to shine on it. It turned out to be Soo Soo.

I wondered if the trap had failed because it was meant to catch the old woman. Why would Soo Soo who was standing on top of it appear to be unharmed? Strange!

The Grand Matriarch also saw Soo Soo. She was a little nervous as she grabbed her back with her right hand. With a whoosh, she grabbed a piece of wood from her back. I shone the flashlight on it. It looked like a treasured sword made of wood.

The black treasured sword seemed real, and when the light from the flashlight shone on it, it looked like it was shining on metal. The dazzling light made me blink.

The Grand Preceptor's voice was hoarse as he said, "Soo Soo, you are now a dead man. There is a difference between life and death, so why must you persist? "Hurry back to where you came from."

Soo Soo stood in place without moving or speaking. Her stiff expression was like that of a puppet. With a plop, her delicate body fell onto the trap.

My heart sinks. Could it be that Soo Soo is sick?

Soo Soo!

It was a heart-wrenching scream.

Just as I was about to run over to see what was going on, the Grand Matriarch stopped me in my tracks. She pointed her sturdy wooden sword at my chest.

"Don't go over. Be careful of a trap." As the Grand Matriarch spoke, she moved closer. Naturally, she wanted to see what was going on. Holding onto the wooden sword, she walked up to Soo Soo. Clearly, one of her feet had already stepped on the wooden board of the trap.

But I wondered how the old lady could have kept her feet. Was it my trap that had failed?

Just as she was feeling suspicious, Soo Soo suddenly stood up. She did not leave the position of turning over the board. Instead, she stood firmly on it.

Soo Soo's face was expressionless. She stared at the Grand Matriarch from head to toe, looking as calm and collected as ever.

"You old lady, you are still dishonest even when you have reached the prime of your life. Do you find it interesting to come here and harm others? Give me my things or I won't let you go. "

I don't know why, but I feel that Soo Soo's words are a little forceful. It seems to be different from the impression I had of her from before.

Of course, the Grand Matriarch didn't make a move. She really wanted to know what had happened, but her expression was still as natural as ever.

The Grand Matriarch raised the wooden sword and said, "Soo Soo, I advise you to turn around quickly. If you continue, be careful that you may never reincarnate."

Damn it! Why did this old lady say such bad things about Soo Soo?

Just as I was cursing in my heart, Soo Soo flashed me a coquettish smile. Her innocent expression made her look like an adorable child. At this moment, there was a loud boom. For some reason, the trap suddenly flipped over.

With a clang, the Grand Matriarch's body suddenly disappeared from my sight, and the upper layer immediately closed again.

I was overjoyed and quickly ran over to check. Soo Soo had already jumped out.

Was Soo Soo a ghost? How else could she be standing in the middle of the flip? But when I thought about it, I was still too nervous. After all, the flip was a movable board, and in the middle of it was a stick that acted as an axle, so of course I wouldn't fall off when I stood on the axle.

I opened the flip panel and looked down. The light from the flashlight was shining into the pit, and some of the water had seeped out of the pit. The grandma was lying in the water with her eyes closed.

I was elated. I didn't expect to be able to get rid of that damnable old lady so quickly. Soo Soo was naturally very happy as she smiled charmingly at me.

"Husband, thank you very much. It's all thanks to you that I'm able to get my things back. I need to quickly find a bright place to see if it's my indenture contract."

However, I was afraid that the matriarch would wake up and hurt Soo Soo, so she volunteered to touch the matriarch's body. However, Soo Soo was not happy about that. She pulled my arm to the side and stopped me.

"This won't do! "I know that you are doing this for my own good, but don't forget that men and women are different. Although she is an old lady, she is a woman after all. I won't allow my husband to touch another woman."

Soo Soo's words were reasonable. Besides, I hated that damnable old lady to death. Right now, I can't avoid her in time.

She said that the wooden sword was too scary and I did as I was told. Seeing me take the wooden sword away, Soo Soo suddenly extended her right hand towards the grandma's sleeve and with a 'sou' sound, a white shadow flew directly into Soo Soo's hand.

The pit was pitch black, but my flashlight was shining brightly. Facing Soo Soo, I could see that it was a piece of white cloth. There weren't any words written on it. Perhaps there were only a few words written inside.

"That's great! If you get the indenture contract, just burn this thing. "

I am really happy for Soo Soo. After burning the indenture contract, Soo Soo will be free to go. In the future, there won't be any problems.

I pushed Soo Soo's round buttocks. It took me a lot of effort before I managed to push her up. Soo Soo was even more impatient to leave. She said that she wanted to return to her room to check if it was her indenture contract.

It was already deep into the night, leaving only me and the Grand Matriarch in the pit. Of course, I didn't want to stay with this bad woman, so I quickly climbed up. When I looked back, the Grand Matriarch was lying in the pit, obviously still unconscious.

Old Scoundrel! This is your punishment!

I cursed under my breath and was about to turn away, but in my heart I always thought that was not the case.

Although this old lady was a bad person, she was also a greedy person. Now that Soo Soo had gotten her things, there was no need to kill her. What would happen if she died here?

I walked to the front of the house and turned back. When I reached the pit, I found that there seemed to be a cold wind blowing against my face. The wind of the Urala was so harsh that it caused the surrounding trees to flutter and leaves to fall.

My heart went cold. I suddenly thought back to last night in the courtyard of that Jue Hu family. The cold air was almost no different from the one in the courtyard. Am I going to see a ghost again?

After being bitten by a snake for a long time, I will never forget what happened yesterday. I don't want to find everything again, that brat might be able to break my bones, and tomorrow night will be his first 7!

The more I thought about it, the more scared I became. I hastily hid to the side to observe. As I expected, a figure suddenly appeared in front of me.

In the darkness, there was a stooped man. He was very thin, like a sickly plant, and his body was moving around the trap. However, he seemed to have noticed that there was something he didn't dare to step on.

Zhao Quan'er?

My heart leaped to my throat. Grand Matriarch said yesterday, Zhao Quan'er knows my scent, so he won't let me go. My scent seems to be very attracting to him, so Zhao Quan must be here for me.

What are we waiting for now that we've encountered the fiend and won't leave?

I know how to ask her where the water came from. It's like digging a well, the mountains are as high as they are tall, and even though they're digging holes in the mountains, the amount of water they have is still increasing.

If the Grand Matriarch didn't come out soon, she would have been drowned by the water inside, especially since I clearly remember that she was lying in a pit of earth.

No matter what, it's not that big of a deal for a bad old lady to die. I quickly sneaked back, but before I could take a few steps, a cold voice came from behind me. It sounded like a woman giggling.

"Hubby! You made it easy for me to find you! You left with me last night. Don't you miss me? I've been waiting for you for a long time, and I still can't see you. "Come on!"

I looked back and saw a woman in red standing behind me. She was wearing a red dress, her hair was disheveled, and her face was pale. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper, but her charming eyes were extremely beautiful.

So it was that female ghost?

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