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Living Sacrifice/C14 Who Is the Good Guy
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C14 Who Is the Good Guy

I was stunned. This grandma really is a swindler. It seems that the female ghost from yesterday acknowledged me as her husband. She won't let me go today. Maybe she will come out to find me every night in the future.

What should he do?

Standing in front of me was Zhou Quan, and behind him was the damned bride and ghost bride. Both of them were not to be trifled with. Suddenly, I thought of a plan that would be perfect for both sides, running towards the middle.

As the saying goes, if the east wasn't bright and the west was bright, could you just run in the other direction?

I started to run, and without hesitation, I used all my strength to run towards the bushes on the other side, but when I looked down and saw that my legs had left the ground, my body didn't move at all.

What was going on?

With my legs swinging back and forth so fast, my body was still where it was before. There was only one explanation for it, could I fly?

Terrified, I looked back and saw two large hands clutching at my shoulders.

A slender white hand was holding my shoulder, the hand of the ghost bride, her red sleeve brushing my face, and her other hand was reaching for my neck.

My other shoulder was grabbed by Zhou Quan'er, who was reaching for my nose with his other hand. He grinned greedily, licking his tongue, as if his mouth was gaping open as he was about to follow suit.

However, I know that Zhou Quan'er kissed me because he didn't love me. He is a dead ghost, and of course he wanted to absorb my yang energy.

It was useless to struggle. No matter how much my body tried to move, it was useless. My body didn't have the strength to hover in the air, so I could only let myself be manipulated.

Please!" Please! I'm not the one you're looking for. Let me go, okay?

My trembling plea was like the last wail before my death. I knew that anything that wasn't human would be wasted effort on me. Now, only Christ, the Virgin Mary, God, and the others could save me.

Just as Zhou Quan's big mouth was about to absorb my Yang energy, the female ghost's face suddenly changed. The female ghost's white hand directly smashed into Zhou Quan's head, and with a 'peng' sound, Zhou Quan's head was like a rubber ball. The center of his head had caved in, and a fist-sized hole appeared on his face.

The female ghost shouted, "Scram! Who are you? "You dare to touch my husband?"

Zhou Quan's head was smacked, but the indentation suddenly bulged out, and the rubber ball turned into a human head.

Zhou Quan's face was ashen, his cold face did not have the slightest hint of blood, and he opened his mouth, spitting out a white cold air. The cold air made my entire body shiver, and I suddenly felt as if I wanted to pee, my entire body going numb.

"Get lost! He's mine! "

Zhou Quan was not courteous at all, his hand struck the female ghost's face, and with a crack, his five fingers actually stabbed into the female ghost's face, ripping off half of her face. The entire face was gone, and blood was all over the flesh, the blood spurted out, the stench of blood was unbearable.

However, the ghost girl didn't feel any pain. She grabbed the face that fell and pressed it back down. It was weird, that face was like a piece of white paper, when did it become new?

The red-clothed female ghost let out a miserable laugh. Her laughter reverberated through the forest, causing all of the leaves on the tree to fall.

"Who are you? "What great ability, but I am not afraid of you, could it be that you have never heard that a man is fierce and a ghost is fierce, especially a female ghost like me who is wearing red clothes. You can't win against me."

The ghost lady's hand poked at Zhao Quan's head again, the sharp fingers actually pierced through Zhao Quan'er's temple, with a poof, fresh blood spurted out.

So the two ghosts began to fight, but their hands were on my shoulders, and I had no chance to escape.

After fighting for a long time, the two ghosts seemed to be at a stalemate. Suddenly, Zhou Quan let out a sneer and winked at the female ghost.

"Half for each person!"

Zhou Quan's cold words seemed to come from hell itself. The cold echo made me want to piss even more.

The ghost girl was startled and then suddenly smiled. She smiled at me and licked her cold face with her red tongue.

"Hubby! "What he said is reasonable. A husband is no different from half a husband. As long as they are both husband, then it's fine. This will save us time and we will have a good time together."

The red-clothed female ghost seemed to acquiesce. The two of them stopped fighting, but the hand pressing down on my shoulder was even more forceful. It seemed that she was going to tear me apart.

Am I going to die here today?

I had an idea and looked at the ghost in red.

"My wife!" Can you not fall for his trap? "Think about it, if I, as a man, am split into two from the middle, I will immediately die. If I lose my popularity, I won't be able to warm you up.

The red-robed ghost girl was startled, and stared at Zhao Quan'er with eyes that seemed to be filled with rage.

"What my husband said makes sense. You brat, you really have no good intentions. If you ruin my good plan, then you can't."

The two ghosts started fighting again. This fight didn't matter, the sky was simply overcast and the ground was dark. The two ghosts fought too hard, and I don't know how they managed to let go of me.


The soft mud was beneath me, and the flashlight shone brightly. The old woman had woken up long ago and was standing in the pit, staring at me. Her eyes were very nervous.

"Old granny!" You! "You're awake."

I don't know how this damnable old lady can fight with me, but I'm not afraid of her. She's a dead old lady, and I can't beat the evil spirits outside, so how can I not beat her?

The Grand Matriarch didn't ask me anything. She stared at the canopy above her, and the sounds of the fighting outside seemed to be gone.

"This is bad!" They're coming in. "

The Grand Matriarch cried out in alarm. She quickly grabbed the red rope around her neck and lifted it up. The red rope was torn apart, revealing a yellow paper charm inside.

She opened the rune, and the palm-sized rune had a red cinnabar mark on it. I don't know what that was, but she slammed the rune against the cover, and suddenly the wind stopped.

I seemed to understand what was going on. I believe that rune could drive out ghosts. Otherwise, the red-clothed female ghost and Zhao Quan wouldn't have left just like that.

"Grand Matriarch, don't pretend to be a good person. You're also trying to save yourself, aren't you?"

I scoffed. I didn't expect this old thing to still be in suspense. It looked as if I was grateful.

The Grand Matriarch sighed. She looked at the charm, but it didn't drop. She seemed to be relieved.

"Child! Are you stupid! If I want to protect myself, I can wear a charm on my body. Why did I pull it off and stick to it? "

The Grand Matriarch's expression was extremely unsightly. She was like a wronged child whose tears were actually contained in her eyes. Her rosy eyes seemed as if they were about to shed tears at any moment.

I was stunned. This damnable old lady, is she still acting like this?

But she felt that something wasn't right. She could pretend to be dead now and wait for me to be killed by a ghost. Wasn't saving me now just meddling in other people's business? Wouldn't it make things even more difficult for her if I were still alive?

Soo Soo told me that the Grand Matriarch was a bad person. However, this was clearly not the case, but Soo Soo was not a bad person either. If she wanted to harm me, why would she save me?

"Old granny!" "Let's find Soo Soo to clarify the matter. Why did you take Soo Soo's indenture contract? Is it to sell money to Fifth Master Zhao?"

I said it directly, sparing her the time to lie.

The Grand Matriarch froze for a moment, then her eyes darted around as if she had thought of something.

"It seems that Soo Soo has tricked you again. She took away the white silk that she used to hang herself. It is not some indenture contract at all."


White silk?

I immediately remembered what my father had told me. He had told me that Soo Soo had long been hanged. If what his mother said was a lie, could what his father said was also a lie?

I was trying to figure out who really lived there when I heard a cock crowing outside, wow, wow, and then all the big roosters in the village started crowing.

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