Living Sacrifice/C15 Self-incriminating Innocence
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Living Sacrifice/C15 Self-incriminating Innocence
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C15 Self-incriminating Innocence

Suddenly, my small stomach trembles and the aching sensation in my stomach starts to swell. Just when I thought of it, I realized that I had been holding back my urge to pee, I completely forgot about my fright.

He jumped out and pissed on the bushes beside him. The grandma also crawled out from behind.

After settling the problem, I remembered that there was still a grandma behind me. However, there were three people who were anxious. If the God of Heaven were here, I would have to pee my pants first.

The first glimmers of the morning light passed through the trees, the sun's red rays pierced my eyes, and the Grand Matron was looking at me with disdain.

I hurriedly headed home because I knew that if Soo Soo really loved me, she would definitely not abandon me. She would probably be at home making breakfast for me right now.

The nanny coughed twice before stopping me. She said that Soo Soo would no longer be waiting for me at home. I did not want to hear her speak anymore so I walked towards my own room's door.

Pushing open the door, it was exactly as the Grand Matriarch had said. Soo Soo's shadow could not be seen in the empty room. It seemed that Soo Soo had not come back that night. She had taken the items and left.

The Grand Matriarch followed him in. She actually went to the kitchen and started cooking. Before long, she had cooked a pot of porridge. The fragrant meal was already on the table.

Child! "Come on, let's eat. Whether it's food or steel, you'll starve to death at every meal. Don't think about it anymore, she's already long dead.

The Grand Matriarch stared meaningfully into my eyes. However, I felt that every word she said was extremely unpleasant to listen to. Soo Soo was clearly a living person. How could she possibly die?

"Old granny!" Stop pretending, you said that it is white silk for hanging, how can I believe your words? Furthermore, why did Soo Soo take away the white silk that she hung herself on?

I looked at the grandma with ridicule, but the grandma seemed to have already expected this. She didn't have any expression on her face and just continued to drink her porridge.

"Child! "Don't not believe me, I know that you and I, as mortals, will find it hard to believe me, but you have just seen it, Zhao Quan'er is already a dead man, and that red clothed female ghost, do you admit that there is a ghost in this world?"

The Grand Matriarch's words made me shiver. That's right, just now I was being thought of to death by these two ghosts. That was a true experience. It would be false if there were no ghosts in this world.

"So what if there's a ghost, so what if there's no ghost? Who do you think is a ghost? Those two ghosts tried to kill me, but Soo Soo did not do it.

I thought back to my past with Soo Soo. Every time I met her, she would try to get along with me. Her expression was as gentle as that of a person who doesn't even have the slightest intention of harming me. Right now, I am still alive and well.

"Foolish child, stop daydreaming. Soo Soo really did die. However, she is not a ghost. She has already become an undead. Undead and ghosts are different."

The Grand Matriarch's words made me quiver. A ghost is a ghost, and an undead is an undead. I've watched many movies and TV dramas where undead were similar to zombies.

"Undead? "Alright, you old lady, you don't know what to say, I still want to say that you are an undead." I didn't like her, but the grandma disapproved. She put down her chopsticks and pushed open the door. I looked out the window and saw that the sun was getting bigger and bigger. The sun in the east was already as high as the walls.


The Grand Matriarch opened the door and stood in the courtyard. The sun was shining on her face, which was covered in wrinkles. Her silvery-white hair was shining, and her stooped body seemed to be tired. She swayed slightly forward.

I don't know why, but I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in my heart. At such an old lady's age, if she doesn't want anything, then why did she come to help our Wu family?

"Child! Did you see that? "I'm not a ghost or an undead, ghosts and undeads don't stand under the sun for long, and the sun will burn their bodies to ashes."

I immediately retorted, "Grand Matriarch, don't joke around. Soo Soo has been with me for so many days. Although she mostly spends most of her time with me at night, she sometimes comes out with me to see sunlight."

Almost every time, Soo Soo would make an appointment with me at night. Even if she was with me during the day, Soo Soo would never take the initiative to stand under the sunlight. In my impression, Soo Soo's face would always be facing the shadows, fearing that some light would shine on it.

It seems that this old lady is right, but I still don't understand why Soo Soo didn't kill me when she was an undead, and why she still had to take the white silk which I hung from my neck.

I told the old lady the question in my mind. Either I believed her completely or it depended on what she said.

The Grand Matriarch said that if the living corpse were to take away the items she killed, its cultivation would greatly increase. As the saying goes, return to your original owner. When Soo Soo died, her soul would be hanging on top of it.

"Power?" Did you watch too many TV dramas? She's just an ordinary girl, what kind of power could she possibly have? " I asked, looking at the nanny in bewilderment.

The Grand Matriarch shook her head. Her eyes seemed to be filled with disappointment at me.

"I said that power is her Yin Spirit. She has gathered all of her soul and three souls and six souls together, especially since she's a dead woman. Her mana is very strong now, so it seems that she'll be difficult to deal with her in the future."

I really don't believe the Grand Matriarch's one-sided story. After all, I didn't see Soo Soo with my own eyes.

She slowly untied a red cloth from around her waist. The red cloth was about the size of a fist and seemed to contain some kind of small object. Trembling, she took out a needle. The white steel needle shined brightly in the sunlight.

To my surprise, the Grand Matriarch stuck the steel needle into her left thumb and slowly pulled it out. The next moment, the blood on her thumb fell to the ground.

Just as I was looking on doubtfully, the big black dog in the yard also discovered the blood. It seemed to be very interested in the blood on the ground.

See?" I am a living man, not a dead man. Only a living man can bleed, and my blood has a human taste. The dog's nose is the most sensitive.

I know it hurts, but I still don't understand why Soo Soo didn't kill me. It seems like right now, the grandma isn't a ghost, she's really a human.

I told the Grand Matriarch about my doubts, but the Grand Matriarch only sighed.

I didn't expect that this ghost girl would still not forget you. Perhaps she was moved by your help to escape from the Zhao Family, otherwise, her body would have been sealed in a coffin that day, and her soul wouldn't have escaped.

The Grand Matriarch's words were like thunder striking, and for some reason, my mind buzzed. What I did with Soo Soo was obviously a little obscure, so I didn't expect her to be right.

I embarrassedly said, "Grandmother, you! How do you know that Soo Soo and I are husband and wife?

I looked at the grandma in astonishment. The grandma's shriveled face actually had a hint of pink. She shook her head and pointed her right index finger at my stomach.

"The combination of you and the undead has long absorbed a lot of yang energy. The reason why she didn't suck you dry was because she had feelings for you. She didn't believe that if you touched the bottom of your right rib, you would feel a needle-like pain."

The Grand Matriarch's words were as if she was coaxing a three-year-old child. In my impression, my ribs have never been injured, so how can it hurt?

I laughed at the Grand Matriarch for being a little nervous, but I still doubted her, so I did as I was told. I pressed my right hand lightly against my ribs, and felt an unbearable pain.

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