Living Sacrifice/C16 Black Dog Killing
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Living Sacrifice/C16 Black Dog Killing
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C16 Black Dog Killing


The excruciating pain was unbearable for me. The pain under my ribs was so excruciating that I could barely breathe. I quickly took off my clothes to take a look. The sight of it almost scared me to death.

There was nothing wrong with my ribs before, but why did they suddenly turn blue now? A swollen thing the size of a ping pong ball was inside, and it felt hard to the touch.

I was so scared that other than the cold sweat on my forehead, I suddenly realised that this grandma in front of me seemed to be crazy. Every time she can predict my future, could it be that she really knows how to catch ghosts?

"Old granny!" "You're right!"

I gritted my teeth as I spoke. I really didn't want to make the grandma too proud.

The Grand Matriarch didn't stop either. She held onto my clothes and looked at me. She sighed with a helpless expression on her face.

"Those who should come will come, those who should leave will leave. Whether it is fortune or misfortune, it is unavoidable."

The old lady mumbled. It sounded like she was talking to me, but she just kept staring at the black dog in the yard. That black dog was also very smart, it knew that the old lady was looking at it and its two eyes were staring straight at her as if it was listening.

"Old granny!" "I've offended her in the past. You mean if I meet Soo Soo next time, I'll have a try and see if she's bleeding. If she isn't, then she's either an undead or a ghost girl, right?"

I thought about Soo Soo in my heart. It doesn't matter if she is a human or a ghost, or a zombie. I like her so much, how can I let it go?

The Grand Matriarch didn't say anything. Her right hand slapped my ribs, causing me to be unable to straighten my back due to the excruciating pain. An electric current flowed through my entire body, causing me to almost fall to the ground.

"Old granny!" "You?" I asked in surprise.

The grandma looked at me with a grave expression. Her expression was very serious.

"You are so stupid, now you have been sucked away by the undead, although now you are fine, any more and you will lose your life, the black bag on your ribs is the blood poison on the undead's body, if the blood poison attacks the heart, you will become the second undead!"

Ah? I can become a zombie too?

I seemed to understand her intentions. Previously, I had seen many movies and TV shows where a zombie would turn into a zombie if it bit someone. If Soo Soo was an undead, she would definitely have some effect on me.

But I don't want to believe that Soo Soo is already a dead person. Thinking back to that warmth and gentleness, that feeling of gentleness in the village is really engraved in my heart.

The grandma pointed at the black dog that was listening to her and her shriveled old face twitched. Her fingers pointed at the black dog, which was also very mischievous. It jumped up and down, extending its red tongue in an attempt to lick the grandma's finger.

"This black dog is useful. Kill it!"

Grand Matriarch's words made me shocked. I didn't expect her to say such words out of the blue. Could it be that this old lady is crazy for meat?

"No!" Little Black has been raised by my old man for several years. It didn't have any credit or hard work in my home as a guard, so how can you just kill it like that? " This hatred in my heart, that damnable old lady is really a swindler. She must have taken our family's Little Black to vent her anger because she didn't get much money.

The Grand Matriarch's gaze suddenly became fierce. Her two old eyes stared straight at me. Her gaze was extremely sharp, as if her meaning was unquestionable.

The grandma said to me in an almost ice-cold tone, "Xiao Lei! If you want to live past today, then listen to me and kill it, otherwise, if it doesn't die, it will be you. If it dies, then you will still have a chance to live.

I bitterly smiled and said, "Grandmother, you said that it is a living being with spirituality. What does this have to do with a dog? Can you not tease me?"

The Grand Matriarch continued coldly, "This dog was raised by your Wu Clan. Now is the time for it to repay its master's kindness. Don't worry, I'll talk to it. It can understand the current situation."

I was about to argue when the grandma suddenly crouched down beside the black dog. She squatted on the ground and held the black dog's head, her dry mouth moving a few times as if she was mumbling something. Strangely, the black dog actually seemed to nod in agreement.

I was stunned! Could this woman be a witch? It was incredible that she could talk to a dog.

The old lady finished speaking and released the black dog. The black dog suddenly stared sadly at the ground, it stood up and walked directly towards me, its two black eyes staring at me as if it wanted to say something to me. But how could a dog speak?

"Little Black!" What's the matter with you? "

Dog hair brushed against my pants, but I didn't mind it at all. Now, besides Dad, only Xiaohei is with me in the Wu family, and now that Dad has been captured by Fifth Master Zhao, only Xiaohei is with me in the entire courtyard. Although it's not like we're living together, there's almost no other way left.

Blacky rubbed itself against me for a long time. I was tired and stood up looking at it, but what happened next was something I would never forget for the rest of my life.

Suddenly, Blacky started to circle around my body. It seemed to be observing everything in the courtyard, as though it was looking for something. Suddenly, Blacky stood still on the ground, but its eyes were staring at the direction of the dog's den.

Dad built the kennel with bricks, and the red brick was also a defective product. In the countryside, a kennel wasn't important, as long as the bricks were piled up and covered with felt paper, it would be fine without the rain.

I was really puzzled. Could it be that there was something unclean in the kennel?

Woof woof woof!

Blacky suddenly turns its head and barks a few times at me. Then, it suddenly accelerates its pace and its body is like lightning. The black shadow is like a bolt of lightning as it rushes towards the brick wall on the side of the dog's den.


With a loud noise, the dog-kennel collapsed. The piled up bricks and the oilskin on top of it broke apart. Blacky's body was buried by these broken things and stopped moving.

Startled, I quickly ran forward, grabbed the collapsed bricks and threw them aside. After a long time, I finally managed to move the bricks away. Blacky was lying on the ground, but it was no longer able to move.

F * ck!

Startled and frightened, I cursed under my breath.

Why did Little Black suddenly commit suicide without thinking? Could it be that after hearing the Grand Matriarch's words, Little Black didn't want to live anymore?

"Old granny!" "You're too much. It's just a dog, what are you doing?"

I almost shouted at the grandma in a furious voice. At first, I thought that the grandma would take revenge on me, but to my surprise, the grandma started crying as well. She slowly walked towards Blacky's corpse, her shriveled hand like a dried twig.

"Dog!" "You're such a good dog. After you die, I will be more generous to you and lose my life for the Wu family. However, you have also lost your life's favor. You can leave now. In your next life, I will definitely reincarnate into a good person."

In my eyes, it's not good for her to flare up. She is an old man in her seventies, and she has never seen anything in her life before. Right now, there are very few things that can make her so sad.

I stood there stunned, at a loss of what to do. The Grand Matriarch pointed to Little Black's corpse and sorrowfully sighed.

"Little Lei!" Hurry up and bring over an iron basin, take a knife and cut open its leg, then put its blood inside the basin. Remember, you can't have anything dirty inside, and you can't have water either, otherwise, Blacky will die in vain. "

The Grand Matriarch choked with sobs, clearly still unable to extricate herself from her earlier grief.

"Why? Is this dog blood useful? "

I gritted my teeth as I looked at the grandma. If it wasn't for the grandma's intentions, Blacky wouldn't have died. Yet, she didn't even let go of Blacky's corpse. This was simply too cruel to me.

"Child, I know that you're angry, but there's nothing I can do about it. I already told you a few days ago that Zhao Quan'er's number seven is today, and he will definitely come back to find you for his life. This dog blood is what you use to deal with Zhao Quan'er, otherwise, Zhao Quan will definitely kill you."

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