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C18 Soul-returning Night

At first, I didn't dare to look back. Besides, the Grand Matriarch had also instructed me not to speak to the ghost girl, otherwise, Zhao Quan'er would easily notice my popularity.

But after thinking about it, this ghost girl might not believe that I like her if she saw that I was indifferent.

"Let's go!" "Come home with me, you can marry a chicken and dog with a dog. You are now one of my people."

I pretended to be deep and held my breath, afraid of revealing anything.

The ghost lady seemed to be moved. She grabbed my arm, and her coquettish body rubbed against me. I just realized that this ghost lady was not bad. Although she wasn't some sort of beautiful fairy, she was still passable.

"Hubby! You're so nice to me, but I don't understand. Why do you like me? "I'm clearly dead, and I'm a scum with a man. Aren't you afraid that I'm a bad woman?"

The ghost girl in red was sobbing as if she was crying from excitement.

I sighed. It seemed that this female ghost was also an infatuated seed. Otherwise, I would have been strangled to death by now.

I said submissively, "My wife! "Come home with me. My family still doesn't know about our marriage. My grandma wants to see you and get married to us."

"Ah?" Is that for real? I'm so excited! "

The female ghost was extremely excited. The red shadow circled around my body a few times before suddenly landing in front of me. A wave of cold wind made my entire body shiver.

I suddenly thought of Soo Soo. Previously, Soo Soo and I were just as intimate.

I didn't say much, afraid that I would slip up. The ghost lady lowered her head and shyly followed behind me. She looked quite bashful, as if she really wanted to rush over when she saw her parents-in-law.

When he reached his own house, he pushed open the door, and his big eyes were glued to the door.

The Grand Matriarch had already taken her seat. With a smile, she placed a cup of tea on the table beside her.

"Old granny!" I've brought my wife back, take a look. "

Kneeling on the ground, he raised his head to look at the grandma. Suddenly, he realized that the grandma's face was covered with a piece of white paper. The paper depicted her eyes, nose and mouth. It was clearly a mask.

I felt more and more terrified, and the ghost girl knelt beside me. She was as shy as a girl, and she kept her head down, not daring to look up.

The Grand Matriarch slowly said, "Since you're already here, why aren't you giving me any tea?"

"Oh!" I've just forgotten. Grandmother, please have some tea. "

I stood up and passed the teacup on the Eight Immortals Table to the Grand Matriarch. The Grand Preceptor also feigned as he drank a mouthful of tea. Following that, the female ghost also passed the teacup to the Grand Preceptor. The Grand Preceptor didn't reject it and lightly took a sip as well.

"Good tea!" Good tea! Since you guys are in agreement, then hurry up and enter the bridal room. It's getting late. "

Just as the Grand Matriarch finished speaking, my heart quivered. What does this Grand Matriarch mean? If I were to follow the female ghost into the bridal chamber and allow the female ghost to absorb all of my yang energy, wouldn't I just die here?

Just as I was about to speak, the Grand Matriarch suddenly took out a small round mirror, which she stuffed into my arms.

The palm-sized mirror was similar to the one the girl used. There was a light on the mirror, and it was clearly carved with the Eight Trigrams of Yin and Yang. My guess was right, this was probably some treasure used for self-defense.

The ghost lady stood up and was about to turn around to leave when she suddenly stopped. She turned around and looked at the matriarch, her eyes emitting two rays of green light. The green light shone on the matriarch's face, causing the green light on the white paper to be reflected back.

"Grandmother! I don't know why you agreed to the marriage between me and Xiao Lei. You know, I'm a dead man and he's still alive, don't tell me that you're not afraid of his lifespan being shortened? " The red-clothed female ghost asked shyly, but I know that she was the one who tested the Grand Matriarch.

The woman nodded, her face expressionless as she said, "This is the business of you young people, I don't care too much about it." The woman nodded, her face expressionless as she said, "This is the business of you young people, I don't care too much about it.


The ghost lady thought for a moment, then nodded. She didn't hesitate to push open the door to the side, and slowly walked in.

My bedroom was completely changed. The room was filled with red paper and white cloth, with candles burning in the middle, and even the bed I slept on was almost the same as a bridal chamber. It looked quite romantic, and I felt uncomfortable.

"Hubby! It's getting late, we should get some rest. Can I help you change? "

When the ghost lady said she was going to grab my clothes, I quickly dodged her and peeked at my watch. It was already 10: 30 in the evening.

Zhao Quan'er would come to capture me at midnight, and I still have half an hour left. It seems like the Grand Matriarch has grasped the time perfectly, so I should be able to delay her for half an hour.

"From today onwards, you are my wife. But before I enter the bridal chamber, I have some things to ask you. I hope you can answer truthfully."

I pretended to be deep as I grabbed onto the female ghost's ice-cold hand and touched it. The female ghost was also extremely cooperative. Her slender hands rubbed against my hand.

The cold, bone-piercing hand made me shiver all over. It was a terrible feeling.

"Hubby! "Just ask. I'll say whatever you ask me. Now that you've brought me out of the sea of fire, from now on I won't have to suffer from the wrath of others." The ghost lady said excitedly.

It seems that the old lady didn't give her anything good, so the ghost girl is naturally grateful to me.

"Mm, of course. You are my wife, so I will treat you better in the future. However, we are not animals, so we can't just call it a wedding, right? "It's better to exchange our feelings. Tell us more about your past and how you died. We understand much more, and there will be no estrangement between us in the future."

After I finished speaking, the ghost girl became even more shy. She covered her face, looking no different from a living person. However, the cold aura coming from the dead ghost made me almost unable to endure it.

The ghost lady sighed, her ice-cold aura sprayed into the air, and a gust of cold air turned into white smoke.

As she sobbed, the ghost girl began to speak.

It turned out that the ghost girl's name was Wan'er, and she was also sold to that family. But who would have thought that this family was related to her, and that the man was her cousin whom she grew up with. It was a pity that the old lady was an antique, and said that they were going to have a marriage together, but the old lady didn't want to force them to enter the room, so when she got angry, she pretended to hang herself.

I was stunned. Why is it that Grand Matriarch's method of dying is different from what she said? But I don't care about that anymore.

I nodded, thoughtful.

"So it's like that! I got it, you really are a pitiful woman. No wonder the relationship between you and that man is so close.

I tell the truth, and if it's too fake, it makes the ghost girl suspicious.

After crying for a long time, the ghost lady actually threw herself into my arms. Her icy hands started to slowly pull off my clothes.

Not good!

I chatted for half a day now but it was too slow. If the ghost girl took off my clothes, I would definitely be able to see the mirror that the Grand Matriarch gave me.

I was about to avoid the ghost's hand when a cold wind blew outside like a whirlwind and a man's shadow lay outside the window. The man was hunched over the room, but there was a gauze curtain in the room that he could not see clearly.

"Wu Lei!" I'm Zhao Quan'er, I have something to talk to you about, can you come out for a bit?

Sure enough, it was Zhao Quan'er's movements. He was standing outside the door respectfully, as if he was alive, but I knew that he was afraid of scaring me to the point that I didn't dare to go out.

I jumped in fright and didn't reply. Wan-Er was stunned as well. Her face suddenly turned red, her eyes were red, and her eye sockets were almost torn. She looked like she had just died.

"How dare you!" You're here to cause trouble for my husband, aren't you going to hurry up and f * ck off? "

Wan-Er yelled, but it was the opposite. Zhao Quan'er didn't leave. He was laughing out loud, and the sound was loud. Zhao Quan kicked the door open.


The door directly smashed down, and I hurriedly ran towards the grandma's house as planned. But before I could run over, Zhao Quan had already blocked my path.

Zhao Quan'er's eyes released a green light, his body reeked of stench, and his gloomy and cold eyes stared straight at me. He smiled sinisterly, his expression extremely terrifying.

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