Living Sacrifice/C19 Fighting Zhao Quan
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Living Sacrifice/C19 Fighting Zhao Quan
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C19 Fighting Zhao Quan

"Go where?"

Zhao Quan roared angrily and his cold voice scared me even more. White air came out of his mouth and it felt like a layer of mist. The white smoke just happened to pounce on my face and made my entire body tremble.

Immediately after, Zhao Quan grabbed towards my neck with both hands, only to discover that his fingers were emitting a green light. His sharp nails protruded out, each of them about two inches long, looking like steel needles.

I was blocked by Zhao Quan, and my body swayed. I quickly put on a smile and looked at Zhao Quan, trying my best to put on a wretched smile.

"All brothers! "We used to play barefoot together when we were little, did you forget that I went to your house when we were little and you came to mine too? We are childhood friends."

My voice is trembling. It's clearly a mess.

Zhao Quan, on the other hand, laughed sinisterly, his expression still stiff from beginning to end.

"Wu Lei, I just found out that I'm already dead. Where's the urns? Hand them over quickly, or else I won't forgive you."

I was stunned. I gave the urns to the grandma. The grandma had long prepared to use them as bait. Where could I find one now?

I said submissively, "All brothers! Forget about me. Right now, we are separated by Yin and Yang. Hurry up and reincarnate, maybe you can become an emperor in your next life. "

Zhao Quan's large, stiff hand grabbed onto my shoulder and pressed down hard, like a piece of cold iron. My shoulder wasn't crushed, but the bone-chilling, ice-cold feeling almost shattered my bones.

"Bullshit!" "I have already become a zombie. As the saying goes, a zombie cannot be reincarnated. Are you going to give it or not?"

Zhao Quan grabbed my neck with both of his hands and started to pinch me. Just as I was about to speak, I suddenly felt suffocated.

At this moment, I suddenly heard a delicate voice behind me. A red figure pounced over and wrapped itself around Zhao Quan's arm. A woman has already flown above my head.

The woman actually flew over upside down. Her hair was hanging in front of my face, perfectly covering Zhao Quan's face.

Then a sharp female voice said, "Don't be presumptuous! Hurry up and release my husband, or I won't be polite to you anymore. "

I was stunned. In front of me was the ghost girl Wan'er. The ghost girl was holding Zhao Quan's arm with both hands, and her head was facing Zhao Quan's face.

Zhao Quan did not back off. He tried even harder to kill me. Wan'er suddenly grabbed the phoenix hairpin and stabbed it into Zhao Quan's arm.

With a few cracking sounds, Zhao Quan's arm was like a piece of steel. The precious hairpin actually couldn't pierce through it. With a crack, the precious hairpin actually broke into pieces.

Zhao Quan shook his shoulders proudly and laughed maniacally.

"Haha!" You are really overestimating yourself, you want to deal with me with just your own strength, why aren't you quickly getting the hell out of my way? Otherwise, I will eat you too! "

Zhao Quan opened his mouth as he spoke. The mouth was full of sharp teeth. The green teeth were about an inch long. They were shining with green light as he bit down on Wan-Er's neck.

Wan-Er's body trembled. She grabbed the phoenix hairpin with her right hand and pushed it forward. The phoenix hairpin had been cut in half, but it emitted a green light. Apparently, Wan-Er had used her power.


Zhao Quan cried out miserably, and then his eyes actually rolled down from his face. Those eyeballs were green, and green blood was flowing out from his eye sockets. Zhao Quan covered his eye sockets and cried out in pain.

It's just as the grandma said, the blood from the undead is green indeed. It seems like I can't doubt the grandma anymore.

"You bitch, get lost!"

Zhao Quan was furious from the pain. He put both his hands on Wan-Er's head and swung them at her. With a "wuu" sound, he threw both palms at Wan-Er's head.

Wan-Er's head immediately dodged the attack and his hands hit her heavily.

Wan-Er jumped to the ground and turned around gracefully. The red shadow had reached Zhao Quan's other side. She held the phoenix hairpin in her right hand and stabbed it into one of his eyes. The power was just right.

My eyes!

Wan-Er didn't take the phoenix hairpin out this time. She calmly crossed her arms and stood beside me. At this moment, Zhao Quan had a broken phoenix hairpin on his eyeball. It was quite beautiful, but the green blood had already dyed it green.

"It's so painful!" "You woman, I'll eat you."

Zhao Quan grabbed the jade ornament and forcefully pulled it out. With a 'puchi', he pulled out his eyeball along with the jade ornament. Green blood flowed from the eyeball, and fluid was flowing from its eye sockets.

In a split-second, Zhao Quan lost both his eyes. He roared and roared like a crazy lunatic, sweeping his hands in a mess and creating a series of noises. Everything in the room fell to the side due to him.


Zhao Quan had lost his eyes, but he did not stop. He sniffed around, as if he was relying on the smell to find my location.

"Husband, quickly leave!" He won't give up. Let me deal with him. "

Wan-Er turned into a red shadow and flew around Zhao Quan. However, she couldn't find any weak points.

I suddenly thought of what the Grand Matriarch had said. The Grand Preceptor had told me to draw these two items into the array a long time ago.

The Grand Matriarch had already set up the formation a long time ago, so I couldn't really tell her name.

There were seven candles on the floor, a few paper cranes stacked on the wall above, and a circle of paper cranes made of yellow paper charms hung around the eaves of the house. From top to bottom, there was a three-dimensional arrangement, and I didn't know what the Grand Matron was up to, but there was no other way out.

I ran out of the hall and directly escaped into the Grand Matriarch's living room. I didn't know where I got the strength from, but I actually ran towards her from a distance of more than ten meters. I was panting heavily as I arrived at the place, and the paper coffin that was made out of the Grand Matriarch was right in front of me.

"You're still running! Give me your life! "

Zhao Quan was going to kill me today. He lost his eyes but still had his nose and ears, and with his sensitive senses, he found out where I was all of a sudden. He flew towards me like a cannonball and entered the living room.

Of course, Wan'er wouldn't let Zhao Quan go. Her sleeves suddenly flew out, and her two long sleeves became two threads wrapped tightly around Zhao Quan. No matter how Zhao Quan moved, he couldn't move his sleeves no matter how hard he tried.

At this moment, the two ghosts were tightly holding onto each other, unable to determine victory or defeat. The stone in my heart had finally dropped to the ground. It seems that the opportunity had arrived.

She suddenly came out from the coffin, her hand holding onto the peach wood sword. The wooden sword pierced through the bodies of the two ghosts, and with a 'puchi', two birds with one stone, the peach wood sword pierced through Wan'er's back, directly towards Zhao Quan's chest. At the same time, two screams sounded out.

"Hubby! What did you do to me? "

"My heart hurts. Wu Lei, you're so despicable!"

The two ghosts looked at my face at the same time. Their ferocious faces couldn't be looked at directly. Wan'er's face wasn't as fair as the girl's either. It had turned into a green-skinned ghost with fangs.

I couldn't bear to look at her face, so I suddenly felt sorry for her. Although she was also a ghost girl, she had no enmity with me, but I had no other choice now, so I could only use her as a scapegoat to save myself.

The old granny grasped her treasured sword and exerted the greatest amount of strength in her two hands. She seemed to be unable to hold on as she anxiously looked at me.

"Kid!" "What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and pull the rope."

The broken gong's voice didn't sound like hers at all. I raised my head and saw that a rope was already tied to the house beam. Without any hesitation, I grabbed the rope and violently pulled downwards.

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