Living Sacrifice/C2 She Is Missing
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Living Sacrifice/C2 She Is Missing
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C2 She Is Missing

Neither of us paid any attention to the other that night.

The next morning, my father went out.

I ran over to tell Soo Soo that I would pick her up and bring her home when I got back, then send her away from here forever.

But when I came back at noon the next day, I found a woman at home.

My father told me that this was the woman he had bought. From now on, she was my wife, and he wanted me to live a good life with her.

The woman, with the big plate and the dull look in her eyes, looked a little abnormal.

When I finished, the woman leaned over me and said she would sleep with me.

When I saw her, I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself, "This girl, how could she be so fierce? Is there something wrong with her head?"

My dad told me that my family's condition is not comparable to the Zhao family's. It's good enough to get a woman, as long as I can have a son, then I won't be picky.

I kept thinking about Soo Soo and ignored him.

But when I entered the Zhao Family, I found that Soo Soo had disappeared.

I had a bad feeling about this. After rushing to Soo Soo's room, I found it to be empty and devoid of any traces of Soo Soo.

Where's Soo Soo? Gone!

I started searching all over the village for Soo Soo. However, I couldn't find any trace of her.

At the same time, the village women started to spread the news that Old Wu's son had become a retard and was searching for a dead man all over the place.

I didn't have the time to explain it to them, going from house to house, finding the last person who didn't see Soo Soo.

I thought back to last night when I told my father that Soo Soo was still alive. Could it be that he had turned the matter over to the Zhao Family and the Zhao Family had taken Soo Soo away?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that my train of thought was correct.

I hurried home and pointed to my father's nose and asked if he had done it.

My father's eyes were also red. He slapped me on the ear and told me that Soo Soo had been buried with Zhao Quan'er. He told me not to think about that damned woman anymore.

I was stunned by his slap, but at the same time, a thought flashed through my mind. If Soo Soo's disappearance was really related to the Zhao family, where could they have gotten her to?

Then a place popped into my head: the cemetery!

Since the Zhao Family had taken away Soo Soo, they would definitely continue to accompany Zhao Quan'er in death!

With that in mind, I stumbled out the door and headed straight for the grave, but my father couldn't stop me.

Along the way, I prayed that nothing would happen to Soo Soo.

By the time I arrived at the Zhao family cemetery, it was already night. The sky was already dark, and the moon was hanging in the sky.

I stood in the grave circle, and at first I held on with a surge of anger in my heart, but then a cold wind blew and the shadows of the trees swayed, and the grass rustled, and my heart grew more and more shaky.

Zhao Quan'er's grave was easy to find, the new grave was tall and big, it was bare, and in a place filled with wild grass, it seemed especially obvious.

When I saw it, I went in boldly. His heart tightened every time he passed by a grave.

By the time I got close enough to Zhao Quan'er's grave, my back was already soaked in cold sweat.

I turned on the cell phone's screen, and a dim green light shone on the stone, lighting up the face on the tombstone.

Especially Zhao Quan'er's pair of eyes, which were so ghastly that it made me feel scared for a while.

I quickly retracted the light from my phone and focused on the cover above the grave.

I walked around the grave, taking a closer look at every place, making sure there were no new traces of today's excavation, and I felt a little more at ease.

When I returned, the light from my phone once again shone on Zhao Quan'er's photo. Suddenly, I felt that pair of eyes, as if they were looking at me.

I shivered all over, thinking I couldn't stay here any longer, or I'd be scared to death.

As I waded back through the knee-deep grass, the grass rustled behind me, making my hair stand on end.

Just as I took a dozen steps forward, I suddenly heard someone call out from behind me, "Wu Lei!"

That cry sounded very similar to Zhao Quan'er's voice.

I gave an instinctive "ah" and looked back.

However, in the circle of graves, the grass that was half a meter tall was the sharp end of the grave. Other than that, there was no one else.

I was startled for a moment, and then I felt a chill all over my body.

That voice definitely wasn't my imagination.

Could it really be Zhao Quan'er, he saw me coming here and came out!

At this thought, all the hairs on my body stood on end as I turned around and walked back.

I walked faster and faster, but I fought to keep from running. Because the more I ran, the more shocked I became. I was afraid that if I ran out for the first time, I wouldn't be able to stop.

Just as I was about a dozen steps away, I saw a figure appear not far ahead. It was a vague shadow that I couldn't see clearly.

The moment I saw that figure, my heart jumped.

This place was a tomb. No one would come here at night with nothing to do. The person who could appear here was probably not a human.

Looking at that figure, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately stopped.

In the light of the moon, the figure was floating in front of the path I was about to take.

I thought it over, decided to avoid him, and turned back.

But after walking for a while, I regretted it, because if I were to walk further back, I would definitely pass Zhao Quan'er's grave.

Ever since I heard that voice, I've been terrified of the grave. So I made a ninety-degree turn, neither towards the figure nor towards Zhao Quan'er's grave.

After walking for a while, when I turned around to look, I found that the figure had disappeared.

My heart gave a sharp shudder. The disappearance of that figure meant that he could have appeared anywhere, and perhaps he was right behind me right now, which was much more terrifying than standing there without moving at all.

I didn't dare look back, so I kept walking.

After walking for about 10 minutes, I was blocked by a bare grave. When I raised my head to look, I realized that it was Zhao Quan'er's grave.

Why did he come back!?

A buzz went off in my head and my whole body went numb as if I had been electrocuted.

I was so scared that I quickly went back, but as soon as I turned around, I felt my feet go soft, and then I fell down with a whoosh.

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