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C20 Extremely Undead

Crash! *

An iron basin suddenly fell from the ceiling beams. It was a basin filled with dog blood that had been prepared a long time ago.

The black dog's blood directly dripped down, and the entire basin directly landed on the bodies of the two fellows. With a loud sizzling sound, the dog blood started to burn as if it was sulfuric acid.

Pain! It was so painful! Husband, don't do this to me, I really like you!

Wan-Er was in so much pain, but it didn't matter how she shouted.

Zhao Quan also started to howl. He wanted to struggle free, but his body was still tied up by the peach wood sword, making it impossible for him to do so.

The Grand Matriarch didn't hesitate. Her right hand shook as if she was holding onto a thin line. The thin line just happened to be hanging from the beam of the house. As the line trembled, the paper crane on top of it also fell down.

The paper crane immediately turned into a fireball after it landed on Zhao. Crackling like a thunderclap bomb, Zhao Quan and Wan'er's bodies burned up as they let out heart-wrenching howls.

I was stunned. The scene in front of me was really unbearable. Two fellows with green faces and fangs were ignited in flames. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed such a thing would happen in my entire life.

"This is bad!" Hurry up and chop off their heads. If the wild ghosts hear, they will definitely rush over to join in the fun. If the ghosts of the peerless families or Soo Soo find out, we will be in trouble. "

I saw the hilt of the sword on Wan'er's back and abruptly pulled it out. At that instant, Wan'er cried out in pain, and I didn't hesitate to pull out my peach wood sword and hack it on Wan'er and Zhao Quan's heads. With two "gulu gulu" sounds, both of their heads fell to the ground and turned into ashes.


The fire grew stronger, and the fire began to burn up, and in a moment it was gone, and a cloud of white smoke drifted out of the room, and nothing could be seen, and the Grand Matriarch opened the door, and the cold wind blew the smoke away, and I looked at the ground, and there were only two black ashes on the floor.

I focused my mind and suddenly felt overjoyed. Zhao Quan was finished. I had finally managed to avoid the seventh place.

"Pfft!" Grand Matriarch, I am finally relieved. Zhao Quan won't come and bother me anymore, right? " I looked at her nervously, afraid that she would say something bad.

The grandma nodded and looked at me breathlessly.

Your father was captured by the Fifth Master Zhao, and your father bought a silly wife for thirty thousand yuan. Although she is stupid, she has nothing to do with this matter, so we must think of a way to save them.

I had just taken a breath, but who would've thought that after listening to the grandma's words, a nameless fire started burning in my heart again.

Her Abba was taken away by the Fifth Master, and that silly woman was nothing more than an innocent life. She could only blame her own life for not being able to get away with this kind of thing.

Soo Soo! Where are you? Are you really an undead?

I sighed helplessly. As I was thinking about Soo Soo, the grandma was holding my arm and walking out of the house.

"Do you have any other valuable things in your house? Bring them all, I can't take any more from this house." The Grand Matriarch's tone was extremely resolute, as if there was no room for doubt at all.

I was stunned. I looked at the old house in front of me. This was a place that my father would live in for the rest of his life. If he burned the house, my father would definitely scold me.

"Old granny, can you tell me why did you want to burn down our house and where did you go to live when Father comes back? How do I get a wife? " I was a little depressed. I didn't even earn a single cent after returning from the city, even if I worked hard for a whole lifetime, I wouldn't be able to buy a single house to live in. The purpose of going back home was to get married on a blind date, if I lost a house like this, I would have to sleep on the streets.

The grandma coughed and looked at me angrily.

"You fool! If the red-clothed female ghost followed you here, then although that damned old lady wouldn't be able to find you, how could that ghost boy just leave without his wife? "

In my heart, however, I felt that was not the case, so I replied, "It can't be? He doesn't want this ghost girl anymore, why is he still seeking revenge on me? "

The woman sighed and said, "You still don't understand what's going on here. Although that ghost condoned the ghost, he didn't intend to let her die. Now that she's dead, the ghost will directly send her to the eighteen levels of hell in the Underworld. This ghost girl is very important to him."

The Grand Matriarch's words were godly. I nodded my head doubtfully. It seemed that I could only burn down the house and destroy the evidence.

I found bundles of straw from the backyard, then bundles of dry firewood. The straw was placed under it, and the dry firewood was placed on top of it. I found a piece of felt paper and lit it with a match.

Hualala! As the saying goes, a little dry firewood will burn. The fire on the felt paper extended to the straw, and the straw began to burn. The dry firewood on the straw also started to ignite, and in a moment, the entire room was set ablaze.

My only source of income was gone just like that. I was really upset, but then I suddenly remembered. Where could I live now that the house was gone?

I looked at the grandma helplessly. The grandma also sighed. She rolled her eyes and seemed to have thought of a place to go.

"Go to the Zhao Family!"

I jumped and said, "Ah? "What Zhao Family? Right now, the Zhao Family is dead, and their Abba is in their hands. What if the people from the Zhao Family come back?"

The Grand Preceptor's voice was hoarse as he said, "The most dangerous place is actually the safest place. That Zhao family is now covered in layers of yin aura and won't be easily traversed by wandering ghosts. It's just good enough to cover up our scent."

I seemed to understand that the Grand Matriarch meant that she was afraid that Wan-Er's husband would come looking for her, so it seemed that this was the only way.

It was the first half of the night. I went to the Zhao Family a few times so I obviously knew the location. I jogged all the way to the Zhao Family, but before I reached the place, a chilly wind blew from the opposite side.

The gate of the Zhao Family's residence was closed. The door was pushed open gently and the empty courtyard was filled with darkness. It was almost impossible to see anything inside.

I pulled out my cell phone and took a picture of the woodshed on the side.

It's not that I'm smart, but the woodshed is usually a place for storing items. It isn't meant to be used as a place to live and it also saves me from any bad luck.

In the woodshed, the Grand Matriarch found a stool and sat down. There was nothing on the wooden bed, but I was too tired to care about anything else.

"Old granny!" Fifth Master Zhao took my father away. He went to his cousin's house, right? Why don't we go find my dad right now? "

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly felt that I was too heartless. My own father was still in someone else's hands, how could I fall asleep now?

The grandma sighed and said, "I don't know where his brother's house is, so why don't we pretend to ask for directions tomorrow morning, find a place secretly, and then think of a way to save your father and your silly daughter-in-law."

My heart went cold and I was a little unhappy.

"Grand Matriarch, don't speak nonsense. That woman isn't my wife."

The Grand Matriarch smiled at me, but her expression was one of helplessness.

To tell you the truth, a person's life is really too short. To be able to find a woman to give you a child and live with you, to be able to live forever is a good thing. As for the process, it's still not enough.

When I thought about that stupid girl, I couldn't help but to get excited. If it wasn't for my father being confused, he wouldn't have been captured by the Fifth Master Zhao. Now that there's another mishap, I really don't know what I would do in the future.

"That woman isn't my wife. It's her own fate; it's not my fault." I said indignantly.

As I thought about Soo Soo, that stupid woman's face appeared in my mind. I suddenly felt disgusted and really wanted to vomit it out to my heart's content.

If it weren't for the matter between you and Soo Soo, your father wouldn't have asked the Fifth Master to borrow money to buy a wife. All this came from you, even if you didn't know that Soo Soo was dead, how could you go to someone else's house to steal a wife and even hide in your own room?

The grandma's words stabbed right into my spine. I didn't say anything, but I was still thinking about Soo Soo.

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